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Cameroon: Eight officials sanctioned for falsifying text books

Journal du Cameroun | Some eight officials from the COSMAS Educational Press Limited have been sanctioned for falsifying homologated school text books in Cameroon.

According to a report from Cameroon’s state media, the sanction was announced by the country’s Minister of Secondary Education Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe. In his statement, Minister Bibehe indicated that the network has not only disrespected the National School Manuel homologation Commission but has also paid allegiance to the separatist movement, Ambazonia thereby misleading the education community.

The eight pedagogic inspectors involved in the modification are said to have been stripped of their functions and the text book withdrawn from the school curricula. All other books published by COSMAS Educational publishing Press Limited on the national education curricula, have equally been recalled.

Meanwhile, a Prime Ministerial text of November 24th prescribes only one text book for each subject to be used during a period of six years.

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  1. You must be having a laugh don’t you? What is the Cpdm criminal enterprise doing to address their mayor Ekema Essunge falsifying all his certificates? What have they done to address his 1st degree murder? I am also questioning your academic credentials Bihehe! These thugs are really in a rat race. The trap awaits the fastest rat btw.

    • Don’t you worry brother, they have been cornered at all sectors like never before! Just like it is in the Animal Farm, each goat is trying to please the pig! What power has Bibehe got, I mean this zoboomafoo of a creature can’t even communicate in English! So what next for them to please their god? Bar potato farming in Kuf? They have barred all sorts of communication in ambazonia, bar movements, bar farm tools, bar supply of gas etc yet the ambazonia economy is still better than theirs. See what the brave sons and daughters of Sankara did to their Master in Burkina! The time is here and it belongs to us!

      • Tell them brother. I hope the notice seeking junky aka RaT Tuge is reading your excellent analysis.

    • Little midget, the fastest rat will evade the trap… but a dwarfed and nosy little rat like you will get choked!

      • Rasta Impostor element. I see how the true words of an authentic Rasta Natty-Dread is hitting you hard. You nova see nating yet! When light comes darkness fades away. The days of your dark world are numbered.

  2. What is the falsification?

    It is no falsification that the UN mandated both Britain and France to prepare their colonies for independence under Article 76b of the UN Charter. It is no falsification that Southern Cameroons was developed under UK trusteeship to be self-governing. It became self-governing in 1954. It is no falsification that French Cameroon was instead assimilated into France. In fact Ahmadou Ahidjo served in that French Assembly in Paris. It is no falsification that French Cameroon has *no Act of Union* with Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). It is no falsification that French Cameroon has attempted to culturally annihilate Southern Cameroons (see Lemonde Paris Newspaper online of 1/24/17) but for the Coffin Revolution.

    • They will find refuge in thier standard semantics and narrations, the region had been there before the British came. Rubish

  3. Falsification of a publication by any method is a crime that should be settled between the author, publisher and the courts(judiciary). If the executive keeps eclipsing the judiciary (halting the trial of suspected Anglophone terrorists yesterday, sanctioning authors/book publishers today), can the nation’s democracy still be called “advanced”?

    • Fake democracy, advanced democracy or one in indivisible Cameroon.

      The problem, is that Mr. Biya and his men, have not taken time off doing
      crasy things, to read Macbeth.
      The visionary Shakespeare, has an eye opener for them.

  4. Problem is sickening paranoia with Bibehe. The Ambazonia flag is just a flag. Represents reality. One day, our head of state will stand at attention to that flag while “hail this land of freedom” is sung.. We cannot uphold our identity by suppressing that of others.

  5. There are 2 nations in the triangle. Ambazonia should be allowed to decide because the Cameroon federation ended in 1972. This effort by French Cameroun to swallow English speaking Southern Cameroons is dangerous. Give them a free vote like in Quebec and Scotland. A military solution does not exists beyond producing more evidence for the International Criminal Court against LRC leaders.

    • There was a military solution in Quebec… and there will be a military solution to your insanity in Cameroon. You are right about one thing though: there are 2 uprooted nations in the imperialistic travesty you call triangle. It is pitiful and scandalous that you are defining yourself based on such nonsensical meanings upon which you base a fraudulent identity.

      That said, you can chant your rasclaaat ‘hail the jamdong queen’ in cyberspace.

      • Rasta, why not give the people a referendum as in Quebec or Scotland, etc. ? President Ayuk Tabe welcomes a referendum. UN Resolution 1541(xv) principle VIII demands a referendum for association and be inference dissociation. LRC cannot hold Ambazonia against the wishes of the people there.

        Remember that LRC is assimilated and incorporated to France through treaties. Ambazonia was self-governing and it is self-evident in their disciplined formation of an Interim Government. They have not brocken down into war lords.

        You Rasta Tuge are plotting to have Genocide – a crime against humanity. You are foolishly pulling our country LRC into an unwinnable war that will destabilize our country. You are very dangerous. Let the people in Ambazonia determine own future.

        • Cameroon is NOT your country. You are a stateless Ambazombi impostor, pretending to be a citizen of the Great African country named Cameroon… and Cameroon used to be KAMERUN! So, while you are busy inviting genocide upon yourself; the children of Cameroon are busy reclaiming their sequestrated heritage. It’s a question of perception.

        • @Rasta, do not be a genocide planner-in-chief. If KAMERUN is the reason for defacto annexation then are we going to take back parts of Nigeria, Chad, Central Africa, Congo Brazza and Gabon? The Record proves that these people voted 2/11/61 to federate as permitted in law (UNR 1541(xv)) and affirmed by ex-President Ahidjo speeches to UN and AFP. Afterwards, we lobbied the UN passionately to OPPOSE their independence vote but LOST (64-23 votes and 10 abstentions) at the 994th UNGA plenary meeting on 21 April 1961! In 9/61, we passed a motion in our parliament claiming their land. We abandoned deal in 1972 and exited the federation in 1984 by decree. President Biya almost hanged Maitre Dinka for speaking aloud, all evidence proving our intent. The ACHPR says they are a people with rights.

      • The people in the French speaking province of Canada have freely voted 2 or 3 times in the last 100 years to determine their status – exit Canada to form own independent country or stay in Canada. Staying in Canada won on all occasions. Never been a military solution there. See details in wikipaedia. Ras Tuge seeks to misinform in his evil strategy to lengthen this crisis and hopefully precipitate a Genocide.

        • MD,

          Quebec is for French people; Scotland is for Scottish people… Ambazombi is for which kind of people?

          So you want referendum! I see… but you are only existent in cyberspace… You have invited genocide upon yourselves by killing our soldiers and police officers… so you declared war! Your Sesekoko welcomes referendum, as you say… but he also welcomes a military confrontation, as he has declared his readiness to die! Unfortunately, death may not come as quickly for him because he is not brave enough to match his words and lead by example.

          By the way, there are better academic sources than Wikipedia. Nonetheless, since you like the easy way out, go back to Wikipedia and check for Martial Law in Quebec. You will be impressed by what you find. All the best with your delusion!

        • Liar Raasclaat Coon thug! Stop lying dirty junky! Quebec is for which French people? The French require a working visa to live and work in Quebec you animal. The fact that people like Trudeau wear French last names does not make them French. Is Flamini or Platini Italian? Is Wenger or Moulier German? Quebec is a territory of early French settlers, Arcadians, Metis, Ojibwes, Crees and lots of other indigenous Mohawk people. Man watch ur mouth in your quest twist everything to fit your LRC annexation agenda. And the next time you reference martial law in Quebec, tell your audience the last martial law was declared in 1839 around the time of the threatening American invasion of Canada. There was never any during the referenda. Lie lie impostor Rasta. Keep Canada out of your arguments forever

        • @Ras, a UN supervised REFERENDUM is now the ideal solution. People in Ambazonia now evidently oppose the “frenchification of their territory”. Le Monde newspaper, Paris, online (1/24/17) called it “cultural annihilation”.

          Crisis has led to deaths. There is also evidence that our troops killed an innocent man who was arrested in Kumba and then dressed up the body in military khaki to make it look as if separatists had shot him dead. This tactic is not working. The SDO of Mamfe is asking innocent civilians to evacuate their villages and go to NOWHERE. Basically send many into the bush to be massacred by troops claiming they are terrorists in hide-outs. That is planning a Genocide.

  6. Herbs4nationHealing.

    We talk of Ambazonia, La Republic and all, and that is where our history begins. What a shame that we cant look beyond and see that we are going back to the same people who created the problem for help. Can we not see that what we need as a people is to come together beyond colonial names and unite as one black nation in Africa? Are we going to express our fake induced memories forever or is it time to reclaim our rightful position as a people?

    • “reclaim our rightful position as a people”. So tell me my dear friend. Which and or what kind of people do you want us to claim to be?

      • What a question?!!! So you don’t know who you are?!!!! No sense of self… and so, you will die for want of wisdom.

        Spent so many years going to school and bagging degrees, only to be exposed as an empty, acculturated, and uprooted individual. What a travesty!

        • And what are you exactly? An impostor Rastafarian Ethiopian Jamaican combo? Far far far from a Bakossi heritage that you chant unendingly. Pitiful!

        • And to Ras Tuge and Herds4nationHealing, why not use your first language (Mother Tongue) to make contributions on this forum since you articulate your Africaness so well without western influence?

  7. If you think the education boss’s move is bizarre, wait till you read what the Mamfe DO, Oum Joseph just sent out as service note.
    The Chef de Terre has addresses a December 1, 2017 message to villagers of Akwaya, Eyumojock and Mamfe Central, giving them just hours to move to “safe areas” of their choice. The typed message leaves no doubt of imminent danger if they fail to comply as instructed.

    The question is this. Will the average villager receive this written notice even in seven days? Should the Chef de Terre not instead dispatch vehicles or aircraft to quickly move the population to safety? Where exactly is the safe area?bAnd how can such a message be relayed by a typed message intended for a notice board rather than radio broadcast?

    • What is the imminent danger going to do in an empty village?

    • Now JD you see what happens when you don’t have the right man/woman for the job! This is leadership of fear; send out information that will reach the people long after the danger would have subsided. By the time such a message reaches the last mama in the village, the ‘holocaust’ would have moved to etoudi! Even if it does, in what language. Whatever is going on ther I’m just so glad someone is giving them a run for their money! Like one professor said every office in Cameroon is a jambo house where agents go there and play cards until someday the boss turns up unexpectedly and everyone jumps up and pretends to be working! This is not our system we just can’t deal with it anymore!

      • Frankly I am trying to examine Oum Joseph through the prism of someone educated at taxpayer’s expense and therefore in a position to “give back” to society. In a similar situation a nurse or MD would go down on his/her knees and administer CPR, first aid, take BP, stop hemorrhage and try to evacuate a patient to a larger unit of health care. In so doing he/she reflects professional training, perhaps the ideals of institutional training, compassion etc, knowing that under similar circumstances his/her own blood relations would be well taken care of. That is the essence of humility and service to the fatherland.

        • the Manyu SDO’s knee-jerk order to deport or forcible transfer the population is considered as a Crime against humanity by the Rome Statute. No wonder, he has hastily withdrawn the order today(02.12.2017). His name would have been transmitted to the ICC by the Interim Government

        • LRC has become so desperate. Decisions are taken without thinking of the international legal implications. Soldiers are sent to SC to commit genocide, rape students, maim citizens. The SDO orders the population to forcibly relocate. All these actions against the citizens of SC are punishable under the Rome Statute ( Genocide and crimes against humanity.

        • Biya and his crime syndicate think that theys areimmuned from prosecution since the Rome statute was NOT ratified.
          A FATAL MISTAKE!!
          Cameroon and Ivory Coast are signatories to but have not ratified the Rome Statute. However, Gagbo is in prison in Den Haag.

          Because Ratification of International Criminal Court is not that so relevant.
          The jurisdiction of the ICC is exercised over individuals of member states and non-member states.
          1. The UN can refer cases under Chapter VII to the ICC
          2. The prosecutor can also SUI GENERIS initiate investigations. That was the reason why Gagbo is today in prison even though Ivory Coast is not a state party to the Rome statute.
          Biya and his gang can therefore not escape justice because the kangaroo parliament in LRC did not ratify the Rome statute