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Cameroon to host three pan-African institutions

ADDIS ABABA, April 7 (Xinhua | ) — The African Union (AU) and Cameroon have signed agreements for Cameroon to host three pan-African institutions.

Lejeune Mbella Mbella
The three institutions to be hosted in Yaounde include the Pan African University (PAU) Institute for Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences; the African Monetary Fund (AMF); and the AU Sport Council, according to an AU statement on Saturday.

Sarah Anyang Agbor, AU Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology (HRST), and Lejeune Mbella Mbella, Cameroon’s Minister of External Relations, signed the agreements on Friday in Cameroon.

It has taken over ten years of discussion to adopt the decision establishing the three AU institutions and over five years of negotiations to approve the host agreements, said the statement.

The signing of the agreements is significant as it took place barely a few days after the signing of relevant instruments for establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), said the AU Commissioner.

Cameroon said the agreements demonstrate its firm and unwavering commitment to the Africa integration, by hosting in its territory, the seats of three complementary institutions of the pan-African organization.

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  1. Good move by Cameroon. What about the African Union Drandby Logistics and command Post in Douala Cameroon? Is that still in the works or not ?

  2. Ah ah I thought international institutions had disowned Cameroon and turned outburst country to a paria state and our president to a goner. And some people fighting over women in Maryland think they will ever be able to divide the most blessed country in world and the pride of Africa . Cameroon is too important for the African mind/conscience . You people should wake up before we slaughter you .

  3. Seconded @pinguis don’t mind them.

  4. Elephant project like others.

  5. This is very posative news..The concept originated 5 years ago ,so conditions should be dialogued and relative proceedures taken so theres the same amount of tranquility and progress of 5 years ago.The duel values,facilities and qualified cprofessional citizens of engilsh and common law courts ,plus french and neopoleonic law courts was an obvious plus at that time, as it is now.

  6. .CHINE ?? :28 ministres : pour 1 milliard 450 millions habitants

    INDE ?? : 41 ministres pour 1 milliard 200 millions habitants

    USA ?? : 21 ministres pour 323 millions habitants

    Allemagne ?? : 15 ministres pour 88 millions habitants

    France ?? : 22 ministres pour 67 millions habitants

    Russie ?? : 26 Ministres pour 146,88 millions d’habitants.

    Nigéria ??: 24 Ministres pour 194, 6 millions d’habitants.

    Cameroun ?? : 65 ministres pour 23 million d’habitants.

    Le Cameroun serait-il la première puissance mondiale ministerielle??

    *weeeeh mon pays #le Cameroun c’est vraiment le Cameroun# ??1er

  7. Fat cats and hardened bureaucrats are looking for a place where people do things without accountability. Has Beac, Bicec, not been in Cameroon? Does anyone ignore the financial terrorism that has been going on in these regional and international organizations? Black neocolonialists have been watching as thugs like Pinguiss threaten people to leave Essimi Menye alone , so they are naturally come to get their own.

    • It pains you sha . Ah ah locate the nearest rope and yourself. As long as you live our feet will remain on your necks . Primitive slaves

      • The truth hurts! Cry me rivers! Your long hands will remain in our pockets, that’s why you are at Kondengui!