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Batibo in panic after Kidnap of DO

Journal du Cameroun | Uncertainty reigns in Batibo, Momo Division in the North West Region of Cameroon after the Divisional Officer of the locality was kidnapped by unknown men :within hours leading to the celebration of youth Day activities in that locality.

According to local sources, the DO, Marcel Namata Diteng was bundled away by unidentified men when he went to the grand stand on the morning of Sunday to ensure all was set for the 11 February at the grand stand.

“He had received a call from workers at the grand stand telling him the chairs for the ceremony were not enough,” a source said.

“As he arrived the scene, he was caught be some armed men who took him inside his vehicle before driving to an unknown place,” the source added.

The D.O’s vehicle was later found burnt in a neighboring village but no traces of him have been since then.

According to the Senior Divisional Officer for Momo, Absalom Monono a search operation was immediately launched by security officers and are working hard to track down the unidentified men.

However, it is total fear in the locality of Batibo as locals have fled to the bushes fearing reprisals from soldiers.

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  1. This SDO is a local.
    It could be he is in cahoots with the ambazombians.
    Just a theory.

    • @Mbappe. you’ve read my mind. You know ”a la guerre comme a la guerre”. Can you see by yourself how Mr Shakespeare aka JDinga is selective when it comes to correct somebody’s English? His fellow ambazombians cannot express themselves but he says NOTHING BECAUSE HE SHARES THEIR VIEWS. But when it comes to @Bikutsi (self identified as a Beti), he barks. Furthermore, HE KNOWS THE ORIGIN OF THE EXPRESSION ” MERCI POUR VOTRE PETIT CADEAU” OVER FORMER SC TO HER MAJESTY that’s why he cannot engage @Bamendaboy talking about 20,000 000 (I think) over former SC to france. This happened before in USA (france selling louisiana & others & Spain selling California, las vegas etc… to britain). It’s just that Kamerun failled to do what he would have done since. Keep on misleading the youths. Plz encourage the killing of francophones I BEG if you want to fight Kamerunians.
      If you want a referendum, we’ll first scrutinize WHO ARE THE REAL KMER FROM SW & NW so to exclude Biafran seeds. As @ Dinga & co say here BOLDLY”anglo constitute 8millions out of 25M Kmers. WANDERS

      • Your mami Pima. With your mouth like pima for camel. You 2 frogs are agreeing every anglophone is guilty by origin reason all the mush room politicians, soldiers and functioneres in lrc must come back home. Ambaland shall be free this time around. Give it time frogs.

        • @ AmbaBlood

          your mami pima too, I hope you know where you from a son of a bitch.

          all you know his to insulted people here , no brain at all

      • Hé, Hé,
        I’m not only Beti for the record. I’m Bulu, la creme de creme.
        Pour le reste, tant pis pour eux.

      • Mbappe, Mbamois,
        Why are you weeping endlessly? The D.O is manglophone, isn’t he? Elokobi is anglophone too, and if my mind is not playing tricks on me, I vividly remember you drunks taunting people here , saying he was going to kick his brothers’ asses. When an anglophone murders his brothers, he’s your role model, but if another is abducted by other Anglophones, then he’s treated as a disposable entity. It is your tribalism that has led to where we are now. All I know is that John Dinga has been graciously offering a chunk of his immense wisdom gratis. Those who are humble and get a kick out of it would want nothing less, but truants would make a storm in the teapot about it. I have been corrected time and again, and those are free lessons to me! Bamenda boy is the pig @Pharaon!

      • Gentleman, it is your liberty to cocoon yourself in your beliefs and world view. Not once in my efforts to correct anyone do I make fun of him/her. I am driven by one simple idea – to let everyone rise to any height of choice, to puncture the myth that only the white man can master English language . I am also driven by the belief that if everyone of us were able to light a candle, we could turn the darkest room into light. And finally, it bothers me to come across yesterday’s street-smart genius reduced to nought and even lose a case in court due to inability to communicate well.
        None of this says I know it all, as some delight in painting me. I am neither Shakespeare nor do I profess to know all nor to ask for “thank you” for what I do. Good luck with your chosen obsession.

  2. The rabid dog is barking again…..

  3. Ah ha, e sweet, tadapeh, pepper sugar enter dey.

  4. @Mbappe U and @Zam Zam and @Ras Tuge are free to sit in the west and run your mouths,while the DO is there,begging Ayaba Cho for his life.

  5. @Mbappe Are u ok?

  6. Mr Kongosa, who is Ayaba cho? Is he God? The violence your perpetuate will come and hunt you big time. People like are far from being objective. What if the military decides to kill more people from that end? Will that make you happy? Do you even care about what some innocent people will face sleeping in bushes?What’s wrong with mankind? Jesus please we need you. Any man who spreads false information for the sake of others getting killed, may the fate return to his family and 10 times worse.

  7. Only innocent people will suffer in this act carried out by unknown assassin. God help the innocent the people of Batibo amen.

  8. Who Elected him Divisional Officer (DO)? Let The people Elect their own Governors, Divisional Officer’s and Mayors or Government delegates. Why impose leaders on people?

  9. In case there is any stream or river around, they should go to the deepest point
    and search under. In such circumstances, it could be that body was tied to a big
    stone and dumped. Just a suggestion.

  10. Korup Forest

    Violence is not the right answer to violence. For every police, army killed many innocent villagers will be killed in return. Is this what you want? The ones who want you to kill police and army are hiding behind their computer screen. Its clear something needed to be done against the marginalization of the Anglophones, but what happens now is not the solution. Killing police and soldiers will not bring you anywhere. You can NEVER beat them because you are not enough to fight. The only thing you will get is that they will kill your family members.

    • Épée Dipanda

      Selective Amnesia.
      It will be recalled that all these people asked for was a dialogue on the nature of the state.
      La Republique’s answer:- il n’y aura pas de débat sur la nature de l’État.
      Those who marched peacefully were gased, jailed, rolled in mud, dehumanized, raped and killed.
      Do you see any other option or approach apart from asking Jesus to come down from heaven?
      You leave them no option but violence.
      The leaders of la Republique are frankly very Stup!d.
      This problem is so easy to solve its amazing how they managed to get themselves in this quagmire

  11. Beware, Local testimony on social media is suggesting DO Namata Diteng had been abducted by LRC forces in Batibo on 11 February 2018 for having pro Ambazonian views and to make it appear that ‘terrorists’ did it. Frightful.

    Same LRC forces have in the recent past been accused of murdering Anglophone civilians and dressing up the corpses in military fatigues to create phantom killings of troops by Ambazonuan guerillas.

  12. Today is 4 days since DO Marcel Namata Diteng was abducted. There has been no reported breakthrough. Cell phones are abundant in the area.

    The alleged tertorists have not been found or made any demands. Why take prisoners that need food, shelter and can expose fugitive abductors?. Namata Diteng went to the grand stand because he was reportedly told of a shortage of chairs for guests. Could that have been entrapment? A shortage of chairs does not normally require tje attention of a District Officer. Minions do the work.

    • Épée Dipanda

      You are right I suspect la Republique.
      As I said earlier they are too dumb to be leading a nation and if their francophone brothers love it, let them stay with the trash, we just left for Buea