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Barrister Agbor Balla in heated encounter with protesters in London [+video]

Barrister Agbor Balla in heated encounter with protesters in London…

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  1. Nothing good ever comes of violence
    –Martin Luther

    • Exactly, Charles Atangana, the unleashing of fire from helicopter gunship brought about the restoration of Southern Cameroons! Next time those helicopters should think twice!

      • Excellent retort wise one. More fire to these hypocrites.

        • Only a freak, a human freak will express shaddenfreud over the killing, the brutalization, the dehumanization etc, of other human beings. But you know what that is the birth pang of the new nation

  2. ambasonia is a terrorist organization “ayuk tabe AKA KONGOSA”

    most of them are searching for asylum

    no paper in europe or usa

    shame shame shame wuna see pepper

    • No papers in Europe or USA ??? so how come that they are traveling in and out of Europe and the USA ? Never post comments you can never defend. Southern Cameroon is already free from LRC. You can ask for economic asylum as from the year 2018. LRC economy will collapse in 2018. God Bless SC Ambazonia.

      • [email protected] you are wasting your time by thinking in the world that it does not exist “a virtual world ”

        God will never bless Amazonia a terrorist organization.”Nobody will recognize you, only brainwashed will follow you people

        most of them have la republic passport.

        Amazonia behave like a rat , no sense of moral, just pidgin they are talking even

  3. Under popol, one can have a dissenting opinion.
    I wonder what ambazombie will be if no one is allowed to have a difference of opinion.

    • That is the issue with our Ambazowhatever brothers and sisters. Either you agree with them on everything or you are pro-Biya. Even if you disagree only 1% and agree with them 99% of the time, you are a traitor or a pro-Biya. That radical and inflexible attitude is well known. See where it took Fru Ndi who had a chance to share power in the 90’s and you can guess where this bubble is going to go. Biya knowing them well is simply buying time and patiently waiting for cannibalism to take care of things. I have had no doubt that this will be the outcome… At least many have enough stories now to help them file for asylum in Europe and America.

      • Really? Can you then tell us why every civil servant in LRC is a Cpdm militant? Why do those who have a different political persuasion face professional stagnation, impediment or civil expulsion? We are in a revolution in which leaders emerge and are not elected. As such dissent in not tolerated. Once we get to Buea, the contest shall begin. The struggle continues…..

        • Africans For Donmald Trump


          There you go spreading lies again!

          Not every civil servant in LRC is a CPDM militant. You are either deliberately spreading lies or you are just stupid.

          You will never get to Buea! You are nutless coward terrorists!

          If you could not go to Buea on your so called independence day when would you ever be able to go to Buea? The BIR are waiting to spray you with bullets.
          You can not threaten me to agree with your views. You have no choice but to tolerate my opinion! You are a coward terrorist with no balss and if you dare to attack me for not agreeing with your delusional ideas I will blow off your head!

          Stop making noise! What are you going to do to those of us on this forum who do not agree with your stupid views? Go dunk your head in sick sekus arse! Shegue! Nyamfukah!

        • Atanga Nji Jr. aka Donald Trump’s butt. Once an idiot always an idiot. Why don’t you counter my post by pointing at just 1 high ranking opposition civil servant? Why did Boh Herbert, John Mbah Akuro, Justice Ebong, Ambassador Fossung, Ayah Abine etc had to flee or retired? Are you here on a mission with that ecxcessive large head of yours? I’m not the one that inflicted you with acromegaly little sellout. I have asked u to show ur 21 year son what u post in this forum this CPDM Santa Mafia rapist. Don’t stop at chanting children have gone back to school, show me schemes in place to facilitate study loans, jobs open graduation, equal opportunity, free healthcare, etc apart from graduating to drive Okada or open call box? Btw Brenda Biya is getting into Enam without high school diploma.

        • And with their infant-like vision of now, now, now… Grown-ups all know that Rome was not built in a day. Southern Cameroonians are not leaving in bubble. No wonder a roaming ghost will come out of the beti forest or beyond with some grand mother’s tale or stories that are cut out of the loop and when that is exhausted then the lost soul will start with some urban legends, Cameroon has one of the best security in the world, Douala airport is one of the best in the world etc. Hmmmm I think Cameroon will land man on the moon before the end of the decade. Mature people take their time and no one dictates to them. Getting to Buea is not over night just like making Yaounde the best city in the world could be over night with a presidential degree.

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          Any reasonable person knows that you can not achieve ambazombie independence if you do not have a clear strategy and plausible pathway.
          How come you can declare your independence overnight and you can not get to Buea overnight?
          That does not make any sense to any reasonable person!
          It is clear that your goal is not independence and your goal is not to get to Buea!
          Your goal is clearly to con mugus from nw/sw in the diaspora to continue to donate funds for the personal benefit of you and your families. The ambazombie governing council of coward terrorist conmen have just one goal and that is to enrich themselves and send death threats to anyone who does not agree with their dumb and delusional views.
          sickseku ayuk tabe already has a room in Kondengui and will never see Buea again!

        • Africa for …

          Yes I understand where you are coming from, the destiny of lrp has been attached to one man, King Biya but please else where is not like that.
          SC is no about Ayuk Tabe, it far bigger than any individual, get him incarcerate him, killed him etc and you will see the next leader standing up
          When did the Palestinians start to fight, they are still fighting, thats just one example, the pandora box has been opened, it can not be closed again

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          You can not win a fight unless you have a winning strategy!

          What is your strategy to get to Buea?

          So far the only strategy you have to show is:
          1. The abolishment of schools for the poor of the nw/sw
          2. Amputating the arms of girls who want to pursue their education
          3. Burning down of schools
          4. Sending death threates to people of the nw/sw who do not agree with your delusional views
          5. Crippling the economy of the nw/sw with ghost towns enforcd by terror
          6. Inciting youth to go attack officials and get killed
          7. Declaration of delusional independence on facebook.
          8. Creation of a governing council of coward terrorist conmen

          How do you expect a reasonable human being to agree with you that the above strategy will lead you to ambazombie independence?
          Cameroon is not Palestine!

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          No reasonable human being will adopt the Palestinian strategy for independence because we all know that they have not been able to achieve their goals despite decades of fighting. They have failed woefully!
          That is not a model to follow! You must not know that doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is stupidity!
          What is the relation between your stupid strategy and what Biya is doing?
          It is apparent you are trying to blame Biya for your inability to come up with a reasonable and plausible strategy to achieve ambazombie independence!
          It also apparent that you think that if you kill Agbor Balla and others who do not agree with your dumb strategy other reasonable leaders will not step up!
          Knocking your head on the wall does not hurt your enemy. Keep doing that

        • AFDT

          Two possibilities, either a) you are not serious or b) you are serious
          a) if you are not serious then I am definitely not the person to have any exchange with you. We do not mutually owe each other any explanation, there are lots of like minded people around for you to joke with. The pain is real, people have gone to early graves and I will consider nothing more despicable to act in anyway that will be a dishonor to them. You and yours can gloat over it, you are free to do that, applaud those imported skillful killers, those professional evil doers.
          b)if you are serious then please you are not dealing with someone who still believes in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. You have the audacity to ask me of what strategy I have. If I had should I tell you?, and if at all in public?

        • That is an attempt to insult my intelligence but that is an insult instead to your own intelligence because your own intelligence is a light weight intelligence. Your intelligence is not heavy enough to help you weigh me out and make you realize that you can not go around me with such nonsense. That should not be a challenge even to those with a single digit IQ.
          Then who wants war, even Adolf Hitler did not want war, he would had preferred to achieve his goals peacefully if he could. Children not going to school etc. That is the result of a conflict situation that has been imposed onto a people and now you and your likes want to pretend that you care? If you have any heart in you, you would have done something about the slow motion genocide that has been taking place since 1961

        • Palestine is not Cameroon? I agree but there are those who will not go back and try to reinvent the wheel, they will learnt from others, while every society has its uniqueness, certain laws are universal in nature, what holds there is true here and what holds here is true there.
          And finally, I don’t insult, I am way passed that, while some are actually demonstrating here that a measure of how far they have elevated their personalities is directly proportional to how-much they can abuse others, there are those who consistently have shown the penchant to go straight to the anatomy of the issue. This is a forum with a hybrid academic standard and not a place to come and proclaim to be a self proclaim linguistic teacher

    • A cannibal state! Absurdly this brother was bold and brave enough to stand up for their so-called Anglophone Consortium when all the parasites that have ganged up to devour him (8 of them… all from the NW) fled like women! Today, the parasites have congregated to eliminate a man whom they pretentiously hailed as the leader! Quite a sorrowful absurdity there…

      • Because Agbor Balla is a traitor and the most corrupt man of the year 2017 . LRC can have him. We Southern Cameroonians don’t need him anymore. We don’t want to be with LRC anymore. Why can’t you guys accept that? Oh , you can’t let go of the economic benefits from SC !!! Is there any document in the UN or AU that we are one Country? the answer is no. Foncha and Ahidjo did not sign any documents in Foumban. Big mistake big problem for LRC. Bye Bye LRC with the fake reunification.

        • You don’t need him, that’s right! This explains why you have 8 Ngraffi people signing a dismissal letter addressed to Agbor Balla… and claim that the 8 NW criminals are representative of your delusional Southern Cameroons. Well, guess what… THAT’S THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THE YEAR, 2017!

          By the way, there UN recognizes that KAMERUN was ONE! Keep on dreaming… and oh, go to Cameroon and make this argument publicly just like Agbor Balla did. If you can do this then the universe will understand that there is one cyberspace woman that has grown some serious balls between her legs. Seriously,… you will become famous for those balls, my dear!

        • [email protected] hahaha ah wuna see pepper, now you want to change history

          we re not negotiate with terrorist Amazonia.

          I guess now you recognize the traity of foumban ” but you know they have been meeting at foumban ” hahahahah ambasonia will change history.

          you need to go to foumban and see with your own eye its there ” MUSEUM” black and white

        • Sick Rastaman and his deluded comments. Aren’t the eight you outlined answerable to a SW Ambazonian president? If you were white you will be a dangerous sadistic racist I tell you. Tribalism is your forte. That’s all you know. Disgraceful!

      • I was thinking just that. The best post from you on this forum.

  4. The man is a leader.These ambazzonia have problems.

    • Amber marine

      Which leader? Of which ambazonian movement? The consortium was disolved

      • The leader of ambazzonia is Sisuku, the fellow who goes around pretending to be preside t of something. An adult playing “mammy and papa”. He has his followers, there are anglopbone and francophone Cameroonians who believe in what Balla is saying, we just make less noise.

  5. You can add an M in front of his name and you discover he’s naturally acting like his brothers at Mballa I I , Etoudi. The PM went to the anglophone zone to negotiate, but Mballa said niet, but these days he’s parading around London with a Cpdm London operative. What a black leg! Agbogana Mballa has suddenly forgotten those who were killed with helicopter gunship as a result of supporting the strike he called. He has unilaterally ordered lawyers back to court and is singlehandedly talking federation. If it was that simple why did he allow the PM to go whip up violence on a failed peace mission ? When he’s appointed assistant director of the Yaoundé conference hall , like Ahidjo’s desperate daughter, how is he going to bring back to life his supporters cut down by bullets?

    • It is sad to place in the same league a well refined intellectual/professional with an adventurer like Aminatou Ahidjo who would gladly place privilege above principle in the public domain. Given his gravitas, Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho should hardly be driven by bread and butter issues only.

      • He’s surely driven by unrestrained ambition and personal aggrandizement, else he would be aware of the pressure that was mounted on the same gov’t he’s now palling around with to release him and that the most fiery of his colleagues are still languishing in jail. Being a political whore has nothing to do with one’s education background. Titus Edzoa was a consummate professional and the president’s personal physician, but you know his love for bread and butter. Educationally Aminatou Ahidjo is a professional in Communication, but her soul is weak , just like that of Lawyer Agbogana Mballa. They were both blinded by unbridled ambition and greed. There’s a place in hell for people who take their people on a journey and abandon them in the middle of a desert. Mandela was also a lawyer!

  6. Agbor Balla made a monumental error siding with the opportunistic vandals of the NW. It is the same blunder rasclaaat Sesekoko is making. There’s much work to be done by the SW children to uplift themselves, and remove themselves from the hole in which the opportunistic adventurers want to plunge them. Endeley, Litumbe, Ebong and others did it before, and saw the consequences. Today, Agbor Balla is reaping the reward for his stupidity and kindness… but he must not give up.

    Agbor Balla, don’t let yourself be bullied and humiliated by lowly elements that are out to usurp your birthright. Leave the NW criminals alone in their madness and come back to your people. The NW will always gang up against the SW children, that’s their culture of insanity!


    • Ambazonia Amba

      You do not need to distort facts to promote xenophobia. What happened to litumbe or Ebong? Do you mind enlightening us?
      NW/SW divide is now a blunt tool, so please can you find another.
      Ambazonia has risen and will fall no more

    • Yup Ras Metuge, Agbogana Mballa is really kind to his people! After La Republique rules out any negotiations about the form of state, he starts chanting on tree tops that he’s for federation. So who is fooling who here? It appears those who want to make him PM will change their mind now that the restless butterfly is in the mouth of the bird! Mballa is a grown ass man and a lawyer. He ordered lawyers to go on strike and has ordered them back to work. We are looking forward to him wielding his magic wand and forcing the hand of his handlers to change their mind about the form of state. But why did he wait for people to die first before coming out for federation. Ras Metuge, we are now even. One for NW, one for SW. you never knew what you were wishing for when you made a song about Foncha.

  7. Two wrongs hardly make a right. After so many months of stressful incarceration this gentleman required a good recuperation before plunging into strenuous activity of any kind.

    Having become an icon of sorts he needed a publicist to handle his public relations, taking the barometric pressure before exposing him to his many admirers/detractors.

    It would be naive to assume that those who vociferously called for his execution even without trial should suddenly become his admirers now that he is a free man.

    It is he that wears the shoes, so he is best suited to know if/where there is pinching. Having led the Consortium, he knew better than anyone else how much support he enjoyed among his collaborators and in operating using a body that had been banned to serve the very banning authority,..

  8. This Balla belongs to the Yang, Mussonge champ while the others were sent to ambaland to capture our people for Larepublic, this guy was sent experiment in the diaspora. He has failed. Let us repeat to him that nothing good comes from la republic. No body and no tribe is above the Ambaland

  9. Iextbook stuff, is not the way forward in this struggle. It is just what has plunged the
    country into this mess.
    What was simple to do: Balla would have consulted with his SC siblings first, before any move
    to wherever or any statement, speech etc to whosoever. Jesus Christ, consulted with God.
    I feel satisfied, with one word in this instance ie, `ignore`.
    We are adviced, that when a finger etc is troubling, it should be pulled off.
    SC, should pull Balla off, by IGNORING him. Time, only time, will place him where he rightly
    Imagine the `over book`, that the Manyu man knows, but look at the state of Manyu, as far as
    progress, is concerned. Count them.
    Balla, now that your people scorn at you, how do you feel, granted, that finally you will be in
    their mist when this dust settles?

  10. If the Endeleys,Ngom Jua and all the SC politicians had team up and institute a disciplinary action against Foncha when they discovered he hid the draft constitution,SC would not have been in this mess.Agbor Balla have taken the footsteps of Foncha.Can he bring back all the lives lost? Instead of standing against the gov’t as he did before going to jail,he is now trying to be like a mediator between the gov’t and his consortium.On which side is he now?Bobga Harmony collected huge amount of money from Alhadji Baba Dampulo in order to initiate the calling off of the strike.But the Bali man absconded with Dampulo’s money and stood his grounds.

  11. These Ambazombians are proving more and more how dangerous they are. Fortunately their utopian republic will only stay on facebook. They must be considered as boko haram and put on fire.

    • They are dangerous… but the government is enabling the vandals by acting too soft. We know how to handle them even without the government… just wait and see. Many of us in the SW have been rather passive observers but this is about to change after watching what they are doing to Agbor Balla. Firstly, they set his property ablaze… and tried to deny the callous crime… then they try to humiliate and brutalize him… eventually, the vandals will try to murder him, as you can read from the horrific comments made by this insane hoodlum named Kongosa.

      What is the Cameroon government waiting for to ask Nigeria to hand over all the vandals that are using Nigeria as a base?

    • @ Uhmm Pays, Don’t worry my brother, very soon their sorry ass leader Ayuk Sesekoko will be arrested by the American govn’t for inciting terrorism in a foreign land. Trust me Biya and France are working on it. Balla is recognized by both Anglophones and Francophones as a leader against marginalization. That Ambazonia Ayuk terrorist is not even recognized as a leader in the North West province. A Bamenda man will never accept such a man as their leader.

  12. Mr “in what capacity” the same question goes to you, who are you representing? Who voted for you? Villageois!!!!!

  13. Balla is great. He is a leader. He speaks, walks and talks like a leader. He is talking about togetherness, brotherhood, peace and dialogue. He is saying all the right things but to the wrong audiance.
    The People in front are so aggressiv that they can’t even hear their own voice. It was a good move to just leave the place. You can’t adress to such an aggressiv crowd. It will just be a waste of time and energy.

    This SW vs NW cold war is for real! Wow.
    They are not even there yet, and look how they are fighting. But the differens between Sisiku and Balla is clear. One is a real leader in touch with the reality on the ground and facing all the drama, and the other one is just a gangster.

    • So can you now discuss the form of state with this great leader?

    • Are you not the very one who called balla a terrorist when he was imprisonned? Today you say he is great what a harlot change of position.The truth is that Ambazonians do not need you the camerounians any more. You are just hangging with anyone who support your position to continue your dominance over the people of Ambazonia. If it were possible i see you saying in the near future sessikou Ayul Julius Tabe is great, when now you are calling him seccessionist or terrorist.

  14. @Bikutsi What brother hood is he preaching when people are still in jail?let him go and preach brotherhood to Biya who is still keeping people in jail.Who made him a peace crusader?.Agbor Bala should count himself lucky they did not stone him to dead.i Advice him notto trythat next time.When he joint the consortium,he was thinking like a SCnian,thats why the consortium constituted exclusively of people from NW and SW.He was not thinking like a SWesterner,nor like a citizen from LRC.Else his consortium was suppose to constitute people from the other eight regions of CMR.So,he cannot come out of prison now and start thinking like a SWesterner nor like a citizen of LRC.Let him go and call for school resumptions again.We will skin the living daylight out of him and make him join his ancestors

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @chief terrorist coward sickseku ayuk tabe AKA KONGOSA

      You have been sending death threats to Agbor Balla yet you come here and state that he is lucky he was not stoned!
      You are a pathetic coward! You should have been there to lead the stoning!

      I hear some mugus asking the guy who he represents. Well he represents those who share his opinion! He is a leader of those who share his opinion! He has a right to his opinion. There is no such thing as a sw/nw population unanimous opinion! Anyone who thinks there is a sw/nw unanimous opinion is an absolute fool or a terrorist.
      If you want to take credit for getting Agbor Balla out of jail then you should use the same tactics to get dasi and fomuki from jail! Shameless coward terrorist conmen!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @chief terrorist coward sickseku ayuk tabe AKA KONGOSA

      Mayor Ekema, the BIR, gendarmerie and police in Buea are waiting for you to come skin the living daylight out of them and make them join their ancestors!

      Coward terrorists go after people they think are vulnerable! Why don’t you go kill those who forced 20,000 of your terrorist soldiers to flee Cameroon and seek refuge in Nigeria?

      You can make all the noise you want but we all know what you have achieved so far.
      1. Abolishment of education for the poor of the nw/sw
      2. Amputation of arms of young girls who want to pursue their education.
      3. Burning down of schools
      4. Disruption of the lives of business ppl in the nw/sw
      5. Increased the revenue of schools in the other parts of Cameroon while starving poor teachers in the nw/sw

  15. Wonders shall never end in this country falsely referred to as LRC. The terrorist and secessionist, Dr. Balla, is now hailed by citizens of LRC as a leader, a messiah of the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC. This u-turn occurred after Dr. Balla was recruited by LRC to disrupt the momentum of the liberation struggle .
    Thank God Dr. Balla was exposed before he could sabotage the legitimate and winning struggle of Southern Cameroonians. His is now a private after he was sacked as President of the Consortium and declared PNG of that body.
    A private person without followers is unattractive to LRC because he cannot mobilize the population. Dr. Balla has now joined the club of lame duck leaders.

    The errors of Dr. Foncha et al. in 1961 will be corrected come rain come shine.

    • Get ur facts straight. Balla has been an SCNC youth leader for ages, the dynamics has changed. When he was the leader of the consortium, they opted for Federation and that’s one of the bone of contentions that pushed the government to luck them up, wrongfully though. So that has been his stance long ago. If he had mentioned seperatist comments at any time during that period, he would still b in jail. These are the facts. So he hasn’t changed his stance as insinuated by many people.

      • SCNC has never been for federation. If Balla was SCNC youth leader why was he not in jail like other SCNC members in Cameroon? Balla only got recognition during the lawyers strike. He was nobody before that. LRC never jail all those who preach federalism. Only those preaching the restoration of the SC statehood are put in jails. Next time put your facts straight.

      • ade charlotte

        Needful to correct an academeic misrepresentation here. Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla does not hold the PhD degree, hence the prefix “Dr” is being wrongly exploited.
        Himself should own up to correct this academic impersonation.

  16. @Africans For Donald Trump Now,we are no longer hearing ”do something about it”We have moved from forum talking to action.MBalla has learnt his lessons.Am not sure he will ever make such a suicidal move again.All in the guise of him standing for two states federatiion.Let him go and tell Biya that the diaspora is resolute,same as home front.Their positions have still not changed.Independence has already been declared and a gov’t has been formed.Our gov’t have to start signing deals.While we make sure we keep Biya and acolytes in solitary confinements at the hague.My advice to Mballa Ras Tuge is that he should never try that again.He should tell Biya to go to the diaspora and preach peace himself.After the Laurent Esso failed debacle,he decides to send Mballa on a suicide mission..abui n

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @coward terrorist conman sick seku tabe AKA KONGOSA
      Your comments here are solely to generate cash for you and your fellow coward terrorist conmen from the mugu diaspora community and I will continue to expose you morons!

      You are not the diaspora!! The four guys in these videos and their three ashawos do not constitute the Cameroon diaspora. From the video it is actually clear that Agbor Balla had more people on the spot supporting him than the five noise makers who were screaming garbage! Balla comported himself like a civilized and intelligent leader while you guys behaved like uncivilized terrorist baboons! Note that the video is here for all to see.
      A non existent country can only sign deals with non existent countries or trade partners!
      You shameless terrorist coward!

  17. The people who exclude Anglophones from sovereignty ministerial portfolios like Defense, Finance, Territorial Adm., are strangely shedding crocodile tears about schools being burnt down. The people who appoint 99% of Ambassadors of francophone extraction to even take away jobs from those of English expression in countries like the US, are ventilating about schools and students who mean nothing to them. The people who remove names of meritorious Anglophones and replace them with francophones, from medical school to Iric want to pretend as if burning down a school is different from disqualifying students and forcing them into unemployment for decades. The people who send francophones to go burn the memory of English speakers really want us to believe their fake uproar about burnt schools!

  18. Very ungrateful people. They should leave the foreign lands and head home to feel the real struggle. Idiots. They sit in the comfort of Europe and are only good at senseless protests. I challenge any of them who are ready for change to go to Camerooon and fight from within. This nonsense say Ambazonia. Dreamers. If u can’t respect a different opinion then I fear the type of country that u want to build that is if they even succeed.

    • Does your lrc respect a different opinion?
      Be sure not to answer this question in just 800 words.
      It`s so so strange to many like you in this forum, that something new can happen.
      Colonial mentalities, see many of you bragging with a regime that can not give you
      the culture of positive thinking.

      • Dem be tell wuna seh when you chop wit Ngraffi, chop wit a long spoon… wuna nadi hear! Mek wuna continue fo di dance wit da pipl dem.

        As fo Agbor Balla, he has to know better than that… You sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas… That’s an old maxim in the book. Now, you see! Ngraffi insult you, Balla… refuse to shake your hand and shout out: Him want mek i salot yi wit ma bare hand!!!! Now, this is an insult of the century! Ngraffi, the digger of latrine deny fo shake your hand and talk to you this way, man???!!! Oh come on bro… Meana di even go close to dem… and i nodi let dem around my personal space… NEVER!

        Worse yet, is the criminal who declared having recorded your conversation without your consent… just to blackmail you, man! WAKE UP, BALLA!!!!!!

        • Sick Rastaman and his deluded comments. Aren’t the eight you outlined answerable to a SW Ambazonian president? If you were white you will be a dangerous sadistic racist I tell you. Tribalism is your forte. That’s all you know. Disgraceful!

        • Ras Metuge,
          Your tribal taints ran their course long ago. You said the strike would not reach the SW , but it did. You said the SW had nothing to do with the Nw, but Ayuk Tabe is from the SW and his lieutenants are from the NW. It’s a shock team! You called Agbogana Mballa terrorist before, now he’s an angel. Weed , too much weed does cruel to the brains! You are dying of envy as Ayuk Tabe is getting recognition from Nigeria, and this is just the beginning!

    • “Foreign lands” is not the “cause” but the “effect” of that cause. Do not forget that “they” were not born in foreign lands!

  19. Agbor Mballa..My humble advice to u is that don’t take such risky assignments again.I am not only from SC,like u,i am also from Manyu county like u and i am also from Eyumojock like u.Let the Betis and the bassas who are harvesting the resources in SW,not manipulate.It is very risky.People like Laurent Esso who from is from Douala have learnt his lesson.U could have lost your life,u know.Next time,if Biya wants to send u,tell him to send his beti and bassa brothers who are reaping from the resources in SW,or better still,Biya should go himself and talk about 2 states federation to the diasporans.He should not hid behind his cave at the unity palace and send u on such risky mission.Laurent Esso was almost killed in Belgium last time.Never u accept such mission again.Its very risky.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @ sick seku ayuk tabe AKA KONGOSA
      You are full of empty threats! You terrorist cowards can not kill a goat!
      If you could kill anyone you will attack and kill those who are responsible for 20,000 of your fellow coward terrorist soldiers seeking refuge in Nigeria!
      Wash wash don pas wuna, wuna don come up with terrorist fey mania! By the way this video is proof that Balla does not take advise or questions from coward terrorist conmen.
      He made it clear that he does not see a clear pathway that will lead to ambazombie independence and therefore he does not agree with that path. Instead of showing him the clear pathway you threaten him with death! You can not show Balla a clear pathway to amba independence because there is none! You are nothing but a coward terrorist conman! Who di fear wuna?

    • Thank you my Brother. I’m also Ejagham like you. We are not traitors. I’m ashamed of him. He’s now corrupt. Many of our Manyu kids died like ants. I see a dark cloud hanging above him. It’s over with him. Julius is our leader. He’s also Ejagham. God bless you bro.

  20. @Sawapikin Tell BIYA TO ALSO LEAVE HOME AND GO TO DIASPORA,and talk about one and indivisible..Every side has her terrain.Laurent ESSO WAS humiliated at the diapora..While u can turn the law as u like in cameroon,to favour u,we are also going to deal with u guys at the international level..nyamfuca.

    • Balla is paying the price of teaming up with people of low understanding .He publicly acknowledged the mistakes he made.

      • When you make grave mistakes like leaving your fellow revolutionaries back in prison and start cosying up to the statusquo you pretended to do away with, that is treasonable behavior and you need to be ostracized for it. Secondly, he refuses to take questions from the public and turns his back on them. Only French slaves across Africa have this kind of arrogance. Maybe he has forgotten the massacre of the people he took into a fight.

        • Africans For Donmald Trump

          @sick seku ayuk tabe AKA KONGOSA.

          You guys are hiding behind your computers and making noise. Have you visited the families of any of the youth you conned to go die for your personal benefit on 1 October?

          Agbor Balla refused to take questions from a bunch of uncivilized baboons who claim that all people from the nw/sw are born to share the same opinion! Why would any reasonable human being respond to questions from such idiots?

          According to you it is not arrogance when you terrorist cowards refuse to consider the opinions of others!
          FYI, it is not arrogance when you terrorists threaten to kill others for having dissenting views, it is pure terrorism!
          If you had any balls you would ostracize him yourself rather than call for him to be ostracized. You terrorist coward!

    • Africans For Donmald Trump

      @sick seku ayuk tabe the coward conman terrorist AKA KONGOSA

      According to you the 4 guys and their 3 ashawos screaming garbage and behaving like uncivilised baboons “dealt with Agbor Balla at the international level”. U r crazy!

      Well as the video shows Agbor Balla was unfazed. He spoke eloquently and intelligently and refused to take questions from uncivilized baboons! The video is there for the world to see the terrorists that you are.
      Agbor Balla just humiliated you dumb coward terrorists!
      There is nobody in the ambazombie general council of terrorist conmen that can match Agbor Balla intellectually! He is being courted by news agencies around the world for interviews while you terrorists are here making noise. Shegue! Nyamfukah!

      Cut out the BS and go to Buea! You terrorist cowards!

      • I will hand over the Santa mafia graffi you are to ARatA Ras Tuge to put through his torture experiment. I hope you are reading what he thinks about people of your extraction. Thank God backward thinking monkeys like the 2 of you share the same CPDM ideology. Idiot

      • USA Africa alias Drunk McDonalds,
        Keep rampaging this site. Your handlers must have told you that when you shout and inundate the whole with drunken rants, then you would drown us out. Cruel deception! Did your military solution not play the magic? You were supposed to be corking champagne and drinking away because your dear Bir did the good job you called for! When you are held for crimes against humanity, tell the court you took orders from the diaspora to unleash your legendary beastiality on unarmed people. Anglophones stay one step ahead of you , and are winning the battle of ideas. Only us are online, you are on planet Mars. You have a lot of your intellectual brothers at Kondengui, Agbogana Mballa is naturally one of them, keep him! Keep ranting old drunkard!

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          You are clearly a delusional coward terrorist conman. There is no battle of ideas! You can not win a non existent battle! The only idea you have is to abolish education for the poor in the nw/sw and to amputate the arms of young girls who want to go to school.
          If you had any ideas you will show all the clear pathway to ambazombie independence.
          Your lack of ideas is evident in your empty death threats to people who do not agree with your views.


          Didn’t you say earlier that your time is money? You wretched coward terrorist conman! Why waste your energy and time threatening to kill me? If you are not a coward terrorist conman come and attack me. I am ready for you terrorists any time anywhere in the world. I am ready to fill your dumb terrorist head with bullets.