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Cameroun : un 4ème soldat assassiné dans les régions anglophones

APA-Yaoundé (Cameroun) – Le soldat de 2ème classe Yaya Emmanuel a été retrouvé égorgé vendredi dans la localité camerounaise d’Akwen (Sud-Ouest), une zone en proie depuis quelques semaines à une vague d’agressions visant les forces de sécurité et attribuée aux activistes de la sécession des régions anglophones du pays, a appris APA de sources sécuritaires.

Le militaire, dont l’arme de service est par ailleurs portée disparue et qui était d’astreinte, aurait brièvement quitté son poste de garde pour assouvir un besoin naturel lorsqu’il a été surpris par des assaillants.

Yaya Emmanuel est le 4ème homme en tenue éliminé en zone anglophone depuis une semaine.

Évoquant, vendredi soir, au cours d’un point de presse, «l’escalade terroriste que connaissent à nouveau les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest» le ministre de la Communication et porte-parole du gouvernement, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, a affirmé que ces actes avaient été revendiqués par des «terroristes se réclamant du mouvement sécessionniste connu sous le nom de ‘’Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front’’» (SCACUF).

Selon lui, «les sécessionnistes», dont deux ont déjà été abattus et cinq blessés, au cours des ratissages organisés pour retrouver les assassins terroristes qui «viennent de déclarer la guerre à la République».

Dans la foulée, six dangereux suspects, porteurs au moment de leur interpellation de 12 minutions de 7,62 millimètres et qui s’apprêtaient à franchir la frontière en direction du Nigeria, ont été interpellés.

«Notre pays fait bel et bien face à une entreprise terroriste», a-t-il martelé, non sans constater que l’assassinant de soldats n’a plus rien à voir avec la nécessaire expression d’une vue ou d’une opinion, fût-elle contraire à celle d’autres citoyens, mais qui participe toujours de l’indispensable dialogue pour la construction d’un avenir commun et d’un vivre ensemble immuable.

Face à «la tournure terroriste et manifestement anti-républicaine» que prend la situation dans le Nord-Ouest et le Sud-Ouest, Issa Tchiroma Bakary a déclaré que le gouvernement avait d’ores et déjà pris toute sa responsabilité pour le rétablissement du maintien de l’ordre dans ces régions.

«Il s’agit là d’un préalable et d’un impératif incompressible et non-négociable, sur lequel aucune transaction ne sera autorisée, au nom du devoir régalien qui incombe à tout État, pour la sauvegarde des personnes, la protection des biens et la préservation de notre intégrité territoriale.»


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  1. It is so painful to see armchair journalism occupy center stage simply because of press muzzling and censorship.

    One minute the report talks of an officer drowning in Mamfe and the next minute the same death is reported as a decapitation. Who stands to gain from such murky reporting?

  2. FrenchPrivate Yaya Emmanuel was found dead on Friday in the Cameroonian town of Akwen (South-West), a zone that has been rife for weeks with a wave of attacks on security forces and attributed to secessionist activists. English-speaking regions of the country, learned APA from safe sources.
    The soldier, whose service weapon is also missing and was on call, briefly left his guard post to satisfy a natural need when he was surprised by the attackers.
    Yaya Emmanuel is the 4th man in uniform eliminated in the English zone for a week

  3. Ras Metuge and Agbor Pinguiss have been relentlessly beating the drum of war, egging on the military. Instead of advising restraint and a pull back and pull out, they are absolutely ok with the military occupying residential areas, and engaging in running battles with the population. This is a recipe for disaster as military men are exposed and the population is at the mercy of blood thirsty thugs. If the military doesn’t disentangle itself form the population and a killing spree ensures , those responsible should know the dangers they and their handlers are exposed to as far as international law is concerned. Also, dropping military men into the furnace of popular revolt is sending them to their early graves. Think of their families and see whether it’s worth it!

    • Don’t you think you pay too much attention to empty vessels? And yet our folklore admonishes ignoring after recognizing them. Of course RasTuge has no morals, no principle…just weird childish instincts carried to old age. When a person is prepared to put his dubious Francophone linkage to ruin a much clearer and discernible Anglophone one, you understand what nature of character you are toying with.

      • Cognitive dissonance may allow the ancient retard to reconcile the fact that his delusion is proving to be moving the nation forward when it is actually having a hazardous consequence on children! You and your heinous gang of depraved impostors and vandals have been chanting war from dusk to dawn on this forum… and suddenly you are scared… and you speak of morals! What a pity.

        ‘Put his dubious Francophone linkage to ruin a MUCH CLEARER and discernible ANGLOPHONE one’!!!! Wow… this is coming from an individual that is supposed to be an African in his twilight years!!! What an empty vessel… after all these decades spent in this world?!! Well, old man, I am neither Anglophone nor Francophone. You will die in misery for you’ve wasted your time on earth. What a shame!

        • “ A curfew is not enough, proclaim Martial Law and TAKE IT FROM THERE. ..Those that had become comfortable with the ‘ days of strike’ will now have to adjust to the exercise of power by the state. This is not intended to be comfortable in any form; and the masses must experience something unprecedented”. “ Thus , the ultimate remedy to this madness is military, if the state must impose its authority, period! You might not like it , but that is what I , the political man declares to the nation “. 1. Ras Metuge, you incitation to violence is now well documented for all to see. 2. When tens of people were gunned down from helicopter gunships and other methods, you never prescribed any ultimate remedy. 3. Your declaration to the nation is noted!

        • Rasclaaat Fruitcake,

          You have suddenly become a man of virtue overnight! What happened to you? What has changed? Have you become better? Are you a better man now?

          Now listen, quote I-MAN from dusk to dawn. I stand by my words with authority. If I was in charge, trust me man, there will be no more dialogue. You want no peace, you reject dialogue, you ridicule the spirits of the land, and you urge people to attack soldiers of the state. So, you may have to face whatever outcome you begged for. No, don’t stop the madness… you fellows should continue provoking the wrath of the nation, and expect miracles. You must authenticate your claim to violence, vandalism, and terror!

          We know what happened in Nigeria recently. All what was declared by Sesekoko, Anyangwe, and Christopher Anu is Known.

        • Ras Metuge,
          I knew you will bark madly when the mirror is placed in front of you to have a look at your weed induced rants! I have not changed a bit, i’m still 100 % against French slaves rampaging our land. But I want you to be man enough and own your words, their effects and results. Don’t rant about gendarmes being killed as you heartily egg them on to go on a killing spree! You the political man, we have heard your call to the nation! Your call to kill has been heard loud and clear political one , so we have to directly hold you responsible for inciting genocide! If others are doing same, good and fine. When your weed tantrums will clear up and their orders to kill too, then we know those who will face the music. Keep in mind that you can be held to account!

        • Vaiocomputers

          You dis negro..u di only lost more points when u reply that man.The man don already wash you clean with raw chemicals..kikiki
          Hope you learn to be quiet before taking on someone who does not recognize your existence but it is difficult to do so especially when smoking weed is your daily consumption.It is extremely hard to put forward any cohesive arguements.

        • Firefighter,

          ” i’m still 100 % against French slaves rampaging our land”, good that you’ve now replaced Francophone with French. Good sign already.

          My therapy is beginning to yield some fruits, at last…

  4. Original Black Bantu

    UN is waiting for 40000 poor soul to be used as scapegoats to justify their evil actions. Where do you think they are going to get them if nothing is done locally to push them out? stupidity has become our daily meal and we are so proud of it; what a horrible curse!

    As I said about year ago when none was hurt yet, if you take innocent sheeps to the butcher don’t think that you will go away with clean hands. Some people have been talking about Jesus and God; please don’t fool yourselves, it’s all about luciferian plan. All those who have died have simply been sacrificed to satan. There is nothing ahead of these actions except more blood and suffering. Thousands are now full of hatred they don’t know that have become ready (fast/takeaway) food for demons. Clean your eyes will be cleaned.

    • Original Black Bantu

      Last sentence:
      Clean your heart and your eyes will also be cleaned as such, you will be able to see the reality and have communion with the truth.

      • @ OBB thank you bros. Tell them. I don talk tire.

        There is nothing ahead of these actions except more blood and suffering. Thousands are now full of hatred they don’t know that they have become ready (fast/takeaway) food for demons. Clean your heart and your eyes will also be cleaned as such, you will be able to see the reality and have communion with the truth.

        Amen OBB

  5. Remember that “those who live by violence will die by violence”

  6. If the militery have been killing the population on instruction from the gov’t,then the population have no choice other than diffending themselves.Are we surprised why some military men are aledged to have been killed by the population? just asking the bakossi anglophone boy…[email protected] Tuge…

    • Continue killing the soldiers! I know you are in a joyous mood. This is a clear indication that allegations that you misled fellows have been attacking the soldiers with weapons are very true. Obviously, the elements of Akwanga and Ayaba Cho whom you celebrated are doing the job, and not the poor civilians upon whom you are struggling to put them blame. I was wondering why a helicopter would be mobilized!

      • RASCLAAT COON Smelly Junky of an idiot passing as ARATA Tuge,

        Any colonial army that follow our people to their sanctuary to unleash brutality MUST not come out alive! This shall continue until all the French colonial vestiges including your talkative head are purged out of AMBAZONIA! Homeland or Dead. Block by block, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, jangi house by jangi house.

        • Hail the crabby little dwarf with magical powers! He’s gotten so carried away by illusionist banality that all he does is make corny jokes, and plagiarizing my style! You are beneath I-Man… I just lift up my right leg and you are Esuba, you check?

          Keep on puffing that weak chest, and torturing that delusional head of THE savage peabrain, as you toss around insanity. Your misled brothers are being crucified, and all you do is bluff your way into insanity.

          It is so clear that your spiritually intoxicated folks have been shooting at the soldiers all along! So no need for your rather perverted publicity.

          Midget, we don’t want you around the SW.

        • Ras Metuge,
          This was your Milles Collines moment, beating your chest about being a politician and egging in the army to kill. The famous Congolese warlord who gave such diktats is facing the music at the ICJ now. Politicians like you are always held to account, and you will one day regret those words you uttered out. Asking soldiers to go into residential areas to use strong arm methods and then coming here to taunt the victims of those methods will not go unpunished for ever. Mark my words! You are out for anglophone blood and we must take your declaration to the nation as a politician seriously! Your call to the nation is explicit and must be documented.

        • aGee i really wonder were you guys are from , cause anyone who has family in south west will never pray for this. If Boko Haram didnt make it , its not this your ashaopikinthem who Will. People who will suffer are those who never asked anyone to fight for them. You really think you can kill soldiers and go free?

        • RASCLAAT COON Arata Tuge dog in a leash!

          You don’t have a style because you an eternal impostor. An Ethiopian cum Jamaican wannabe. Confused, lost and relegated to the abyss of a trash can. Self defense is a human right and we will embrace it by any means necessary. Almost 200 civilian lives have been wasted and you keep encouraging your thugs in uninform to start with Marshall law and enforce the genocide. Idiot. What happened to the international warrant anyway? Issuing a warrant to rearrest folks like Akwanga that you have been on your radar for the past 15 years is foolishness at its peak. A man who cannot defend his house is of no use. That’s why we shall drop the terrorists anytime they move a muscle to encroach us. Long live ADF, block by block we shall reclaim all the acres.

        • @Uhmmm pays

          Screw your big face. You hear me?!! Tell your army to leave us alone and they might be safe. Over 200 murdered in cold blood and you stick your big face to pin a drowned soldier and the rest murdered by your Forchive tactics on us? If we do we won’t even regret it. Sympathizing for the SW and don’t give a damn about the NW burning as we speak no he so? There’s unspeakable brutality your brothers in military gears are committing in Muyuka, Munyenge, Lebialem, Kumbo and Bamenda as we speak. Yet you come here to cry 4 soldiers. You should be thankful little pig. We will purge all of you out of our territories this time around.

        • aGee,

          we are CMR, despite all, but watch out your language on brutality.

          No tok later sey no man no bin signal you…

  7. Gov’nt made a gesture of appeasement when it released Balla and co. It was not enough but it was a goodwill gesture. Those who understand the foundations of political dialogue would recognize that as an opportunity that needed to be seized upon. Unfortunately, extremists and selfish so-called anglophones misread it as sign of weakness and escalated the situation. Today we are worse off. People are dying. Anglophones are confused. Ranting and throwing insults on each other on social media. Political illiterates are slowly leading many anglophones into pain and death. I hear some singing genocide over a few deaths. Brace yourselves. It will get worse.

    • Why wasn’t it enough after the promise of a broad based dialogue? Why carry out goodwill gestures knowing they will not be enough in such a charged environment? Brace yourselves for many years of legal pain after you make things worse. The 200 people who died before the dead of the first gendarme were not killed by anglophone political illiterates!

      • Why do you pose questions that make you appear naive? Goodwill gestures are the building blocks of conflict resolution. They are often not enough on their own but are used by smart people to work towards the attainment of a resolution. The UN and other mediators use this approach all the time, even in the bloodiest of conflicts. e.g a ceasefire is often not enough to resolve a conflict, but is a starting point. But the political babies in SCACUF don’t seem to know what they are doing. Look at the confusion, the lack of strategy, the complete lack of realpolitik. Are we better off than we were 1 year ago? Your strategy has only brought death, destruction and suffering to the very people you claim to defend. But realistic anglos are waking up. We will not follow u on that destructive path.

        • @ Nyanfuka, Thank you bros. Enlighten these mad people. I am tired of trying.

      • The naive one is you! When the UN engages in preliminary moves in conflict resolution, it is serious about the enormity of the problem and honest about its approach and the results it wants to archive. Do you arrest 100 lead Ras of a mov’t, then you release 50 and starting harping about goodwill measures? Do you release part of the leadership and sends out trucks of soldiers under the cover of darkness to go engage in running battles with unarmed people. Your accusations are of no importance, as Scacuf never killed 200 people. You and your masters did! Talk about realistic Bamilekes who failed to wake up when they were confronted with the same scenario. You and your kin and kith ran! You and your masters promised dialogue, but all you have done is kill more than 200 people. Small Bami!

        • You are obviously clueless about conflict resolution. Let me explain again. When adversaries in a war agree to a seize fire, the conflict is not resolved. Issues like prisoners of war, and even the fundamental reason that sparked the conflict still persist. But the ceasefire is a first move of incremental steps towards resolving the conflict. Similarly, the release of Balla and co presented such an opportunity. But you and your extremist buffoons lack the shrewdness for constructive conflict resolution. Why are you wailing about 200 deaths? Keep up the calls for war.Thousands more will die because of your idiocy. My identity is irrelevant. When you run out of arguments to explain why you sent out anglos to be massacred, you resort to childish second-guessing identities on anonymous forum

        • You are so great at conflict resolution , but you can’t explain how you would release Balla and also send truck loads of soldiers to residential areas in anglophone regions. Had they not been breaking down doors, pulling out young men, how would a single gendarme put himself in harm’s way? When you will have enough shrewdness in your veins, you will understand that confidence building measures in conflict resolution mean being honest with yourselves. Why has Balla not played the magic for you? Instead of releasing all the leaders , you put your selfish reasons ahead. Thousands will be killed by your beastiality and you will be held accountable for sure. Where is your president for a year? Conflict resolution my foot!

        • You have run out of ideas. Sit down and be schooled. For all the worthless gibberish you spew here, you are yet to name a single achievement your so-called struggle has had apart from the hundreds of people whose deaths you have occasioned. You and your scacuf morons are egotistic charlatans who have made a bad situation worse because of their myopic view of things. Many opportunities for constructive dialogue have been made by gov’nt. The release of prisoners, Commission on Bilingualism, numerous delegations to the SW/NW. Were these perfect? NO. But they were acts of goodwill. They were opportunities that could have been built upon. Where is the goodwill gesture from you and your extremist baboons? You don’t want compromise but yap about dialogue ad nauseum. The war you wanted is here..

        • When you finish schooling your pathetic self, then you will qualify to school others! When the strike started the people green lighting the killing were against those complaining about the francophonization of anglophone education. Somehow creating a bilingual commission and putting them at the head is a conflict resolution effort to a slow learner like you! Don’t worry too much about “ my” struggle, spend your energy on getting it correct that releasing Agbor Balla and leaving the more popular Leader behind was stupidity with comedic proportions on your part. You are the one naming failed and pretentious peace overtures from your side. When you will be ready for inclusive dialogue, then you will come down from your pedestal. I’m surprised a refugee like you want to make peace with baboons

        • Bami, refugee..blah blah blah. As I expected, apart from rehashing well-worn platitudes, you cannot cite a single achievement apart from the death and destruction of a people you claim to defend. You cannot cite a single thing you extremist dimwits have done to constructively resolve the conflict. Your uncompromising strategy has caused untold suffering to a people you claim to defend. Your window is closing and you know it…that is why you threaten and brutalize anglos in order to enforce your warped ideas. If your ideas were so popular you would not need to threaten or brutalize anyone. Loosers!

  8. Death is a loss. It is painful. The death of four gendarmes today as well as the deaths of hundreds of civilians over the past weeks are painful. Does it make sense grieving over the latter but glossing over the former?

    • Ops!
      …grieving over the former but glossing over the latter?

      • JD, if your comment is directed at me, I am in no way glossing over any death. it is painful to see young Cameroonians die because of ill-conceived selfish political ambitions. Unfortunately the path that is being taken by the extremists in SCACUF will lead to more loss of life. We know it…they know it. But they don’t care. Because they are “safe” abroad.

        • When you will finish explaining the killing of civilians, then come let’s talk about Scacuf. You yourself you are writing from abroad and you have been out since the 1990s. The strike had little to do with politics at the beginning, but your masters wanted to shut the leaders of the mov’t up and forcefully dragged them to prison. Keep fooling yourself that branding Scacuf extremists is some novelty! Those who shot and killed 200 people are angels to you!

        • More senseless drivel from a clueless extremist. Is that your best shot? Try again. You and your ilk have plunged anglophones into death and misery for the past months and have nothing to show for it. Nothing..Zilch..nada. How is your balance sheet? Death, amputations, destruction of property. You extremists are using threats and violence to command obedience to your hopeless fallacy. Now you have resorted to one-day ghost towns. Is that how you will “march to Buea”? Pitiful! The ground is shifting fast under your feet. We, rational anglos will chart a new path that puts the lives, the future and safety of anglophones first and constructively resolve this problem.

        • Nyamfuka,

          no mind the monsters dem…..families dem di cam die for SW/NW forsika sey dem dong have enough of di whole wahala, but eske kriss pipol dem for BUSH dem no go sorry even their own pipol?….after all, their own families dem dey all for BUSH…

        • —but eske kriss pipol dem for BUSH dem go sorry even their own pipol?—

        • As long as Anglophones are killed by you and your masters, you are not going to claim someone pushed you to do so! The balance sheet is deaths, amputations, committed by you! You will not kill your way out of this, you know it! Any there’s a lot of miscalculation on your part about the people you are up against! Your president is a bush faller and has not bat an eye as his men go on killing!

  9. Zam Zam,
    If you have recovered from the meltdown and you are angling for more, come on directly on me! You have been tiptoeing around because you know you have no part to play in this conflict. Your people have no power in Cameroon. You have been given the posts of Senate leader and Cpdm boss. Those are posts for you to clap and dance for your masters. You have been showing off Nintcheu here, forgetting that he is at our service. It is because you are a shameless small hungry crumb eater that you are cosying up to the same people who inflicted the worst beat down on you and your kin. You have been living in Germany since the 1990s, and you know nothing about Cameroon! I laughed to sleep when an economic and political refugee like you called people cowards!

    • Firefighter,

      I have understood you ever since. Your fight is not an Anglo one, but the zeal to see many Francophones as possible dead. You alone know the genesis of such phobia.

      Read your mentor and see how he’s always very cautious to mix up things, but can you ever learn?

      That Bami and Germany stuff simply proves that when you run out of arguments you begin to
      tergiversate and make yourself look more stupid than before.

      There was a time here when many forumites were really impressed about some of your write-ups, and it encouraged you to slap dictionaries open to bring out substance. But you’ve have used your own hands to kill that intellect in preference for hate.

      Nyamfuka has also noticed it, and he has indirectly hinted you.

      But eske ova trong go ever gree mek man pickn learn?…

  10. —very cautious not to mix up things,—

    • Zam Zam,
      You only get what you give in return. I have been a sponsor of Boko Haram, Fru Ndi has been my master, though you are infatuated about Nintcheu who work under him, now Ayuk Tabe is my master. I am a terrorist, coward. All of these come out of your mouth. You have made direct threats to me , telling me I shouldn’t think i’m hiding. When a gendarme was killed, the first person you thought of linking to it and throwing under the bus was me. Just look at the tactics you use, and you turn it back on your victime du jour. This is what Trump has been doing a n Obama, but let me put you on notice that I’m not Obama. I’ll defend myself and I will make you to regret ever entertaining those nasty tricks against me. Your new attempt at impersonation has fallen flat.

      • Which tricks? It still baffles me up to this day that you have not yet grasped that I love my country and I will always hold my grounds on what I think is right for my country. I might be wrong in some aspects, but I would never connive to destroy CMR, over my body. When you hear things like I am tribe-less, you surely still believe that it is a trick simply cos you can’t comprehend that there are still some folks out there who love CMR, despite all…

        • Ok, since you love your country and you erroneously think you can expose and run me, keep coming! You are the one who cry when I hammer you. Read the names you call me again above, I don’t weep about them , I just keep sticking it back to you. By the way I don’t owe you anything. I was born in Cameroon and have the right to say what I like about her. You Cosy up to me, follow any of my utterances , but you cry when hit. That conniving slippery tactics will not pass with me. There are many contributors here, but it seems envy has got the best of you, and you even want to dictate to me what I should write. Your love of Cameroon doesn’t depend on me, fly with your own wings. Put up your own write ups, don’t watch out for others to do so and you come in with invectives. You should be a man!

        • Who wants to dictate to whom on what to do or say? I know you’re mixing up things by thinking that when one tells you to curb ur tribe innuendoes it is an invitation to silence you.

          You hate me cos I have refused to be SCNC or anti-LRC.

          Is there any man in here who is free in his thoughts/write-ups than I am?

          I would rather be a woman than be a demolition man—it is even impossible to be a demolition man when the intellect has attained a certain level.

          If you don’t want your write-ups to be read and challenged/appreciated, why write?…