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Cameroonian migrants sent home

The Libya Observer | The Illegal Immigration Agency in Tripoli announced on Monday the repatriation of 72 illegal immigrants to Cameroon in coordination with the International Organization for Migration.

On its Facebook page, The Agency pointed out that the migrants were sent back to their country via Mitiga international airport.

An African Union official announced earlier the evacuation of some 13,000 African migrants from Libya over the past two months, stressing readiness to continue with the repatriation process, which aims to evacuate around 20 thousand migrants in the near term.

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  1. Emergence -2035 here we come.I doubt what the buffon head of state will say on 11th of feb about the future of youths

    • @sameboy
      what the head of state have to do with your decision to leave the country ? immigration is every where in the world even the most rich country on earth have their population migrating. there are many reasons why people migrate. most peoples leaving the country at the beginning where not poor, because you need money to go to that venture.
      what we need to do is to stop given the impression when we visit our families that we are better outside the country because all that is false. i have a friend in Cameroon that build a nice house by driving Moto taxi . something that most of us outside do not have.

  2. STEGUES,,,,you have made a valid point,but many people will take it for an offense because we have been conditioned through the deficient british and french system of indoctrination called education.to believe that everything must be done by the central system called government.the result is that many of us are convinced that if we are poor.it is because of the government under mvondo biya,s control.but pakistani,indian and chinese travel more than three thousand kilometers to cameroon.rent land in our villages,grow cassava,corn,beans,process to muyondo,flour,etc,and export to aryan cities like paris,london and bruxelles,where it is bought and consumed exclussively by us.enriching themselves in the process,why we complain about lack of good roads.one may then ask,how that is possible

  3. the same roads we complain are impracticable are the same roads chinese,indians and pakistanis use to transport the african food we buy and consume without shame.it is not possible for a country to prosper economically with people whoes dream is to secure a job with the state.what creats riches in a country is industry.for example the transformation of corn,wheat and cassava to finished products like,flour,beer,muyondo,etc.it is in the process of transformation that people are trained,and employed to fuffil different functions involved in the whole chain,from farm to conservation,processing and commercialization.it is money generated in this process that is used to build schools,hospitals,top research laboratories and future industries.does mvondo biya hold us from doing this?

  4. each time mvondo biya travel out of the country.he does not carry land in the plane holding us from cultivating it till his return.he does not hold rain from falling to water our crops.if it was to be the case,then we can simply irrigate.

    • @ bah acho
      You are the man i really appreciate your comment we need many people like you to changE our country and society. I GIVE SHEIAZZZ WITH A GLASS OF PALM WINE !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kikikikiki, Ni Bah….Hope you never get kidnapped by Manyu Tigers—they’ll make you dig yam with your finger nails…

    • @Bah Acho you made my day.