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Des indépendantistes enlèvent un sous-préfet

APAnews | Le sous-préfet de la localité camerounaise de Batibo (Nord-Ouest), Marcel Namata Diteng, a été enlevé dimanche par des activistes présumés de la sécession des régions anglophones du pays, alors qu’il présidait le défilé de la 52ème édition de la Fête nationale de la jeunesse, a appris APA de sources concordantes.

Peu avant la parade civile, apprend-on, des hommes armés, sans qu’on puisse en préciser le nombre, ont fait irruption à la place des fêtes de cette petite ville, tirant des coups de feu en l’air et fonçant vers leur principale cible, qui dans une ambiance de panique générale, a été conduite à un lieu inconnu.

Les recherches, lancées à la suite de ce rapt spectaculaire, ont juste permis de retrouver le véhicule de service du sous-préfet de Batibo à quelques kilomètres du lieu de son kidnapping, un acte qui n’avait pas été revendiqué jusqu’en milieu d’après-midi.

Pas très loin de là, cette fois dans la région anglophone du Sud-Ouest et quelques heures plus tôt, l’on apprenait que trois éléments de la gendarmerie aveint été tués par de présumés séparatistes à Kembong, autre chaudron des activistes de la république autoproclamée d’Ambazonie.

Lesdits activistes avaient, quelques jours avant, par voie de tracts et sur les réseaux sociaux, décrété le boycott de la Fête nationale de la jeunesse en zone anglophone, menaçant de représailles quiconque tenterait de violer ledit mot d’ordre.

A la suite de ces menaces le ministre en charge de la Défense, Joseph Beti Assomo a, depuis vendredi dernier, instruit des «dispositions spéciales de sécurité» aux services compétents.

Suite auxdites instructions le gouverneur de la région du Nord-Ouest, Adolphe Lélé Lafrique, a instauré dès le lendemain un couvre-feu d’une semaine, éventuellement renouvelable dans son unité de commandement interdisant les mouvements des personnes et des biens de 20 heures à 6 heures du matin, de même que la circulation des motocyclettes et la fermeture des débits des boissons, des snack-bars et des boîtes de nuit.

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  1. This is a mistake from the ambazombians.
    What are they going to do with him?
    Kill him = strategic mistake as that will give the GOC a reason to go even harder on tracking down these viruses.
    This is a blunder if they intend to use him as a bargaining chip.
    This fight will be long but at the end this virus will be defeated and “conquered”
    Unfortunate innocent lives will be lost with a generation from those areas lost.


      They will trade him for all the Ambazonians captured! Best NEWS I’ve heard all day !!! Kikikikikikiki, soon all the prefecteurs will be scared to venture into a foreign territory ! Biya for one is not welcome in those two provinces so it’s safe to say he’s not in charge of Southern Cameroon. Masa this news sweet me pass! Hahaha

    • Vaoicomputers

      Hahaha….Sweet news.More colonial administrators to be captured!!

    • Vaoicomputers

      Mr @Mpabbe,i am surprise by your partiality.I thought the score line now is 1-1 following this brilliant kidnapping.

      • #Ambazonia Gov’t will not dialogue with Terrorist Cameroon Gov’t anymore again because H.E .Ayuk .J.Tabe asked for dialogue but Terrorist Cameroon Gov’t kidnapped

    • Mpabbe, i will personally wish to inform u that do unto others what u expect them to do you. So it is only LRC that can kidnapped Ambazonians? If that is your your mind set then you have failed.Remember that DO’S are colonial administrators imposed on Ambazonians by LRC.tHEIR DAYS ARE NUMBER IN OUR LAND. Go tell your french people that we do not need foreigners ruling us anymore.
      we have a prison for them now and shall be treating them same as our people are treated in foreign land -Yaounde prisons.
      Very good mbappe,that is just the beginning. more tigers are in the field and Biya should wake up from his collapsing bed and live longer to see Ambazonian nation. If he dies, then God will punish him for not living longer to see us celebrating our victory as a nation.

    • my friend how many people has this particular colonial adm killed also? An eye for an eye.Those who leave by the sword die by the sword. If his hands were clean such things will not follow him.

  2. W have seen this movie before to no avail.
    Corsica, Northern Ireland, Catalonia,casamance, …..
    There will never be an “ambazombian” state.

    • New Caledonia…

    • Indulge me the opportunity to impress on your confounded mind that your knowledge of history appears to be very selective. Otherwise, you left out The Democratic Republic of Timor Leste (East Timor), the Republic of South Sudan and the State of Eritrea, amongst others.


      Did you forget South Sudan and others ? Is it selective memory or Dementia ? Either one you still remain one of the most stupid people on this forum !

      • And who are you?
        A nobody and a simpleton.

        Get lost

        • @ Mbappe, Don’t worry yourself arguing with these so called Ambazonians. They reason with their asses. South Sudan was separated from Sudan by Americans because of their oil and not because they fought off the Sudanese gov’t. If they can’t counter your argument they start calling you names like Biya supporter, French Slave, illiterate and even call Anglophones who don’t support their madness Francophones. Real signs of losers. They are a bunch of losers who will soon be eradicated. Nobody in the world likes them. They were refused as slaves by the British Queen, the Nigerian gov’t wants nothing to do with them, the U.N and the African Union doesn’t recognize them. All they have achieved is destroy their own villages and prevent some kids from going to school in their own villages.

    • Yes, but all of them today have autonomy status. That is what is also wanted for Southern Cameroon.

      • @ Sam, there is no such thing as Southern Cameroon. This was fabricated by the British and our destiny cannot be determined by white people. We were and are Cameroonians before the whites divided us. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery my friend.

  3. I want to seize this opportunity to congratulate those who did the very good job. Thanks for taking out those terrorists la republique soldiers and the SDO. We would have wanted you to take out more of them but we are grateful of the number you were able to stop. We now have less la republique terrorists to deal with. You have proved once again that you are great men. When the history our great country Southern Cameroons will be written, you will occupy a privileged place. We will use you as our heroes and models.
    Thanks again and remain blessed and strong

  4. John evil runs in your blood. I see why you want your people to be killed. Let the blood come back to your family

    • Épée Dipanda

      First the blood will choke and drown you and your for failing to see what is going on here.
      Remember the objectives of the Trusteeship Territory:
      1-Prepare the Terriotory (Ambazonia) for self rule or
      2- Prepare the Territory for independence.
      This is a signed document at the UN. Let me ask you….which of the two points above do Southern Cameroonians benefit from today?
      It is clear to all that the rapt did not take place in Yaoundé. This looks like self defense to me.
      Anyone who believes that they can defeat people fighting for their identity is a f00l in need of an education.

  5. ANGLO on Anglo crime lmao nothing here to see. The ambashitnian doing what they know best ,that is terrorizing their own people . Meanwhile the state should go ham and bring him back to civilization. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson tho those anglos who were supporting the ambashitnians at the beginning, the people they are going to kill, maim, harm,kidnap are you and only you . It is now crystal clear who are the real criminals, in as much as you might hate the state, the ambashitnian have killed more Cameroonian than the state has ever had ,the have killed more so called marginalized anglofools than the so called francofools oppressors . In the end come rain or sun there will never b secession

    • You keep on counting on the state and the military thinking that they will easily win a was that was avoidable, look at where we are now, before you and your masters arrogantly declared war you thought you had the best military in the world, even the UK that manufacturers Arms could not stop Ireland and northern Ireland what more of a small indebted country like Cameroun fighting two wars, some of you guys were so blind and naive to have thought that Southern Cameroons was going to be colonized by La Republic du Cameroun for ever, Shame on you all supporters of this primitive regime, the founding fathers voted for a two state system, they agreed a change of name so the new nation was going to be independent and live happily, look at what greed has let us to, you can’t force a people.

      • La Republic du Cameroun is a disgrace to Africa, your arrogant brothers thought it was going to be an easy crackdown, but this time around the people are more determined to take back control of their country from crooks and they’ll have it, very soon the same stupid people thinking that the military will do the job for them will start blaming France and Great Britain for separating Cameroon.

      • Monkey keep quiet you keep using :”was” like you are independent or something . Lmao what have you ? Go and secede I thought that was your end goal or bottom line . You primitive beasts of no lineage will be smoked . And Cameroon will forever remain one

  6. “the situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

    Biya is indeed from another planet



  7. @ Bakossi

    nothing will changed , Now the world will know we are not dealing with terrorist organisation .

    it is a huge mistake , lets wait i see .

  8. people- if we spend time calling the guys in the NWP and SWP revolting against a failed government terrorist, how should we call ministers stealing billions of cameroonian money?..High class terrorist?..
    Do you know how many people die every day because of lack of good roads and hospitals..?..
    Imagine all those cahs stolen by these ministers was used to build hospitals and roads, it will serve the lives of thousands of cameroonians kill every day…
    So please lets first of kill terrorist like MENDO ZE, ABA ABAh, health minister, Defence Minsiter etc etc before talking of the Freedom fighters …
    Am i wrong ?..

    • @ Biko Nobody is calling people from the NWP and SWP terrorists. There is a majority of anglophones who have and want nothing to do with the so called secessionists or Ambazonians. The Ambazonians are the ones called terrorists as they are destroying infrastructures , preventing kids from going to school and killing law enforcement officers. These are acts of terrorism. The majority of Anglophones are against marginalization by the Biya regime and want a different way to solve the problem not by acts of terrorism.

      • @ bobjazz, No body in the world likes them, then you should be supporting their plight to seperate.

        • @ BJ. To separate from what? Our destiny cannot be determined by a white man’s creation. God created us as Cameroonians before the British fabricated Southern Cameroon for their national interest. We can’t go back to that as God brought us back together. God is our creator not the white man.

        • Épée Dipanda

          Your so-called German Kamerun is a creation of who? Fang Beti?
          No European creation is greater than any other. German Kamerun has no greater claim to fame than British Cameroon.

      • Let me tell you something u don’t know or remind u of what u already know,.. Every Anglophone is Amazonian to the core. They may just be indifferent because they still have lucrative contracts with LRC which they are afraid to lose. But they will eventually
        lose them.

        • @ Man no Run. Keep on dreaming about your Ambazonia republic. I am an anglophone and the majority of us want nothing to do with your slave mentality. As I said before our destiny cannot be determined by a white man’s creation. There was no such thing as Southern Cameroon. This was fabricated by the whites for their national interest and we will not go back to that.

  9. @ biko

    do you know the definition of terrorist ?

    • @BAMENDABOY: yes sir i know the definition of a terrorist ..
      Here we go :A terrorist is a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
      So if you steal millions of Euros and hide in the western banks and many are being killed in cameroon because of bad roads,lack of hospitals, drugs and infrastructure, then the minister, president and his Gang should be considered terrorist..
      They are engaged in an unlawful act that is causing the deaths of many cameroonians..
      Is this true or false?..
      To be honest Biya and his ministers are the killers and the most dreadful terrorist in the history of cameroon…

  10. Remember that he is from Ndian division and a SWstener. Let anything happen to him. You know you can’t even try so keep inviting the military in your home. He will be alive

  11. The people of West Cameroon go to bed today knowing tomorrow is not guarantee because once the republican army comes to your village everyone becomes target practice.
    For the young men with no way out they know they will be killed wether they fight back or not.
    Some have decided to die fighting than to die for nothing.
    Last January during negotiations with the level headed Agbor Balla the government abducted him and charged him with terrorism and treason.
    Today the boys in the park know if Balla who was negotiating with the government ended in Ngata! Ayuk in a different country in Ngata then what will happen to them? Execution for Sure!
    When people have no where to go they fight back if not they die.
    This is all because the government imposed French on the people in West Cameroon.

    • @ Lum, Then the Ambazonians should stop their acts of terrorism. The majority of the people of West Cameroon don’t support acts of terrorism implemented by these so called Ambazonians. There is an election coming up this year. We can join our Francophone brothers and sisters to form one strong opposition like the SDF was formed years ago and defeat Biya and his French masters. We can then sit down and sort out our differences like the Rwandans did after being deceived by France to kill each other. We don’t need any Rwanda type war in the 21st century. Please don’t let uncivilized leaders take us through the wrong path.

      • @ bobjazz, Sometimes it takes a revolution to set a new course. Most Cameroonians East of the Mongo believes that Biya is a horrible leader, the question is, What are they doing about it ? We can’t just sit and wait forever & hope someone else is going to resolve the problem, or Biya is going to die & a new/better leader will take over & steer the country towards a positive direction.

        • @ BJ, Can you tell me what you have achieved in your so called revolution apart of destabilizing the anglophone areas? While Biya is enjoying himself celebrating his 85th birthday, Ambazonians are destroying infrastructures and preventing kids from going to school in the anglophone areas. Who is the loser here? Do you think Biya cares if you destroy our schools? If you are bold enough take the fight to Mvomeka where he comes from instead of destroying the economy and infrastructures in the anglophone areas. The same people you claim to be fighting for are the same people you are destroying. This is why this your nonsense will never succeed. Very soon the anglophones will get tired of this your madness and revolt against you.

  12. Lum you are complicit of murder but you don’t want to fight but leading others to. People like us were wise and cautioun the use of a South American flag that doesn’t look anything like my region. You led this on us. You cannot raise a flag in a country that doesn’t exist yet. You made people to believe in independence which you will not realized. Just a matter of time the population will be against you. Sit and contribute $50 while your leaders consume it.

    • Your Manu yi red Pima. With your mop like pima for horse. Death to you and your entire generation sellout traitor. I pray them cut that DO yi neck from behind like them do Sam Soya.

      • I don’t expect anything good from you but the blood wasted by Satan like you will revisit your family in 10 folds. Judgement day is coming but you should test pain first.

      • Mr President.

        Thank you Bakossi,

        Sam soya did not deserve to be slaughtered. He was shot in October and then slaughtered in february. May his soul and many others continue to rest in peace. My kid sister was taken out of her room and she is a student. Molested and now she is suffering. I can’t keep on saying. The government will regret.

        It is really getting ugly. I am worried.

  13. It is sad that in the 21st century humans should turn down debate, turn down dialogue and settle for this.
    Yet, in spite of its own share of agony, the Church is better placed at this point to provide a way out if only the belligerents could eat humble pie and prostrate before the clerics.

    Or perhaps Britain and France can feel the moral obligation to revisit history/ memory lane and make up for past errors? If the worse comes to the worst, Her Majesty’s government can do for the people of Southern Cameroons what she courageously did by wrenching Kuweit out of the fangs of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq as well as the Falkland Islands out of the grip of Argentina’s General Galtieri before pulling herself out of an inconvenient European Union.

    • OMG!!!

    • Pa John, What about the correction of the partition of Cameroon to the French and the English when Germany was defeated.

      • If that is your own contribution to resolve the crisis, why address it to me? My views did not infer or specifically mention you!

        • I just wanted to correct your short-sightedness that would have misled some good anglophones as you Ambazonians have been doing so far.

        • @bobjazz
          Good one.
          Amen to your retort


    They will trade him for all the Ambazonians captured! Best NEWS I’ve heard all day !!! Kikikikikikiki, soon all the prefecteurs will be scared to venture into a foreign territory ! Biya for one is not welcome in those two provinces so it’s safe to say he’s not in charge of Southern Cameroon. Masa this news sweet me pass! Hahaha


      kikikiki your mami pima

      it will be worse than that , have you heard the government complain nope

    • @ Kodack, That guy kidnapped is an Anglophone. Do you think Biya cares? You keep on attacking the people you claim you want to liberate instead of attacking Biya in Mvomeka. Do you think Biya cares when you burn down schools in Mamfe? Typical sign of weakness by Ambazonians.

    • The suspicion is the so-called kidnapped SDO is in “cohoot” with the ambazozos.

  15. This is the time to visit the black book and start getting them one after the other,
    wherever, they may be.
    To run for everyone, will not send a clear message.
    Wake up boys, this is time for self defense. And remember, there is no need for hostages.
    Diaspora, your backup is highly needed at this time. Ground zero needs that now more
    than ever before.

  16. Liberation Prophet

    The said SDO has been shot dead. End of story. Amba Tigers are on their way to Buea, Bamenda and Victoria.

  17. With such news where gendaarmes, civilian personals are knifed and gunned down, I consider president BIYA has failed the nation as commander in chief.
    War has been declared on the country. You cannot play gentle.
    To make an omelette, you have to crack some eggs open.
    The military has to go hard and I say very hard to bring a sense of security to the populace of those affected areas.
    First: need good intelligence
    Second: adopt the Israel dogma: if a member of a family is guilty in any assassination, the whole family should be arrested and their house destroyed. Guilt by association
    The layer has proven very effective in Palestine.
    Extreme call for extreme

    • .. the later has proven very effective…

    • Mr President.


      It is very Embarrassing to see you reason like a baby. You are not indifferent from the government. You underestimate the intelligence that the people of SC have. This is a new era. I can assure you that 90% of this military you want them to use force have not been properly trained. We have retired military people fighting as tigers or whatsoever and also defected ones on the other side. This is what the government does not see from the start. Brenda’s father came out of his dementia and said the situation is calm. His level of ignorance and negligence is unacceptable.
      The military can only molest and beat up civilians. They are not up to the task. Dialogue is the only way forward. You cannot win a war against your own people.

      I left.

    • MBAPPE:- if its that easy, why is this revolt lasting that long?..Isnt it shameful for us the next generation after Biya to really support war?..When Israel do this to palestinians, you support cameroonians should do it to their brothers and sisters?..Its very shameful to even think of this as a solution to our problems. Do you know that we have many mix-families../ewondo. and NWP,or Littoral, swp?…Why are you really against dialogue?..Do you really love cameroon?..You like to see your country destroyed?..You like to see your people being displaced by war?..You like to see military men being killed?..Then what next?..you believe there will be peace after?..Have you thought of the displaced innocent people? if you love cameroon then gather money and help them come back. Lets be responsibl

      • The problem here is not the content of what that miserable dust mite wrote; we already know that the Betis are an inferior subset of the human race which is why they still practice cannibalism to this day.
        The actual problem is that people like you continue to fail to realize this fact to the point of addressing them as your “brothers and sisters.”
        What the hell is wrong with some of you for crying out loud?
        How many more of your grandmothers have to be burned alive in their homes, or brothers be carved out into chunks of beef, before it dawns on you that you have been ascribing human qualities to animals?
        During the French Revolution, one time pacifists like Maximilian Robespear became insatiable in their thirst for human blood largely in part because of the naivety of folks like you.

  18. My people,lets not rejoice here.with the helicopters circling Bamenda,the hightened security in every nooks and crannies of Ambazonia,an anglophone DO is taken hostage in broad day light.

    Something is definitely not right here.i do smell a setup from the colonialist lrc.lrc is definitely up to something.talk of giving a dog a bad name to hang it.
    Please lets call our people back home and tell them to be on high alert.

  19. Ambazonia Gov’t will not dialogue with Terrorist Cameroon Gov’t anymore again because H.E .Ayuk .J.Tabe asked for dialogue but Terrorist Cameroon Gov’t kidnapped

  20. It is not surprising, that when one writes something opposing lrc, it will be withdrawn
    but when it concerns the killings, destruction of whole villages, disappearances etc., in
    the NW / SW, it is allowed. What makes the posts of scums like pinguiss, mbappe, ras tuge
    etc very credible concerning what is happening in cameroon as we write?
    What has brought the destruction of the country that is supposed to be an eldorado, even to
    those countries around, is good to be condemned by all and sundry. Hatred, is not the solution
    or the foundation, to a nations building.
    But it is not late, to accept truth and curse the root curses of the problems.