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Violences sécessionnistes : Amnesty épingle soldats et séparatistes

APAnews | Un nouveau rapport d’Amnesty International, publié mardi et portant sur l’escalade de violence « meurtrière » dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun, épingle les forces de sécurité et les séparatistes armés qui, particulièrement, ont tué 44 soldats et attaqué 42 écoles.

« Dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun (sud-ouest et nord-ouest), des séparatistes armés ont tué des militaires par balle ou à l’arme blanche, incendié des écoles et agressé des enseignants, et les forces de sécurité ont infligé des actes de torture, tiré sur des foules et détruit des villages, dans une spirale de violence de plus en plus meurtrière », a déclaré l’équipe Afrique centrale et occidentale d’Amnesty International lors d’une conférence de presse tenue à Dakar.

Le rapport, intitulé « Une tournure tragique : Violence et atteintes aux droits humains dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun », note que les forces de sécurité ont détruit des villages et torturé au moins 23 personnes, dont des mineurs, pour leur extorquer des « aveux ».

L’ONG des droits humains montre également que « la population subit les plus lourdes conséquences de l’escalade de la violence dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et le Sud-Ouest », celle-ci étant surtout caractérisée par des « homicides aveugles et des déplacements de grande ampleur ».

La méthodologie de cette enquête repose sur des « entretiens approfondis avec plus de 150 victimes et témoins, ainsi que sur des preuves matérielles, notamment des images satellites », a expliqué Ilaria Allegrozzi, chargée du Lac Thcad dans Amnesty.

Malgré l’accablement des résultats de cette enquête, « le président Paul Biya (du Cameroun) nous (Amnesty) a reçus et s’est dit réceptif à nos conclusions. Nous espérons de ce fait que les recommandations formulées dans ce rapport seront prises en considération », a soutenu, pour sa part, la directrice adjointe du bureau régional d’Amnesty International pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest et l’Afrique centrale, Samira Daoud.

Pour rappel, la violence et les troubles ont connu une escalade à la « fin de 2016 », à la suite d’une série de grèves et de manifestations contre ce que des enseignants, des avocats et des étudiants considéraient comme de « nouvelles discriminations à l’égard des anglophones », souligne Amnesty.

C’est ainsi, poursuit l’ONG, qu’entre le 22 septembre et le 1er octobre 2017, des manifestations de grande ampleur ont été organisées dans les régions anglophones afin de proclamer symboliquement l’indépendance d’un nouvel État, appelé Ambazonie.

Les régions anglophones du Cameroun, à savoir le Sud-Ouest et le Nord-Ouest, représentent environ 20 % de la population du pays. Nombre de leurs revendications remontent au début des années 1960, période à laquelle ces régions ont été intégrées à la République du Cameroun récemment créée, à majorité francophone.

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  1. The final chapter on Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war will surely be written at the ICC

    The evidence of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity is overwhelming. It is credible and compelling.

    • @MVOMEKA
      I don’t know who you are but if a Chief Propaganda Officer of your rank cannot read and understand a report, it is a shame. For your information, Separatists and the army are equally blamed in this report. I understand that you are disappointed because you thought this AI’report will help you in collecting more fake evidences of the so-called genocide of “anglophones”.

      • Dictator Biya is the President and Commander in Chief.
        He, therefore, bears individual and superior command responsibility for the crimes by his terrorist soldiers.

        Who will you drag before the ICC from the side of the separatists?????
        Ayuk Tabe or Agbor Balla.

        Yes, the separatists have also committed crimes.
        However, they are covered by the RIGHT OF SELF-DEFENCE
        LRC terrorists left their country, crossed the river mungo and committed the above-mentioned crimes
        The separatists are simply defending themselves against foreign aggression.
        You can therefore not compare the position Dictator Biya and people defending themselves using any means available.


      • The Separatists of Kosovo killed serbian police and soldiers.
        However, in the end Dictator Milosevic was dragged before the ICC . The separatists exercised their RIGHT OF SELF-DEFENCE.
        Serbian soldiers left their country and started killing people in Kosovo. The people of Kosovo had the right to defend themselves, family members and properties using any means available.

        The RIGHT OF SELF-DEFENCE is recognized inthe UN Charter and in International law.

        Dictator Biya file at the ICC has therefore ben updated

  2. The GOC should not care about this rubbish.
    This is a neocolonial tool of destabilization towards small countries.
    The restoration of peace should be the motto for the GOC.
    When contrives such as USA and its mignons will abide by these reports, we will have a look at them.
    Ask yourself: who are the financiers behind this organization?
    The Soros of the world?

    • Restoration of what? When did you start negotiating with terrorists? Neocolonial tools of destabilization like the two war planes a small country received from the US!

  3. Truth versus Alternative Truth.
    Cameroonians are toying with the truth. Especially those at the top who fail to realize that beyond national institutions there are supranational ones as well. And so they focus exclusively on the national ones which can be twisted to serve poorly disguised aims.

    And so it is convenient to arrest a citizen from one region of the country, transfer him for trial and imprisonment in another. No questions asked. Even in the latter jurisdiction, conviction is based on considering “different behavior” as “deviant behavior” and slamming the victim 15 years in jail.

    Similarly, it is convenient to equate “separation” to “secession” and paint its advocate in the blackest possible coloration, even as “BREXIT” a similar process goes under the radar, no eyebrows

    • raised. An American ambassador was publicly ridiculed and villified by persons for venturing to suggest to a vision considered unacceptable to those who put on the aura of infallibility, the same ones who would accept French nationals meddling in their internal affairs in Finance, Defence, Foreign Affairs,etc.

      access to membership in the Commonwealth of Nations was made possible thanks to the minority English-speaking population, today being sidelined in the very Commonwealth ! The pattern is so recurrent and so clear for even the blind to see – introduction of multiparty politics against all the kumbayas, inception of a GCE Board, today emasculated by the Ministry of Education.

      Such things are possible where those who fought against independence lord it over those who fought for it.

    • As long as Cameroon is a sovereign state, criminals are subject to the laws adopted by the legislature. Behold, Mbah Ndam, a legal guru from the NW was one of the principal brains behind the Law on Terrorism… and Mbah Ndam was in charge of propagating that law! These are things many people do not even know!

      Warlock, the US abducts people in faraway countries… people who are not even US citizens; charges them on the basis of the US law, and imprisons them in Guantanamo. Some even get extra-judicial executions… while others are killed and disposed of in the sea.

      • Subhuman niggers are the quickest to compare their heartless actions of enslaving their kind to the cruelty of the rest of the world just to excuse their dark souls. The shocking thing is that this pompous hypocrite calls himself a Rasta! What a shocking disgrace! Bob Marley will surely die of heart attack associating his belief system of love and kindness to this animal. Keep spinning and defending every single torture. The Amba fighters have learned and understand they are on their own and must fight back to save lives. Yesterday they brought alcohol and mirrors to get you sell your people. Today they are giving you weapons to kill your people and guarantee them access to your resources. We will use the same weapons to whip sense into your heads. Consumers and followers.

  4. Biya is to LRC same as Ikome Sako and Chris Anu is to Ambasonia.Both sides love their people and their country.No side has monopoly of kidnap and murder.The war continues, until the occupational forces of LRC leave the UN trust territory of SC.LRC has no document to show that their fight in SC is legitimate or legal.They are neither there as a colonial power,nor as an annexaxionist gov’t.To make it worse, they have no treaty of union with SC to brandish to the international community why they are in war in the UN trust territory.All they have to say is that:”we were one during German Cameroon,it is The British and the French that came and seperated us”….ha ha ha ha ha…Thank God they are accepting that the British and the French have already seperated us…

  5. These are the types of cheap prostitutes that would not let one breath while at Amnesty International.

  6. Nemo dat quod non habet ( you annot give what you do not have). Samuel Eto’o Fils has never really had anything to do with Anglophones other than playing football and being admired and praised. Naturally, going to the Anglophone zone during these troubled times, Ms. Nalova Lyonga has had to invite him and initiate him for “the mission”. She surely needs image cleansing for herself and on a larger scale, the government she serves. It is all about interests, isn’t it?

    The question is how will it look like if Samuel Eto’o Fils were to appear in Buea or Bamenda escorted by a convoy of armed military men( his personal security must be guaranteed!)?

    You be the judge.