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Cameroun needs CFAf560b to pay off 2018 domestic debt

APAnews | Cameroon’s Public Treasury is expected to pay 560 billion CFA francs in 2018 to cover its domestic debt, according to figures released by the Autonomous Amortization Fund (CAA), which manages the state’s public debt.

The figures were set in 2017, as a prelude to the 2018 Finance Act, which has been in force since January 1.

Out of the 560 billion CFA francs needed to clear domestic debt, CAA pointed out last year that 300 billion CFA francs of issues of government bonds, and 260 billion CFA francs of bank loans, could contribute to solve the problem.

According to sources, Cameroon’s domestic debt in 2016, which was 402.9 billion CFA francs, according to the Autonomous Fund for Investment, grew in volume as the government faced adverse economic conditions in 2016 and 2017, due to lower prices for oil and other raw materials exported.

In his New Year address to the nation on December 31, Cameroon’s President Paul Biya declared that the settlement of the domestic debt was one of the priorities of the state during the 2018 fiscal year.

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  1. Part of the amount to service this debt, is used in fighting a senseless internal war
    against the same people, who ought to have helped in contributing to pay it.
    Poor governance and how are they going to emerge in 2035? Laughter.
    Only francofools, know that biya will pay all the debt from internal sources and even
    have a surplus.
    Instead of planning how to kick him away come the elections, we shall see the `relay
    race a la to the polls, for his re- election. What a brainwashed people.

  2. And the Fcfa 76 Billion that was borrowed to buy 32 Gig. Notebooks is basically part of this. Some very foolish politicians killing a country and it’s progeny slowly but steadily. Ambaland must break away from this thieving filth.

    • Hold it!!!!!!
      Did Higher Education Minister, Jacques Fame Ndongo not say it was a gift from the Head of State? Why should it feature in the nation’s budget?????????????????

      • Definitely Dr. Especially when the University of Bamenda, Buea, Paul Biya Stadium., political appointments and the air Cameroonians breathe are all qualified as gift from the president.

  3. That’s always a priority but Nevertheless it has never been taken seriously by the Absentee Landlord. He would prefer to spend that money on a private trip to Swiss than pay off public debt.

  4. **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    I have been reliably informed by my source at the PRC that:

    1. Ene Sadi and two Ministers
    2. 2. Akere Muna
    3. 3. The UN Deputy Secretary General
    4. A nagerian delegation
    Are now negotiating with the IP and company for the resolution of the impasse. The basis for the negotiation is the ROOT CAUSE OF THE ANGLOPHONE QUESTION.

    That is the reason why:

    1. The GOC
    2. The UN
    3. AU
    4. Nigeria

    Have all remained silent.

    • Cameroon might still remain “one and indivisible” if Biya accepts recognises the ROOT CAUSE of the problem and accepts to correct it.
      Failure to do so, the UN will supervise a referendum.

      As a reminder, the ROOT CAUSE is not decentralisation, Commission on Bilingualism or translating the OHADA TEXT.

      The ROOT CAUSE is the UN-envisioned federal union code named, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, made up of two states of equal status, i.e. Southern Cameroons, and la Republique du Cameroun, as defined in UNGA Resolution 1608 of April, 21, 1961 was NEVER implemented.

    • Thanks pal, for the updates.

      Here now lies the real challenge of patriotism to explore a way to a just and peaceful resolution of a problem that dispenses with arms, condescension, hubris, intimidation in the presence of a third party that guarantees fair play and equity.

  5. Firebrand Mvomeka,
    There are theee things one can come away from your allusion to negotiations. The first is that some drama queens have finally come down from their high moral pedestal and reluctantly embracing all the free adivice and coxing we have been giving them, to resolve this issue amicably and to do so by eating their pride and going in for secret negotiations. The second point is that La Republique’s supreme leader really has a knack for dishing out cash to terrorists. Everytime that there’s a way to score a fleeting political victory, then there’s always money available to cow the terrorists. Finally, since the Fon of Fons refused entertaining any talk about the form of state, they must be discussing about Chantal’s Afro in Nigeria, and doing so with terrorists!

    • @Firefighter
      Do not forget that in the absence of regular classes, the school children and students will most probably try their hands at informal courses such as visiting the Internet and websites like this. It is therefore worth the effort to offer them correct spellings, syntax, vocabulary etc. It is not a luxury to read over, believe me; you will be doing one important patriotic duty without realizing. Thus “three things”…”and reluctantly embraced…” etc

      Otherwise, let me say “good job” for your many helpful tips, updates, searching questions, rebuttals etc that can assist decision-makers in need of useful ideas which have some how kept the great warriors at bay.

    • Where is this one coming from? I thought you were among those arrested?

      So now you want to dialogue for a 2 states federation?

      Amnesia go do man ndon for here…

      • Small Bami refugee spy, keep introducing yourself into anything I say and wish me ill will, but when I come after you, you weep and tear your hair off. Any mention of two state federation above? Oversabi, you know me fine!

        • Kikikiki,

          now that the game is almost over, let us now advise Anglo youths to massively register for upcoming elections, especially parliamentary. If we give Ni above 90% in parliamentary in SW/NW, parliament shall know no respite until all regions can take care of their own business. Hence no need for canons.

          What is your take?…

        • Enlisting in the electoral register is just another strategy for the battle whose ultimate aim must surely be separation from these group of people whose approach to nation building is at antipodes with ours.
          I heard someone on Equinoxe, a CPDM member saying SDF had no right to demand that the anglophone problem be discussed in Parliament.
          How do you stay in the same country with people who hold the belief that the President alone determines the date of elections?
          We must all vote, yes but it is to better chart our separate paths to development and happiness.
          Ambazonia must be free

  6. **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    The new ACTING Interim President of SC has been appointed.

    He is Barrister Hamony Bobga. He will lead the revolution till further notice.


    If the new acting IP is abducted another person from the 8 million Southern Cameroonians will take his place.


    • …..UNTIL further notice

    • For the records,

      The acting IP, Barrister Bobga, is more radical than the abducted IP Ayuk Tabe

      • Maitre Bobga – Biodata

        1. He is a renowned human right lawyer and President of the NW Bar Association
        2. He was the writer of the memorandum that gave Biya 6 months to resolve the lawyers problems or else
        3. He was one of the founding fathers of the Consortium
        4. He was placed on position one of LRC list of MVP ( Most Valuable Prisoner). However, he escaped through Donga-Mantung to Nigeria and finally to the US.
        5. He is a hardliner and very allergic to the word DECENTRALISATION
        6. He was awarded a Dr. h.c. by his peers because of his immense contributions in unmasking the dirty tricks of LRC