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Cameroun : le palais de l’Assemblée nationale en cendres [+vidéo]

APAnews | Le palais de l’Assemblée nationale du Cameroun, sis au quartier Ngao Ekellé à Yaoundé, la capitale, a été complètement réduit en cendres jeudi, vers 23 heures (heure locale), après un incendie qui s’y est déclaré un peu plus de 4 heures plus tôt, a constaté APA sur place.

Sur les lieux, où près de 400 curieux s’étaient agglutinés, sous le regard suspicieux de gendarmes en faction et alors qu’aucune origine n’était avancée, les sapeurs-pompiers sont arrivés plus de 2 heures après le début du sinistre.

Selon un responsable des sapeurs-pompiers sur place, interrogé par APA, la puissance des flammes était tellement importante qu’il a fallu faire appel aux services de la Société des dépôts pétroliers (SCDP) pour espérer sauver quelques reliques.

On rappelle que l’Assemblée nationale du Cameroun est, depuis mardi, réunie en session ordinaire consacrée à l’examen de la Loi de finances pour 2018, dans un contexte marqué, depuis plus d’un an, par la crise anglophone qui, en deux semaines, s’est soldée par la mort de quatre éléments des forces de défense et de sécurité.

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  1. Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc cuckoo

  2. This is real madness! It just doesn’t make sense any more. And when it does not make sense, it is not true!

    • To set a building ablaze in Bamenda and impute the arson to Southern Cameroon separatists is one thing; to do the same in Yaounde is stretching credulity to its utmost limit.
      Whatever the case, hopefully, the Head of State can now come down to human form, prostrate and call for a national day of prayer and forgiveness.

      • Would it be wiser to wait for the facts first, before assigning responsibility? Someone said below, it is a job by the Ambazonia Defense Forces, you indirectly accuse the government. Lets see what it will be

        • @ Nyamfuka… The facts are going to come from where? Who? Tchoroma? lol

        • @ et, It doesn’t matter where the facts come from. It may come as a self-made video of the Ambazo ADF setting the building ablaze or it could be Tchiroma saying it was an electrical fault. Heck, it could even be the famous “thunder fire you” parliament. All I was saying is that it would be wise to await the facts before going into overdrive assigning blame or celebrating it as a triumph.

  3. Hope mbappe and his mom are there to extinct the fire. Next stop etoudi.ca sort comme ca sort.

  4. Let us see what Tchiroma will say. I’m waiting to see who the culprit will be. ” Southern Cameroons terrorists”?

  5. The ADF is truly doing a fine job. Strike the enemy where it matters most. Those parliamentarians feeding on the blood of > 200 fallen Ambazonians must stop pretending to be representing us. Next stop Senate then Etoudi.

    And in another news, Paul Biya Junior’s featured twice on the final ENAM list. This is not the corrupt country we can be part of.

  6. Ambazonia Amba

    Iook this sampier pompier dem way if na for 20 may dem de show show and do fantastic all kind manoeuvres but small fire so all dem don poom sotay di grass house don finish.

    No wonder their army to de see farmers their rubber gun, remme their walking stick and people dem their cutlass for chapiah say na weapon for mass destruction.
    Chai if I hear any pim from my francophone neighbours the way I go crack their head. Total cowards.

  7. Key Statement is : les sapeurs-pompiers sont arrivés plus de 2 heures après le début du sinistre. So in the Capital city of cameroon , There is no Fire station within 30 minute of The National Assymbly?

  8. Original Black Bantu

    Sadly interesting. I still can’t see the real face of this fire; is it
    – Dissimulative fire?
    – Destructive fire?
    – Provocative fire?
    – Intentional fire?
    – or simply an hazardous fire?

    Not good to rejoice over a loss if it is one.

  9. So how does this help? Anyway lets wait till we hear details. It may have been caused by an electrical fault..

    But on the flip side the emergency response in the capital city has been badly exposed. How many fire fighting trucks were on site to fight the fire? And thats the capital

  10. No fire department around such an inportant building, 2 hours before one could arrive? We really have some mentality problem or misplaces priorities .Maybe we wait for clarification but the fact that no structures or policy was put in place for suh eventualities is unthinkable. Maybe I share the opinion of an observer who said that we should be proactive and not reactive. The Ministry of Defence is just a stone throw from that building. It is sad vexing to live through this experience in this century.

  11. Human Rights Watch describes the crimes in Anglophone Cameroon as “ethnic cleansing,” war crimes & crimes against humanity

    A conclusive report brandishing the highest level of Paul Biya’s leadership solely responsible for creating and coordinating the government’s failed counterinsurgency policy in anglophone regions of Cameroon, which deliberately and systematically targeted civilians in violation of international law. Human Rights Watch has described the crimes in Anglophone regions as “ethnic cleansing,” war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

    These gruesome crimes constitute genocide as these actions were carried out with the “intent to destroy in whole or in part an ethnic groups (anglophones) an element of the crime of

    • The ICC prosecutor requested arrest warrant for Paul Biya on 10 November, 2017, has caused Cameroon government officials to make implicit and explicit threats of retaliation by pouring their angers and frustrations in closing down major Catholic hospitals in Anglophone regions putting the villagers of Njinikom and the priest in crossfire, cracking down on Anglophone farmers by looting their precious items and money from their homes, rapping their wives and daughters, forcefully taking their farm tools at gun points claiming to be weapons of war, intentionally killing their own gendarmes and innocent anglophone civilians after dressing them with gendarme uniforms to blame it on Ambazonians.

    • Cameroon government forces have totally gone wild on their terrorism rampage of arresting youths of school ages and locked them up in abandoned dirty school classrooms with no light, no water and no toilets as new detention centers. They are terrorizing the entire Ambazonian territory that has been under siege now for 56 years. Mr. Rene Sadi was immediately dispatched to Abuja again in another desperate attempt to block president Buhari from formally recognizing Ambazonia new state after the first attempt failed to stop Buhari. When news of Paul Biya’s arrest warrant by ICC broke, communication minister lashes out and accusing the international community of trying to divide Cameroon

      Issa Tchiroma must have been awarded doctorate degree in fabricating lies by his evil dictator.

    • He is completely allergic to the truth about what is happening in Southern Cameroons. Issa Tchiroma told the international community that after the indictment of our President Paul Biya, we can’t be responsible for the well-being of foreign NGOs like Amnesty International and other human rights organisations in Cameroon.

      The Biya’s government is obliged to maintain security in the country and the Security Council should act decisively to hold them to it. Yaounde should not be allowed to use the arrest warrant as a pretext for stepping up its obstructionist policies that have hobbled proper investigation and humanitarian efforts in North West and South West regions. The government of Cameroon is required by the Security Council resolution to facilitate cooperation with the ICC.

      • Mon ami AG il faut parfois épargner les gens des informations de “beignetariat”.

        • So why are you burning all evidences? What are you afraid of?

        • USA Africa,
          You are now straneously trying to modify your diction , instead of continuing to use Southern Cameroons. Twist it as you like, Southern Cameroons was an entity with laws, house of chiefs, common language which was English. It is French Cameroon which is an ethnic with its anthem, currency, language all coming from France.

      • What a piece of baloney! No such report exists. And by the way, anglophones are not an ethnic group. Man go see all kind tin for this forum…habaiii

        • @ Nyamfuka, According to them Anglophone Cameroon is a British ethnic group that was formed in Cameroon called Southern Cameroon. Shame no di catch these stupid Africans my brother even for 21st century.

        • Educated fools. Perhaps there’s a special English ethnic group in Cameroon!!!!!

        • @Bobjazz I tell you ma broda.

    • Under international law, Cameroon remains obligated to protect its own civilians and to provide full, safe, and unhindered access by relief personnel to those in need in North west and South west regions. The arrest warrant does not change these obligations.

      Yaounde is required to cooperate with the court because the ICC has no police force of its own, it needs strong support from governments to ensure that all those charged with crimes are arrested.

  12. Les terrorrists!

  13. A great strategic approach, I’m chuffed at the ANC styled institutional warfare. Whoever is responsible is not my cup of tea here; my job is just to scratch off the items from my list. One down a few more to go.

  14. Sparrow Hawk

    Well done. I don’t care what or who is responsible. But I’m pleased with this development. I expect more of such strategically important buildings of la republique to be burned down. Stupid government. I was in Cameroon 2 weeks ago and was treated like an outcast in my own country. Biya’s end is getting closer. May all the anglophone parliamentarians quit. May the Holy Ghost fire hit hard on all structures or institutions helping LRC to assimilate SC.

  15. Vaiocomputers

    What happened to all those fire fighters truck normally seen parading the 20th may celebration march past.This country eehhhh.35 yrs of outright thievery

  16. The Ministry of Finance, and other strategic ones regularly see arson attacks, so why should the parliamentarians who equally share in the looting not take the cue. Apologize stud of the statusquo and Biya’s lapdogs would be waxing strong had they heard a School was burnt down in the anglophone regions. They would have been competing in ostentation to come up with words like terrorists, cowards to brand those responsible. Now they are strange mute , or waiting for the Holt spirit to provide them with answers. In La Republique, those kondenguiable thugs who burn down strategic buildings to conceal their nefarious activities are never terrorists! Even financial terrorists like Yves Michel Fotso, Marafa, Essimi Menye, are angels to their party comrades!

  17. The god`s, are not to blame.

  18. Another golden opportunity for Tchiroma to shout “SECESSIONISTS” ( the right word is SEPARATISTS ).
    That notwithstanding the FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be found this time around come rain come shine.

  19. This is no occasion for joy. It is inhuman to wish such a tragedy on a people.No, no and no!
    Even if enemies find themselves in one public transport vehicle, they must not wish for an accident to topple the vehicle. We are still very much together until we part ways.

    However, sad events of this type should provide ample room for reflection and introspection. At least one foreign observer has remarked that Cameroon is better off with strong institutions than strong men.The fire departments of Cameroon need strengthening!

    Too many decreed strong men to handle weak institutions is not helping the nation as a whole.

  20. Yet ANOTHER issued discussed in the 4th Conclave manifesting itself! Keep on celebrating… clueless termites claiming such royal insanity; oblivious of the horrific implications that this madness has on you!!! Keep on provoking the wrath of the nation. Eventually, we shall reach that much anticipated critical juncture… and when it arrives, the fire will be unstoppable.

    The vultures are dancing as they wait for the Great Slaughter, ayahoya!

    • ‘issue’

    • Ras, if that is what you want, we are waiting.

    • You are such a delusional creep! So, you think that this fire was caused by Southern Cameroonians? I think you have been given more ‘thought processing’ credit than you deserve.
      This fire was probably caused by ill-managed and maintained electrical work. But people like yourself and the trained parrot (Tchiroma) will look for the easy route out by pinning it on Southern Cameroonians. God’s not dead! He’ll keep exposing creeps like you. This is National Assembly building in 2017. The first fire fighters showed up two hours later! They have transformed all the fire trucks into war equipment and have deployed them to Southern Cameroons. See how hilarious this God is? Your type will never see that. He will keep exposing your inhumanity for the world to see….

      • **This is a National Assembly building in 2017

      • You are the queen of creeps, my dear! Your elements are claiming and celebrating the royal arson in this report… but you refuse to moralize them… and you chose to flirt with I-Man!

        We are aware of the declarations that were made by Christopher Anu… and he will be arrested. Puigdemont is facing justice today in Belgium after the EU arrest warrant was respected. You insane leaders will be face justice.

        • As I said before, we have truly, been giving you more credit than you deserve. Puigdemont is a European citizen in Europe, so any warrant served within the EU will be honored.
          Whatever happened to your “galant soldiers”? Where were they to take care of the faulty electrical work. When was the last time they did routine maintenance work on the building?
          Like I said before, God is not dead and he will continue to expose all of you delusional creeps.
          You must be so sore that God is taking over this battle. Southern Cameroons will be liberated and God will execute judgment on creeps like you and Tchiroma who celebrate the killings of women and children.
          FYI….How do you know Cris Anu is Cameroonian? Last time I checked, Camerounese were not allowed to hold dual nationalities….
          Go figure.

        • Queen of creeps, your validation means absolutely nothing for I-Man.

          Christopher Anu is the biggest of the criminals among the insane vandals of your rasclaaat nation of termites. He will be hunted down and brought to justice. Whether or not Christopher Anu is Cameroonian is immaterial at this point in time. His declarations are being manifested in the most horrific manner, and he has to answer for the tragic events. Each of those criminals will be judged individually… there will be nothing like collective responsibility.

          Puigdemont escaped to Belgium, thinking he would escape from justice. Belgium, justice has finally tracked him down!

          Keep on burning… More fire!!!!

        • “Queen”??
          Talking to you is like talking to a trained parrot.
          You keep repeating the same thing in different ways.
          Delusional wannabe Rastafarian creep….
          It’s a waste of time talking to you.
          Now, go and damage some more brain cells with “weed”.