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Cameroon removes visa restrictions on CEMAC citizens

Cameroon has removed visa restrictions on the free movement of citizens of the six member states of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC).In a circular to regional delegates, immigration, port and airport official, as well as heads of border posts, police chief, Mbarga Nguele Martin, said the new policy will apply to all citizens from the region without exception.

Under his new directive, citizens from Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad, holding valid national ID cards or passports are no longer subjected to entry visas or exit permits for a staying period not exceeding three months in Cameroon.

The move by Cameroon applies instructions by CEMAC leaders contained in a supplementary Act of June 25, 2013, establishing the free movement of people and goods in the region to the expressed advantage of citizens of those countries.

Before Nguele’s circular, Congo, CAR and Chad, reciprocally exempted Cameroonian citizens from entry visas.


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  1. Cameroon is selling After the Market.

  2. The super men of central Africa, who plunder our resources, kill as much as it is
    necessary etc., to be in power.
    One would have thought that the suits would be made of Gold or perhaps that would
    be won on their dying beds.

  3. There is an interesting development between France and Equatorial Guinea. France has found EG’s vice-president guilty of “biens malacquis” (ill-gotten wealth) and confiscated the luxury hotel in France that belongs to him. Lots of joy for citizens of Equatorial Guinea in particular and Africa in general.

    But the joy is short-lived since the luxury hotel remains on French soil. So some have suggested returning it to Equatorial Guinea. But the recipient is still the Vice President of that country !

    • @John Dinga the Nwa Teacher! I can’t believe you believe in all this politicking and political postouring. Do you even know that all this people have pledged aligience to France through the French mercenery society? It does not matter the judgement it is still French property. Regardless where it is located. They are coststudiants of French teretory in Africa , using a French Currency in Africa called France CFA.