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Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd fires 270 employees

Business in Cameroon | January 15, 2018, Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd has decided to terminate the employment contract of 270 employees for financial reasons.

According to an information note published On January 11, 2018, by Forgwei Alfred Mbeng, the firm’s managing director, the mass firing is in accordance with government’s prescription of a recovery plan for the company. Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd has been facing recurring social discontent. Indeed, from CFA40 billion the company’s turnover plummeted to about CFA3 billion currently.

The managing director explained that on July 19, 2016, following the prescription, the executive board had elaborated a recovery plan which was to be implemented between 2015 and 2017. The said plan includes a social component which is aimed at reducing the number of employees for an adequacy with the normal level of activities of shipyards.

Forgwei Alfred Mbeng also explained that the employees concerned would be notified individually of their termination and of their labor rights. This is under the memorandum of understanding signed by the management and staff representatives on November 28, 2016. “The procedures (signing of the conciliation reports) which will lead to the rights settlement will be finalized at the regional labor directorate in the coastal region from January 18, 2017”, the MD explained.

In the long term, out of the 750 employees currently working at the company, at least 473 employees will be dismissed.

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  1. “Indeed, from CFA40 billion the company’s turnover plummeted to about CFA3 billion currently”. Once Fornjidam was fired and replaced by a crook from LRC that was the final nail on the coffin of, Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd a proud company that was being run under the discipline of a well trained Southern Cameroonians called Fornjidam, who once said Biya should be President for life and later was sentence for life imprisonment by the Biya regime…What must he be thinking now from his shithole prison in Douala? What a shame for this beautiful Country called Cameroon- when it was under a federal system.

    • From an employment policy based on “what you know,” officials changed gears to ” who you know”, convinced that sitting on the bandwagon of the RDPC gave immunity, impunity and all else needed to shine on the lovely blessed hills.

  2. Emergence 2035 is far fetched.We may have to wait for another 100yrs

    • Épée Dipanda

      Please is this the same Chantier Naval which Fornjindam built to the highest heavens and was jailed for his troubles?
      Ok nice, those who replaced him by declining the turnover by 90% have done well nobi so?
      Other countries are making progress evil spirit la Republique wants to die with us…..God forbid we have left the unholy Union.
      Wanda….this is a government facility looking like a Mbu house!!! N

  3. Emergeance plan come 2035 is failing, like others that had succeeded before.

  4. Saashhhhh, see entrance littered with potholes massa. So this dilapidated structure is chantier naval? Wandas!

  5. Where is Issa Tchiroma?Has he been fired?

  6. Biya’ Emergence 2035 vision is focus on the south of Cameroon. This regime is really working to carve out their beti state.
    But I tell u it will not. It is bond to fail woefully.

  7. When I wrote on this same forum some years back that sh*thole LRC can NEVER EVER emerge by 2035, apologists of the Etoudi Junta.insulted me.
    BIYANOMICS has transformed the once bread basket of Africa into a basket case.

    I have now been vindicated 100%.

    As a corollary, the BIYA Higher Education Vision (PB HEV) Computers are now on sale at Kennedy Allee in Yaounde for 55.000 FCFA.

  8. Shut it all down neocolonials and continue denying economic avenues for the youth. The shipping yard for Cameroun is in France per the 1959 neocolonial cooperation treaty between France and Cameroun. Those are jobs for French masters, not for the people of Cameroun.

    Ambazonia is rising with a mandate to lead in sovereign and unhindered industrial development.

  9. Chanter naval looks like a goat house.Just take a look at the building and surrounding. So dirty and road and surrounding full of potholes.Nothing good can come from Paul Biya.What good thing can a betiman do except to eat and broke the pot later.

  10. All The Project Engineering and Construction have been Awarded to Foreign Companies! Why would they need Employees?

  11. Great job,LRP 2035,even 20100,noway.Are these not state owned companies that are supposed to hire more instead are firing,what do they want those little mushroom ones to do what? Do they think of the repercussions on the families of those fired,unemployment increases,radicalization and theft,its a shame on this old dictatorial country with old brain crooked embezzlers running the corridors of power with old fatigue brains.Shame

    • Épée Dipanda

      They are very stupid,
      Laying off workers to go and join Ambazonia defense forces.
      I don’t know who is advising Biya!