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Cameroon Imposes Week-Long Curfew in Anglophone Regions

Bloomberg | Cameroon authorities stepped up army patrols along the Nigerian border and imposed a week-long nighttime curfew in two English-speaking regions to prevent deadly attacks by secessionists.

The 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew in the Northwest and Southwest regions is necessary because a secessionist movement that wants the English-speaking minority to break away from the French-speaking regions is planning attacks “in the coming days,” according to a government statement read on state radio on Sunday.

The Defense Ministry has found evidence that the movement has recruited mercenaries from Nigeria, according to the statement.

Three paramilitary police officers were killed in a gunfight with suspected separatists in the Southwest region on the weekend, Defense Ministry spokesman Didier Badjeck said by phone early Monday. Almost 20 members of Cameroon’s security forces have been killed this year.

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  1. Lrc can do all it can and wants to do in Ambazonia.it’s only a matter of time before we take the fight to lrc.

    • Be careful of what you wish for. The silent majority is quietly monitoring.

      • Fcuk the silent frog majority. They can’t even defeat a dead president yet pretend to care for the anglophone? Hypocritical slaves so comfortable in oppression. Keep singing the killing f terrorists. Our objective is simple: free Ambazonia.

        • @ AmbaBlood

          I thought ambaland was free since October 1, nyamfuka .

          where is Nigeria, UK, un, USA and world organization bunch of rats?

          for the record, all those terrorists will be cached one by one no wahala.

          its just of matter of time

        • And all DOs and colonial heritage will be erased. It’s just a matter of time you fcucking frig eye frogger frogging frog.

        • @Ambablood
          Your are just so ignorant and empty. What can you perosnally do in a civil war that some of you loosers are searching for? We will be wiped off by francophones if there is a civil you fool. Francophones are quiet because they know that the majority of anglphones are not for Problems or stupid secessionists and secondly they also know that the government is bad and they are also victims. It’s easy to sit on a Computer and write rubish. Who is looser? When you kill a Police and 5 to 10 Young men are killed and thousnads rush into Nigeria? Boarders closed, leaders cought and their Sponsors are gradually picked one by one and your stupid Ambazonia days are counted.

      • the silent majority are fools brainwashed by the emperor and france already.Ambazonian land must cleanse off colonial administrators now. If the silent majority as u claim is folding it hands and watching ,it is because they are already in the net of the colonizer and mvomeka emperor. But we are fasting already for God to arrest the colonizer and mvomeka and God will answer us.56 years of slavery is totally unacceptable and the right time has come. Ecclesiastic chapter 3.11:15.

  2. Ambazonia Amba

    I Thought someone said yesterday that Things have been stabilising in Ambazonia. What happened then? Wirba said it all, you can join your army to the French you still will not be able to take our land. Every colonia administrator in Ambaland is serving at his own risk. Ambazonia has risen to fall no more.

    • when leaders are cought like idiots, their Computers and mobile phones confisicated, so many resources in the Hands of the government to get thier Sponsors. What next do you expect? Unfortunately most ambazonia followers are fool and that is just why you can’t understand the Dynamics. Boy, the match will soon be over.

      • Still celebrating the catching of leaders? That is old news! So how did the information about sponsors help in stopping the kidnapping of the D.O of Batibo? Focus on doing your buyam selling in Sweden , learning English and French and come back when you will be smart enough to call others fools! I think Zam Zam gave you the new screen name, since you are his concubine!

    • YES, things are getting better. Don’t be fooled by few killings of law enforcement here and there that makes national news. On the daily basis the majority of the people are moving on with there lives.
      I just saw the National Youth Day celebration in Bamenda, Buea, Kumba and many other places with thousands of students, parents and political party marching, including CPDM.

      Trust me, it’s not because an authority was kidnapped and 3 gendarme murdered you ‘ll conclude that it is CHAOS everywhere.

      President PAUL BIYA was right. Things are getting better.
      I have said here many times that the majority of Anglophone wants peace. I witnessed it yesterday with my own eyes. AMBAZOMBIES are progressive being ignored by the population. You LOST, Kamerun won. F..ck deal with it.

  3. The defense Ministry has found out mercenaries from Nigeria brouhaha
    The defense Ministry has recruited Chadians mercenaries who are actually on the ground killing people in West Cameroon, they have French military on the ground providing them with drone technology and support to kill people in West Cameroon.
    Now they come up with a fake propaganda of mercenaries from Nigeria, I thought the defense Ministry was working with the defense Ministry of Nigeria that’s how they jointly abducted Sisiku from a hotel in Abuja.
    The rogue army is killing villagers and burning villages and the defense Ministry has turned a blind eye to these abuses why?
    I guess they must have a secret blackmail theory to call us Nigerians to justify their killings

  4. We will smoke all theses terrorists out of KAMERUN

    • Look at this useless bastard. Be rest assured that not too long from now we will be coming after filthy and smelly swines from Dchang like your pathetic self. We shall be frying your stinking a###s in cauldrons of boiling oil. Wait and see ugly baboon.

  5. @ lum
    Hahahahahaha ambazonia can’t fight the war , now they are joining force with Biafra people I felt very pity for ambazonia.
    Thank you to Nigeria army defense ; they are coming soon to protect the border nobody in and out hahahahahahahaha nyamfuka you will see pepper

    • @Bamendaboy this mbeti bastard son of the retarded king hiding under the name of bamendaboy you people know how just to make noise the highest defected from the military are the mbeti go and fight and stop posting rubbish here.

      • @ chris

        mother fucker you needs to respect people opinion.

        I think you don’t know the history. southern cameroon was sold to France by British for 20,000000 pounds and this was reinvested by French to create The cameroon development cooperation cdc
        so you have no right to claim it as your land?


      This transgender French slave in the name of Bamendaboy! I hear say la republic army them di go beat swine them for village for Mbonge because they no know for fight ! Hahahaha
      This is just the beginning ! Go worship your dictator! Death to the Dictator! We are too smart over here to accept such status!
      More death of colonial forces are coming.. stay tuned..kikikiki
      Before it was a mere protest, now black legs BIRS are dying for a Shilthole country .. wuna never see anything , kikikikiki


        this gay man or woman so call ” ambasonia ” special from the south-west don’t know his or her own biases.

        deh now laik military zone, patrol deh all side especially around border with Nigeria. Even population fear for Friday and parents deh run go take pikin dem from school as army circle one quarter kikikikikikk

    • Nigeria for a decade can’t defeat BH. Now they will come to defend the borders from the southern part of Cameroon? No one wants war. If I were president I would resolve this matter with southern Cameroon now….to dangerous to get the Delta boys involved. I decided beg my people of cameroon

      • @ Brandino

        good idea no one wants war

        • The real war has hardly started and chicken hearted loons like you are already jittery? Wait and see what happens when our boys are done with training and are fully equipped with the arsenal of weaponry we are currently stock piling. Even lunatics like your pitiable self who are hiding in this faceless forum will nit be exempt from the real war. Brandish your discolored kola nuts for teeth all you want.

      • America and Europe are still fighting Alqada. You moron. Do you know for how Long? You empty head.

  6. Curfew or no Curfew, the Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around, come rain come shine

    Biya’s foolish war is UNWINNABLE.

    Southern Cameroonians will defend their land of the ancestors by any means available including chemical and biological weapons.
    LRC terrorists cannot cross the mungo into SC and think they can defeat the owners of the land. It will NEVER EVER happen

    The war continues

    • … THE land of THEIR ancestors….

    • @ MVOMEKA

      yesssssssssssssss we need that war lets fight, and see. But why ambasonia went and joint Biafra for

      backup? i hope you re watching Nigeria news


        Go and whorship Paul Biya! You have nothing else to do than worship your dictator! We on this side have a different Brain!! All the DO will run before the ADF get a hold of their asses kikikikikiki

    • Épée Dipanda

      I still think the clearest path to freedom is peace.
      You cannot wish chemical and biological weapons against people. This is a war crime. Besides how do you intend to get international support when you advocate violence?
      Self defense though in your house is another matter.

      • Southern Cameroonians did not cross the mungo into LRC. They wee attacked by terrorists from LRC. It is legitimate to use any means available, including chemical and biological weapons, to defend your life and property. You either kill the terrorists from LRC or be killed by the aggressor.

        I hope you saw the video of LRC terrorists beheading a rasta man in SC.

    • There is no such thing as Southern Cameroon. This was a British fabrication for their national interest. Our denstiny cannot be determined by a white man’s fabrication but by God’s creation. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery fellow secessionists.

  7. Over the past year the cry has been all about going to school or not doing so. If school is supposed to do for our people what it does for others, we should see and celebrate the fruits of schooling. What we present to the world in our share of cyberspace can hardly reflect the product of good schooling – human relations, conflict resolution, logic, empathy, etc.

    Is it logical for Nigeria to treat Southern Cameroonians one day as dispensable, extraditable material and then turn around the next day to be fighting side by side with them?

    Does it make sense to kidnap and even kill a DO who did nothing, while socializing with the one who brought hell to Kembong or one who openly referred to citizens as dogs and cats?
    What value system are we promoting based on our education?

  8. France is really the God of Franco Africa … can’t imagine Franco Africa is still into Master and slave relationship . why can’t this military take a good lesson from egypt , burkinafaso etc … They should wait and see what France is coming up with after this Biya’s term ends … the shocking wave will be worst than Tsunami to the Bulu Betti mafia Kabal who thinks they are their slave master’s favorite

  9. This situation is going no where any time soon.The goverment have to open a genuine and meaningful dialogue very very fast bc it is already getting too late.The goverment cannot win this war period.Anyone who does not one to belief what i am saying that is his problem.went for a funeral at Baye panya last weekend and what i saw i just couldnot belief.The government is already loosing control of Ndian and part of meme.All those guys now control all the villages around those areas.Kwakwa completely destroyed.what the military is doing now is controlling only part of the highway shootingin the air.How did we find ourselfs in this situation?

  10. The Centralised United rep of cameroon as it stands today can never never win this war.How are they going to protect all the government personel working in this part of the country?Now they have started kidnapping D.O’s.They should open a meaningful and genuine dialogue right now because there is no military solutionto this crisis.If they are thinking or believing in one then they are only dreaming.Oil tankers burned on the highway around Kwakwa last friday.the guys come out attack and vanish in the bushes and the military afraid to chase them in the bushes.oil not able to leave pamol,bekora,etc to the markets.etc.