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Cameroon govt refutes reports of massacre in Anglophone regions

The Cameroonian government has responded to allegations of mass killing in the restive Anglophone regions, a local media portal Cameroon Tribune has reported.

The government in a statement issued by the Communication Minister, Issa Bakary Tchiroma, said the reports of a massacre on protesters were unfounded.

The statement also accused leading members of the Anglophone regions of masterminding what is now called ‘a genocide planned by the Cameroon government against compatriots of English-speaking origin.’

It was this moderation in the retaliation of the law enforcement forces that helped to limit the loss of lives even though the regular troops were constantly harassed by armed assailants.

“The government strongly refutes and condemns such unfounded allegations which in reality is a concrete translation of the desire of the secessionists and their relays to carry out their evil intentions to destabilize Cameroon,” the statement said.

Another part sought to absolve the security forces of blame insisting that they applied proportionate force to the protesters. “On the field, the law enforcement units showcased a remarkable sense of duty and restraint in their operations acting only in legitimate self-defense.

“It was this moderation in the retaliation of the law enforcement forces that helped to limit the loss of lives even though the regular troops were constantly harassed by armed assailants,” the statement added.

Cameroon’s anglophone areas are facing a serious social and political crisis since November 2016. The two regions – North West and South West – are pushing for independence under the Ambazonia republic.

Their attempted symbolic independence declaration on October 1, 2017 was met with heavy security crackdown which led to official deaths of eight people. Rights group, Amnesty International, puts the casualty figure at 17. Scores were reported injured and mass arrests made.

The United Nations, United States, United Kingdom and other religious groups have all called for the need to open dialogue between the government and leaders of the restive region. President Biya has also condemned the violence and called for dialogue.


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  1. Even though the regular troops were constanly being harassed by armed assailants. Issa Tchiroma you have no shame.you call people carrying peace plants armed assailants?what are your boko haram boys carrying up north?we are not your compatriots,our grand parents made a big mistake which we shall not pass on to our grand children by being with la republic.
    You can kill Ambazonians all you want but the one thing you can never take out of us is our idea of never being one with la republic.

    • @ palapala,you are absolutely right. We will never be part of lrc. Southern Cameroon statehood has just taken its roots and it remains like that

      • @ Rethink i wish that guy ITB never came out of his seven years incarceration alive.but as you rightly said we are gone for good.long live the republic of Ambazonian.

  2. “Do unto others as you would they do unto you” is a maxim that has survived human evolution. It is one powerful cornerstone of society’s edifice. Trivializing or tossing it aside is sheer madness and runs in the face of the reality and sanity.

    Cameroonians will remember that in their darkest moment, an elected parliamentarian stood up for them. That was Hon. Joseph Wirba. Cameroonians will remember that one of their courageous parliamentarians called a spade a spade – Issa Tchiroma Bakary, the belligerent government spokes person was once a prisoner for seven years after the abortive coup d’Etat of 1984, was spared live bullets which he is today hailing the callous murder of civilians by the same military that spared his own life. In Cameroon a certificate of Non-Conviction is required

  3. for employment into the government, prior to rising to the level of government spokesperson.
    Hon. Joshua Osih’s representing Douala instead of his native Mundemba is no different from Hon. Omar Bertow representing Tiko Sub-Division instead of his Bassa origins. Obviously if a population values a citizen and confers such heavy responsibility to him, there is room to rejoice over an aspect of national integration.

    Why would President Paul Biya the proponent of “Rigour and Moralization” keep Issa Tchiroma Bakary on his payroll, toying with the image of Cameroon?

  4. The Spanish Government has officially apologised to the people of Catalonia for the Police brutality. However, LRC is praising the “professionalism” of the BIR and police. That shows how evil the leaders of LRC are. In Spain there were no deaths recorded. In SC a genocide was committed but the Government is showing no remorse. That ex-convict called Tchiroma is a liability to his country, LRC. His input, is helping the SC cause. The earlier the people of LRC realize that it is impossible to use the military and lies to keep a country one and indivisible the better for them

    • The Spanish government has vowed to keep Federal police in Catalonia. The Spanish government is threatening to strip Catalonia of its broad autonomy and take control of some, or all of its powers…. What apology are you talking about?!

      When you use violence against the police, and fire bullets against the military then you must be met with brute force. We all know that guns have been sent to Bamenda. There are several videos on Youtube wherein people (men and women) are calling from Cameroon and asking for guns to be sent to them so that they can start slaughtering Francophones! Many misled youth declared their readiness to confront the Cameroonian military once they get the weapons. Then of course, Ayaba Cho has declared the deployment of his ‘forces’ in SC to fight! Why weep now?

  5. Ras Tuge you are certainly a spokesperson for Tchiroma who has sold his soul to the devil. What you are saying is unbelievable. It is just sheer provocation. If Cameroon is “One and Indivisible” we cannot go on with this kind of crass propaganda. We need peace in Cameroun but people like you who are on the payroll of the government are ruining the peace. Your level of heartlessness is TROUBLING. People of your ilk are those who promote GENOCIDE.
    If the Anglophones were armed, how many Cameroun soldiers were killed. Did the Cameroun army seize all those arms before they starting massacring them. My friend people are scared, they are dying from this reign of terror. Any patriotic Camerounian should not support such EVIL. The government flies helicopters as if it was war.

    • I am simply telling the truth, my friend… you don’t like it, then address your worries to all those opportunistic vandals and devils that are out to transform the misled masses into cannon fodder! The videos are there for you to judge for yourself… Ayaba Cho’s ‘FORCES’ are operating on the ground in the ‘SOUTHERN CAMEROONS’, as we understand from Christopher Anu and others. Those are the people you should address your concerns to. Stop pretending! You have folks that have been chanting WAR, WAR, WAR on this forum… and I-Man kept asking them these simple questions: YOU WANT TO FIGHT A WAR WITH WHO? THE STATE OF CAMEROON? I don’t depend on Cameroon, man. But that is my homeland, and nobody will be allowed to destroy it. Cameroon is ONE AND INDIVISIBLE!

  6. Ras Tuge

    If Camerooun will be ONE AND INDIVISIBLE as our dictator said, this is certainly not the way to go about it.
    There isn’t a single death reported in Spain because the the people of Catalonia are clamoring for their independence.

    Remember: Many Anglophones and Francophones want a Federation to solve the problem of hyper centralisation that has made our government terribly inefficient.

    PLEASE THE KILLINGS SHOULD STOP. DIALOG SHOULD BE THE WATCH WORD. These are Cameroonians being slaughtered. Mr. Tchiroma who was a staunch opponent of the current government is living in a different world. He has shunned reality. WE NEED PEACE NOT EVIL PROPAGAND.

    • 1. The people of Catalonia didn’t vandalize the Spanish Embassy, and replace the Spanish flag at the embassy with the flag of Catalonia.

      2. The Spanish government gave a robust response to the Catalonian secessionists, with hundreds of people severely brutalized and hospitalized.

      3. You can’t be chanting peace and yet, you are sending death threats to people who do not support your secessionist illusion… and even maiming children; and threatening to eliminate a mother with her children!

      4. Those who asked for weapons wanted to do what with the weapons?

      5. People do not deserve to die but people explode bombs; lynch mobs chop off the arms of children; vandalize public and private property. Can you address that???

      6. Every silly mob action will necessitate a tough government reaction.

  7. Ah Ras Tuge so these people who were shot dead in Cameroon on October 1 and earlier were vandalizing embassies in Cameroon? That’s its pure amalgamation. Be wise enough to know that NOT ALL ANGOPHONES want succession. A great majority want a Federation. Again, the Spanish government did not kill anybody or fly helicopters. We Africans are allergic to democracy. I don’t know why.

    The government’s refusal to listen to their malaise is the problem. The are legitimate grievances that should be handled with circonspection.

    Again, how many Cameroon soldiers were killed by these armed protesters.

    What is a flag compared to human lives? Are flags made for men or men for flags? You are deeply in the grips of a violent colonial mentality.

    What ha

  8. Again, not all Anglophones want secession. The majority will be content with a federation.

    Lets take your comparison further. Did the Spanish government shut down INTERNET services in Catalonia?
    If the Anglophones had the kind of autonomy Catalonia enjoys there will be no problem.

    Like Ghandi “I object to violence because, when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil is permanent” During India’s struggle for independence from England Ghandi noted ” I do not believe that the killing of every Englishman can do the slightest good to India” Following Ghandi, I do not believe that killing every Anglophone protester in Cameroon will do any good to our Republic.

    Do please quit this logic of violence on innocent civilians. CAMEROON NEEDS PEACE NOT BELLIGERENT PEOPLE

    • You have to denounce the violence and vandalism that is being propagated by the so-called secessionists before you can have a discussion with me. I don’t see how people who amputate the arms of poor children can be called ‘innocent civilians’. I can’t fathom how those that explode bombs and claim their actions can be spoken of as ‘innocent civilians’. I can’t understand how vandals that set schools ablaze can be called ‘innocent civilians’. I can quite figure out how folks can invade the premises of the Mayor of Buea and completely damage his property… yet, those folks are ‘innocent civilians’! Finally, it is impossible for me to understand how people can request for guns to kill Francophones, and you call them ‘innocent civilians’. You are a shameless promoter of genocide and vandalism!

  9. Tell me whether the girls who were dragged out of their dorms in the Uinversity of Buea subjected to the most abject treatment, being forced to roll on mud and put their faces on human waste, last year were armed and cutting, attacking embassies and chopping off people’s arms.

    Tell me whether the lawyers and teachers who protested were armed. What was their fate? They were all rounded up and thrown into jail.

    Tell me why requests for peaceful marches in Cameroon are systematically denied by the government.

    Ras Tuge please let’s talk peace instead of bloody reprisals as if Anglophones were under colonial rule.

    Stop this logic of HATE. Anglophones and Francophones are living peacefully. I do not know of any cases were Anglophones have attached Francophones and vice versa.

    • ‘Requests for peaceful marches in Cameroon are systematically denied by the government’, you chant! That is a big lie and you know it!

      The SDF marched in Buea, marched in Bamenda…and they are planning to march in Douala! Behold, you must have been asleep throughout September 22nd? Cameroon is a relatively tolerant African country… perhaps amongst the most tolerant, if you are current enough. However, once you challenge and undermine the authority of the state; and transgress the rules of the nation then you will eventually come to terms with the indeterminacy of the punishment that will be meted out to you.

  10. I KNOW THIS IS A DIALOGUE OF THE DEAF. It only reminds me of La Fontaine’s LA RAISON DU PLUS FORT EST LA MEILLEURE. (Might is right). You know that these civilians are by no means equipped to match the Cameroon arm forces in a violent conflict/confrontation. They do not have arms.


    CAMEROON NEEDS PEACE. We shouldn’t go down the path of genocide.

    Excuse me if I am preaching peace but I cant help it. Violence is no good to Cameroon.



    • Oh, the ‘civilians’ are by no means equipped to match the Cameroon Armed Forces’, you chant!

      Well, go tell it to Ayaba Cho, and especially to Akwanga Ebenezer who claimed that he needed just 10 men to bring down the ‘weak’ Cameroonian army! At least, now you know that you can’t underestimate the ‘weak’ Cameroonian army which ironically is one of the most tested forces across the African continent.

      I don’t think i am having a dialogue with you, as nothing constructive can come out of the exchanges with you.

      Stop this gospel of delusion and vandalism!


    The girls…the girls…the girls.. How do you respond to that.



    • You are the pretentious and hateful one that is struggling to pose as a saint. You better back off!

      • Zip that you Smelling mouth quick quick Hutu general @Rat Tuge. Thank God the patient brother has finally figured you out. Arrant garbage of a junky. Take away hate and you are spread thin like a toddler in a sweet shop. No wonder you cannot even stand on your own and will always need that old Swedish Granny and her basement. Leave Sweden and understand how the world functions without welfare. Idiot!

  12. ras dog, you are the most stupid person i have ever come accrose on planet earth

  13. @Ras Tuge Trying to justify political extremism will lead u to no where.Agbor Balla talked of federalism,he was incriminated and jailed.When other SCnians advocate for seperation,the gov’t that u are diffending,tagged them terrorists.I remember at one time,the gov’t came out to warn,through Peter Esoka’s mushroom communication council, that,all TV stations should not give room to people to sit on a debate panel and talk about federalism.U run your mouth the other day,that the Ambasonian president have concluded deals with some Canadian companies to sell petrol.Let me ask u,was he suppose to come and consult Biya before making that move? do u have a problem with your brain cells?If Catalan can have autonomy and a president,why can’t Ambasonia have one?over to u Mr.one and indivisible CMR.

  14. @Ras Tuge Must your illegitimate gov’t in Y’de slaughter Ambasonians becos they have de-legitimized them? When are u going to remove your troops from our country? that is the answer u should be giving us now.U are not even ashame to say that HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe is doing business with Canadians.Are u not ashame that Canadians are accepting to do business with him when Biya,the so called president of Cameroon who expanded his territory to SC is still alife? remove your troops from our country fast…abui ngan….We have proven to u how we can stand our grounds…We are no longer hearing the usual talk in this forum…”do something about it”…something has been done about it….

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