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Cameroon President Vows to ‘Deal’ with Separatists

VOA | YAOUNDE — Cameroon President Paul Biya says he will destroy all terrorists whom he says are fighting to separate his country or using it as a hiding place for armed attacks on neighboring states. In a message, Biya reiterated he was open for dialogue with the disgruntled English speaking minority in the bilingual country but that his military would deal with armed separatists fighting for the independence of the English speaking regions.

President Paul Biya says it is his duty to ensure public order, social peace, the unity of the nation and Cameroon’s integrity, and so he has issued instructions that all those who have taken up arms, who perpetrate or encourage violence should be fought relentlessly and held accountable for their crimes before the courts of law.

“It is my firm belief that fast-tracking our decentralization process will enhance the development of our Regions,” he said. “To that end, I have ordered the implementation of the necessary measures to speedily give effect to this major reform. We will contribute towards consolidating the rule of law and open a new page in our democratic process.”

Many Cameroonians had expected Biya to be lenient towards armed insurgents and invite them to the negotiation table.

Biya said he requested the government engage in constructive dialogue with English speakers to seek solutions to their demands. But he added that he will destroy all those who have taken arms against the state, which he reiterated will remain one and indivisible.

He however pledged to make Cameroon a decentralized unitary state by implementing decentralization as spelled out in the country’s constitution.

Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Cameroon’s minister of territorial administration and decentralization, says the decentralization Biya spoke about encounters many challenges.

“We started implementing this process effectively since 2010, but of course we can ascertain the fact that the there are still some difficulties, there are still some problems,” he said. “The councils complain that the resources put at their disposal do not allow them to respond to the needs of the populations and to the implementation of their projects.”

Until a few years ago, Cameroon was referred to as a peace haven because it had never experienced major challenges. But the Boko Haram insurgency on its northern border with Nigeria that started four years ago has killed more than 25,000 people, and displaced millions of people in Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria and Niger according to the United Nations.

The spillover of the carnage in the Central African Republic (CAR) is also felt on the central African state’s border with CAR with repeated cases of kidnappings for ransom and attacks by armed men.

Adolph Deben Tchoffo, governor of Cameroon’s English speaking north west region, says he supports Paul Biya’s determination to eliminate the armed separatists so that schools can reopen and businesses pick up in the English speaking areas of Cameroon more than one year after they were hampered by the crisis.

“We are begging for peace and we are leaving no stone on turned to maintain long lasting security, securing the population, asking the population to mobilize themselves to support government to make sure the economic activity, the social activity in the region comes back to normalcy,” he said.

Biya said Cameroonians desire greater participation in managing their affairs, especially at the local level and as such he will make sure the constitution is respected fully.

Cameroon will hold local council, parliamentary and presidential elections in 2018. Many hope the polls will be transparent. Biya has been president for 35 years, winning in elections opposition political parties say are always rigged to favor him.

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  1. What a moron for a president. How this guy ruled for 35 years is still a mystery to uncover. His fall is right around the corner. This 2018 will be his year of doom.

  2. This year is the year of Separation. The defeat of Paul Biya and Cameroun. The end game. 2018 the waterloo year of Cameroun.
    Francophones are people who have been programmed not to know how to reason independently, and have been lied to consider themselves as French citizens. Therefore, Francophones will continue to suffer terribly, and they should not dream to come into Ambazonia when Ambazonia is liberated this year 2018.They are not welcome.

  3. Mr Biya determined to consummate an annexation in progress. Southern Cameroons (SC) nationalists justified to resist another Francafrique dictator. Mr Biya’s french-speaking country Cameroun independent on 1/1/1960. English-speaking SC independent on 10/1/1961 to federate as equals with Cameroun. Bad faith foreclosed act of union. In early bad faith, Cameroun/France both voted against independence for SC at the UN but lost woefully! Cameroun used 80% population majority to end quasi-federation, 1972 – 1984 and now seeks to annex Southern Cameroons using Napoleonic tactics – no white paper and no debate in parliament. All English language texts removed from national currency. There is no requisite binding legal instrument of a union at the UN. Biya’s ambition violates the AU Charter.

  4. Bep bep bep bep! Fear fear president. You’ve never ever set foot in any of the northern provinces yet u rushed to France to declare war on Boko Haram just as you hid in Abidjan and declare war on Ambazonia. You cannot win this one and your mystical pygmies have figured out and ran away. Tell that to your dieing BIRS. Ambazonia will crush you. Bring it on mudafuckre.

  5. Bep bep bep bep! Fear fear president. You’ve never ever set foot in any of the northern provinces yet u rushed to France to declare war on Boko Haram just as you hid in Abidjan and declare war on Ambazonia. You cannot win this one and your mystical pygmies have figured out and ran away. Tell that to your dieing BIRS. Ambazonia will crush you. Bring it on murafocking prig.

    • You are really bitter.
      Start the year smiling not cursing like a donkey.
      We get it.
      Life must be very difficult for you with that fathy, but Tom know what there always a choice in life.
      You are a non entity as far as biya is concerned.
      The problem once more is not biya, but you and I.
      Anyway have a happy 2018. You really need it.

      • One of the run away pygmies turn gorilla comes defending. We will bury you in the Manyu forest little snot.

      • Vaiocomputers

        I was thinking u r the one who really need it

      • Oh man, this is just another low, however, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed, people(made up of individuals) can change the world. When you are running out of steam it might just be the beginning for others. Real men , upright men can imagine what could be possible, and ask why not, and in same token they can see things that are not supposed to be there and question why. They simply have the courage to keep going and think for themselves, I repeat think for themselves. It is not only wrong but there is something immoral about it for one to ever abandon his own judgement, however if you grew up in a culture where you have been conditioned to dogmatically accept everything then you will definitely have a problem when logic reigns and sadly will think its on others

  6. Walking Death and Talking Death. Absentee President. Roboman . who cares about you anymore

  7. We can and ought to do better than Boko Haram!

    How can you want to rule over a people but start by wiping them out with weapons? A Caliphate devoid of people is like Kembong village with no citizens. Surely we should do better than Boko Haram to earn the people’s allegiance. No?

  8. You will be captured in the long run. You have been saying this for months and you army is suffering lots of casualties. Sorry for innocent Francophone families who are sending their sons and daughters to be killed.
    Your days are numbered bros.
    Time will tell.

  9. Vaiocomputers

    And how does he intend to wipe out separatists which is an idea which is impossible to defeat and not a moving target?

  10. Bring him on! Such a wuss! You are 90 years old and we are already putting you on the road to hell and now you say you’ll deal with separatists? Who’s a separatist? Shumbu!

  11. This idiot of a president in LRC is on the verge of suicide. His thugs are being killed daily in Manyu by the brave Mamyu Tigers, yet he still thinks it’s just a threat. Biya look seperation is real and if you are not careful you also will be killed in our restoration fight. Your Notorious assassin MEFIRI ( the then one inspector of police in buea) whom you used in cracking down UB strike of 2005 was killed in mamfe on the 30th of last month. You are here still singing the same some old senile buffoon

  12. LRC started by displaying the corpses of BIR terrorists in Bamenda and Buea, decorated them with medals from Biya and even intimidated civil servants to pay hommage .
    However, now that the losses of LRC are astronomically high, the same LRC buries her killed terrorist soldiers in secret. LRC media outlets have been warned not to reveal the truth about the loss.

    Biya is a paper tiger. He likes making empty threats. He went to France and vowed to crush Boko Haram. This vow is yet to be realised.
    Now the same Biya is vowing to “deal” with separatists. Of course, this vow is also empty. LRC terrorists can NEVER EVER defeat Southern Cameroonian patriots in SC.

    • One thing is 100% certain:

      The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine.

      The creation of the so-called Commission on Bilingualism, translating the OHADA text, bribing Southern Cameroonian traitors, sending Anglophone CPDM sycophants to “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM sycophants are all DIRTY TRICKS and therefore considered by patriotic Southern Cameroonians as cosmetic measures that will not resolve the impasse

      One thing is 100% certain:

      The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine. There is nothing Biya or France can do to prevent this statement of fact.

      • The so-called UNITY IN DIVERSITY in Cameroon is a farce. TA better appellation should be DISUNITY IN DIVERSITY. The citizens of SC and LRC are two different “peoples”. They have different histories, linguistic traditions, territorial connections, and political outlooks. Both “peoples” can therefore not live together in peace.
        It is therefore impossible to use the military to force two different “peoples” to live together in diversity. It will NEVER WORK

        Southern Cameroonians should therefore continue to defend themselves against the aggression perpetrated by the terrorists from LRC.


        • Too much hangar. Chill, you don’t need to display your emotion. Ambazombie cannot and will not secede. This war will go on for years, until you run out of resourses. As time goes on people will go back to their normal life. Quand Yaounde respire Le Cameroun respire.

        • The right word is SEPARATE.


      • Vaiocomputers

        Bro,can you give me a clue how this will be resolve because there seems to be no dialogue in sight

        • **** THECLUE ****

          Biya has chosen the military option to resolve the impasse.
          PATRIOTIC Southern Cameroonians have said with one voice: BRING IT ON !!!

          Now that the battle line has been drawn, there are only TWO possible scenarios:

          Scenario 1 : The Zero-sum-option ( Probability is 1 in 20 million )

          Biya succeeds in COMPLETELY defeating Southern Cameroonians in their homeland.
          He can then force his “one and indivisible” dream down the throats of Southern Cameroonians
          The chances of getting into a car accident, plane accident, or struck by lightning is greater that this scenario.

          Scenario 2: The Win-Win Option ( Probability 1 in 2)

          Biya FAILS to completely defeat Southern Cameroonians. An open ended war emerges with no winner.

        • Biya will then be forced ( by the international community or economic constraints):

          1. to implement Resolution 1608 of the UN i.e. a FEDERATION OF TWO STATES EQUAL IN STATUS


          2. to accept the two “peoples” to go their separate ways


          Biya can NEVER EVER defeat Southern Cameroonians in SC. Simply put, there is therefore no military solution to the Anglophone Question.
          The Anglophone Question will end up on a ROUND TABLE DIALOGUE whether Biya wants it or not.
          Dictators are always reality blind. Adolf Hitler was losing the war against the USSR. However, he was still telling his people that they should continue to fight because victory could be seen at the end of the tunnel. Germany finally lost the war. The rest is history

        • Of course, Biya knows that he can NEVER EVER defeat Southern Cameroonians in their homeland.
          He has been told severally that only an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue could resolve the Anglophone Question.

          That notwithstanding he has foolish declared an unwinnable war on the peaceful people of Southern Cameroons.
          He has sent his BIR terrorists to SC to commit genocide and crimes against humanity. He continues to swear that crush the “secessionists” and win the war. Of course, that is wishful thinking on his part.
          Biya has now trapped himself with fairy tale promises to his LRC citizens.
          Paul Biya is now a prisoner of his own arrogance, deceptions, failed policies and insatiable appetite for eternal power. He is unable to free himself and his LRC from abundant natural resources in SC.

        • Having said that,


  13. It’s very obvious that they burry their fallen thugs now secretly in plastic bags not to arouse too much fear with those that are left at the mercy of the Manyu Tigers. LRC media organs have been warned to stay silent on the mass casualty these French slaves are sustaining . Long live HE sisiku Ayuk Tabe, long live the brave Manyu Tigers ,long live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia

  14. i see the end of Biya’s regime .. when people have lost their legitimacy to rule they turn to use force and fear to rule … they can’t cheat nature . time will still catch up with them .

  15. Who is a separatist? You call indigenes on their land separatist?
    Why did the ministries of justice and education embarked on the agenda of forced francophonization of West Cameroon?
    Which true panafricanist can invest in francophonizing other Africans after seeing the disaster imposed on the first black francophonie Republic Haiti?
    Why is English in the classrooms and Courtrooms in West Cameroon such a terrible thing for Cameroon?
    Why should Cameroonians spill their blood over the use of French?
    For those who preach German Kamerun brouhaha why accept the killings of Kamerunians because of French?
    Is Francophonization an economic policy for growth?Is war an economic policy?
    Are the refugees in Nigeria separatist?
    Are we Africans or are we agents of France in Cameroon?

  16. The idea of secret burial of corpses – ordinary citizens or uniformed officers – is so strange, so unfeeling, so criminal. Who takes such a decision? Why????? And how to convey the baleful message to living relatives??????

  17. The idiot,did not even mention the anglophone refugees in Nigeria.To show that they are not his people.Yet,he want to be extorting the resources from Ambasonia,claiming that he cares about Ambasonians,more than HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe….Some of his armies are already running away from the warfront in Mamfe.The idiot went further to talk about elections in 2018.Come to think of it,does Biya really think anglophones will send anybody to that his kangaroo parliament,now that all the parliamentarian’s mandates have come to an end?will any parliamentarian even nurse the courage to go and campaign for anglophones to send them to Ngoa Ekelle to ”represent” them? there won’t be any elections in Ambasonia.We are out of this informal union.Biya’s end has come in 2018 whether he like it or not.

    • “We are out of this informal union. Biya’s end has come in 2018 whether he like it or not.” Two separate objectives. Not sure how you can achieve both. Strategically-speaking one requires you to fight until the Mungo river, the other one requires you to take the unity palace. Which is which? If I were a foot soldier under your command, I’d be very wary of your abilities as a strategist…haha…Just sayin…not that I support your war.

  18. It defies logic that all sorts of people prescribe DIALOGUE but with no attempt to define either its contours/ actors. What good is it telling two brothers, friends, a child and parent to stop fighting and dialogue without also offering to act as umpire?

    Are Cameroon’s many friends so clueless and helpless? Surely the Commonwealth can do better? The IMF? Don’t we say whoever pays the Piper dictates also the tunes? Switzerland? Why watch so passively as a good touristic potential struggles for survival? China? Big job site for all those awful yellow machines and their yellow-clothed operators? UN? Antonio Guterrez, such a precious stopover to drown?

  19. At the beggining of this crisis, when lawers, teachers, genuin “Anglophones ” went out and revendicated their rights as equal Citizens of Cameroon, they have the support of many Cameoonians from all over the Country.
    When the Police brutalized and killed innocent unarmed young people on the streets in the NW and SW, most Cameroonians were disgusted and urged Biya and his gvt to stop the brutality. Many of us saw a chance to start a great revolution for the futur of our Land. Then came some gangsters from nowhere and stall the show, and some idiots gave them all the power. This is where we all loose and Biya and France won!
    Cameroonians love their Country and the majority will never accept division. NEVER.
    Today Biya have the support of the majority, to keep the Country Unite.

    • You said it all. While many of you frogs “saw a chance to start a great revolution”, you cowardly took no action in support of the anglofools and when the police “brutalized and killed innocent unarmed young people(anglofools)” most frogs “were disgusted and urged Biya to stop the brutality” by again taking no action to support the anglofools.

      Nevertheless, you frogs constitute approximately 80% of the population of LRC and would not “accept division. NEVER.”; in fact you frogs have thrown your support behind Biya as you’ve stated above: “Today Biya have the support of the majority, to keep the Country Unite.”

      On the other hand, more than 80% of the anglofools are in favour of division and that explains our predicament; we choose division. You keep your Biya and LRC. Bye bye!

      • Nail on the head….I wonder if there is anything to add to it.

      • @ adnemab, Bikutsi said they were supporting Balla and the rest of the genuine Anglophones like me and not separatists. You separatists need to come to your senses and stop your madness. Anglophones in Bamenda, Limbe, Buea etc are going about their business and not interested in your Ambazonia nonsense. Their interest is to get rid of Biya as the Biya regime is the problem and not our Francophone brothers and sisters who also want to get rid of the regime. Your fight ends in Mamfe and Nigeria and will never progress further than that as it lacks the support of most Anglophone Cameroonians.

    • Soyakutsi,
      You see how talking from both ends of one’s mouth can be very difficult even for a drama queen like you? You want to pretend to care, but there’s just no oita of humanity in you, so you start burning in hell in front of everyone. Shouting on tree tops that you wanted those you call gangsters to help initiate a revolution for weak knee cowards like you has really struck many people dumb! So you live freedom? And you were wagging your finger here at the beginning calling on the police to do their job. When they did it, you now strangely say “ most” Cameroonians, of course including you were disgusted and asked Biya to stop the brutality. He did not stop it, and what did you do Drama Queen? Today Biya has the support of the same majority he refused to listen to!

      • Mrd! Tout cà pour moi?
        @FF stop being so frustrated. I’ve just spend 3 weeks in Kmr and the Country is doing just fine.
        Limbe is still breathing. Exept som police and gendarmes here and there , the people are actually still very kind and everyone want to go back to their normal life.

        When you speak to the people, the most important thing they want is peace and that thier “Anglophone” status should not be an handikap while dealing with Yaoundé.
        People want to be part of the decisions making regarding their own region in a federal system. I think, the outcom of this crisis will be the restoration of a 10 states symtem.

        • @ Bikutsi, tell them the truth about what is actually going on in Cameroon. Their secession nonsense is dead in Cameroon except Mamfe. They don’t like to hear the truth. Each time you tell them the truth they call you a Biya supporter even though you are totally against the Biya regime. Typical sign of losers.

      • Soyakutsi,
        Welcome back, at least you went back, not crowing among whites for 10,15,20 years. Your sudden love for a 10 states federation is unlike the bravado you exhibited at the beginning, putting all your eggs in the Police basket. Had the Police killed all the people you met in Limbe, with whom would you discuss the 10 state federation you are strangely ecstatic about? Why don’t you simply declare that:” Quand Limbe respire les Anglophones jubillent?” Today, no dialogue with terrorists, the next day you want a federation or decentralization, forgetting that if you ever wanted to have these, you will need to ask the opinion of those you call terrorists. It’s not easy being a French slave!

        • @FF
          Sometimes I wonder if you really don’t understand what people write or if you just play dum.
          You surely have bad memory. Try to read what people write ,with an open mind.
          I’m in Cmr at least once or twice a year, so I know what is going on there.
          I work and spend time with many “Anglophones ” when I’m in Cmr. Most of them are good and close freinds. No one beleive in your cessessionist dream. They all just want equal rights as Citizens of Cameroon. That is what we should concentrate on, and send all the old people in that gvt to their retiring homes.

        • Bonne année oh Bikut……kikikiki, he is suffering from amnesia—very short memory. I no longer have problems with him ever since I diagnosed amnesia in him.

          If you give him a woman, he would sooner than latter forget what to do with her—he’ll just sit there and be laughing…

    • Épée Dipanda

      I hope the majority is ready to pay more taxes to finance that pipe dream of indivisibility.
      We are willing, able and actively supporting our fight through an accountable governing council.
      Man no run!

    • Genuin “Anglophones ”

    • @bikutsi: while i dont agree with you in many aspects, i praise your maturity in writing. I think we are in a stage where we should use some sense of respect and discipline to discuss our problems..I praise u for not always using abusive and primitive language in airing your views..
      I think these problems reached this point today because very little support came from the other 8 provinces..I was expecting massive protest when a chief Judge was put in jail, but nothing happened..Dont forget that only anglophones have brought all the political changes in cameroon eg multipartism and discussion on decentralization.Our brothers from EASR cameroon have a very slow approach to revolution… We need to send out all these old people and build a new country with fresh ideas..

      • Biko,

        FF would send you to the guillotine for daring that. To him, and many, Biya represents the whole of Francophones. Give him the keys to the gas chambers, and no human would ever sleep and snore like him.

        What a life spent in hate in a foreign land…

        • ZZ
          Mbebe mbou 2018.
          Je t’ai déja dis qu’il faut une go kmr a ce djo. C’est ca son vrai problem. Avec toutes les beautés que j’ai vu la bas a Limbe je ne comprend pas comment quelcun peut choisir a souffrir tt sa vie coe ca.
          Faut l’aider vraiment…hihihi

        • Bami refugee, One thing people have noted about you is your readiness to ridicule, shame and demean others, but you would never take a hit. Soyakutsi should drag you to Cameroon to pick a wife. You spying for the past 20 years for old people, while you are slowly wasting away in loneliness and barking mad. You who was happy to see our people killed, want to tell us how to talk about francophones! You are a maquisard child soldier, so you have no lessons to give here!

      • Thank you very much @ Biko for your kind worlds.
        We all want the best for our Country,and we still have a long way to go.
        There is a lot of challenges and work to do. It is our duty to make things happen. People should not be affraid to be involved in the construction of a new Cmr.
        Décentralisation and 10 states federation is what I think is best for our Country. Not only in papper but alltso in practics. It is unaceptable to have a native from the south as governor in the south west for exempel. How can you rule a region when you can’t even adress the people in their language and when you don’t understand their traditions and culture? That is just terrible.
        Annyway happy 2018.

        • Soyakutsi,
          Drama Queens like you are past masters at double talk. Do you know why you are struggling to sound too sweet now? Because Anglophones have asserted their authority in front of your bullying and beastiality! Are you not the same woman who routinely told everyone here that Biya is France and France is the UN? The untouchable Biya has rejected discussion about the form of state. You are no longer scaring people about his invincibility, you want to play Mother Teresa. You who call anglophone leaders gangsters somehow want to discuss federation with them. Get off odontol at carrefour de la joie! Invite that hardened bachelor in Germany to carrefour de la joie next time and over him something there!

  20. 100% Kumba Boy

    Strong Presidents visit the battle field but Mr Biya is a coward.His minister of communication says that only a tiny minority of Anglophones want secession .Yet to fight the tiny minority of secessionists the head of state has mobilized the best state of the art weapons ,combat jet bombers ,scud missiles,surface to air missiles,anti aircraft guns,police,gendarmes ,the special forces and the elite forces.All this mobilization is to fight a tiny minority of the Anglophone population.Contrary to government claims that the soldiers are in the Anglophone region to protect civilians,the reality is that the special forces and the elite forces are instead killing unarmed civilians on a daily basis .What a country?Anglophomes are watching to see how far Mr Biya will go in His madness.