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Commonwealth secretary general on visit to Cameroon

APAnews | The Secretary General of the Commonwealth Patricia Scotland arrived in Yaoundé on Friday evening for a five-day working visit to Cameroon, during which she will try to give fresh impetus to efforts aimed at defusing the crisis in the English-speaking regions in the North West and Southwest.

She is also scheduled to meet with President Paul Biya and Prime Minister Philemon Yang, as well as members of the government, opposition party leaders and representatives of civil society.

Upon touching the Cameroonian soil, the Commonwealth scribe said she was very “impatient” to get to know in Cameroon and its population, but especially to discuss concrete means by which the Commonwealth can support Cameroon’s efforts to take up the urgent challenges it faces.”

And one of these challenges, she pointed out include the explosive situation in the English-speaking regions, where the claims of lawyers and teachers have turned into violent call for secession from the rest of Cameroon.

A month ago, Patricia Scotland called for peace, unity and non-violence in Cameroon, saying she was “particularly concerned about what is happening in the southern regions of the country.”

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth had urged the Cameroonian government and all other stakeholders to use constructive dialogue to settle crisis and to end the violence on the ground.

Last Thursday, security sources confirmed violent clashes between elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), an elite military unit, and English-speaking separatists, who are reported to hold a rear base in neighboring Nigeria. Over 10 people among the separatist were reported killed in the clashes.

The same sources also said that several weapons and propaganda items were seized in the hands of secessionists, including 26 shotguns, several ammunition, a laptop, communications equipment and T-shirts in the colors of the “Ambazonian defense forces”.

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  1. The visit is a NON-EVENT.

    The Commonwealth did not suspend LRC after the genocide

    • le bon pistache

      Which genocide are u talking about ?

      • Redirect your question to Paul Adolf Hitler Biya since he masterminded the genocide.

    • they should go away and leave us with our problems … double edge bastards !!!!! common wealth my AZZ

  2. This visit is a sham. With or without common wealth we will fight and liberate ourself from this parasite… Longlive Ambaland

  3. she should Teach them how spread development across the country and stop the one sided investment strategy. Where is road linking North west and South west, Where is the Airport in English Cameroon, Where is the Bamenda Ring Road? what Happened to all public Institutions of Southern Cameroon , like Banks, Development Cooperatives , Coffee marketing board etc

    • @ korak , rethink

      who cares about her, shes just a piece of shit.

      ambasonia has burned school, rape children , kill innocent people, law enforcement, and trying to

      change the history of Cameroon in the name of la Republic of Cameroon.

  4. The best thing this good-looking and probably nice lady could do is to take a few steps down memory lane and find out what the stakes were at the time Emeka Anyaokwu admitted Cameroon into the Commonwealth of Nations.

    Then she can compare what she sees now with what was envisaged then. Fair enough?

  5. Visit is a non event if Patricia Scotland fails to meet with all stake holders including those fierce opponents christened “terrorists” by Yaounde. This widening dispute will have to be negotiated the same way that the British Government sat down in talks with the IRA in order to bring peace to Northern Ireland.

    • MD unfortunately your Ayuk Seseko is not recognized as the Anglophone leader by most of us Anglophones. Agbor Balla who started this protest peacefully about the marginalization of Anglophone Cameroonians which was supported by both Anglophones and Francophones is the one most of us recognize as leader. He is brave and still in Cameroon and has faced the consequences and not hiding in a foreign country instigating violence and destroying our schools and infrastructures like the terrorist Ayuk Sesseko.

  6. She will fall in the same trap as the UN secretary General, and the lion emperor will
    continue his carnage on the dogs.
    She is as good as him in as much as the Anglophone crisis has been and so it is not
    a welcome visit, afterall.
    Ask jamaicans, and they will tell you, how their PM, spat out this same Commonwealth
    like something with a bad taste. And the Queen, was taken aback.

    • Queen was taken aback!!!!???? Jamaica remains tight in the Commonwealth, and rasclaaat Elizabeth II is comfortably at the throne of the Monarchy of Jamaica… and as Jamaica’s benefactor, she still officially retains the title ‘Queen of Jamaica’! What are you talking about?

      The Commonwealth emissary will visit the so-called Anglophones who still shamelessly look up to the rasclaaat queen of England. Obviously, the Ambavumbi adventurers of Ambazombi termite nation have all vanished into cyberspace… but life must go on.

      • GDP of Jamaica $4800. Many PMs since 1960.
        GDP of Cameroon $1380. Only 2 leaders!

        Who is in front?

        • Do not delve into issues you know absolutely nothing about. What statistical/financial institution did you get these ridiculous figures from? State the source and state the year.

        • RaT Tuge,

          The statistics came from the same source you are using it’s interface to post your gibberish – the internet. You suffer from a terrible complex junky. Bwoy you get ecstatic once the name of Jamaica is pronounced yet can’t lift your head stuck in th French butt. Amabazonia will continue setting the freedom precedent from which you can learn silly coon. Your mighty BIRs have been reduced to nothing by the brave Amba people. We will Fund the resistance by hitting the $100M mark and you will realize we don’t need boots on the ground to free Ambaland before purging you out. Y’all asked for it, you too I’ll get it this time.

        • Barbados, a country with no resources but tourism and a pop of 270,000 has a GDP of 4.6 Billion USD and a GDP per capita of $16,000. Here LRC with pop of 22 Million and a GDP of 24.2 billion USD, a GDP per capita of $1034 . Yet you are all fighting to secure your economic servitude to France. Folks like you need help in finding real economic independence. Ambaland is free already. The rest will follow.

  7. Ras Tugg….like u stated ur own facts with sources.Common wealth and UN are toothless bull dogs and have nothing to offer

  8. Hey druggy Ras Metuge,
    You promised us Biya would put an end to The French Empire in Africa, where are you with that? Biya is still a French lapdog , right? So why are you mad at others for costing up to the Queen? Does weed make you to see double?

  9. ..,cosying up to…

  10. she shouldnt just end in yde,let her visit the problem zone rather than staying in yde where big time lies telling medalist Issa tchoroma will say the military has never killed.Let her go to mamfe and see the atrocities meted on innocent ,unarmed Southern Cameroonians.Helping to solve a problem,shouldnt be out of the problem zone,visit the zone,hear from those on the ground than listening to the lies the govt will tell her.Shame to dictator biya,he preaches peace but never care about his country,for a year or more,the NW and SW have been protesting,even a common word to address the people is hard for him,but free to openly declare war on people.The war is ongoing,.Shame to all lrp govt officials.

  11. @ Ras Tuge and Firefighter at the beginning of this crisis you said there was no Anglophone problem now is a year and above right how is the market to day is there still Anglophone problem??
    However Commonwealth Patricia Scotland if u can’t invite Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia president H E Julius Tabe then u are wasting your time however our nation of Southern Cameroon has nothing to do with LRC whom are u speaking with on behave of the Southern Cameroons

    • It would be strange to think that Patricia Scotland’s mission has not input from the Queen to whom Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe addressed the current problems in Cameroon right at the doorsteps of Buckingham Palace. Quiet diplomacy is far from loud drumbeats.

  12. if the so called sisiku ayuk tabe is normal in his senses,how can he adress the queen of england to solve our problems when the queens nation was builded through the slaughter and inslavement of our ancestors?what does this act reveal about his psychological condition?if we allow facts to speak,then we can conclude without possibility of mistake that he does not see himself as a normal human being with intelligenece necessary to handle issues concerning the future of those who claim to represent.he still sees himself like a subject of the queen of england.this is an insult to the memory of our noble ancestors who faught and paid the price with their lifes to kick the queens arms robbers from our land.this kind of mental encagement is more dengerous than phisical servitude.

  13. at this point in history,we aught to be working practically on the possibility of structuring an african language that will be used at the continental level as instrument of learning,doing science,business and the same time serving as a common language used by all africans to cominucate.instead of doing this,we invest precious time talking about organizations created to wipe our languages,names and identity,transforming us to docile anglo americanzed copycats without the sense of belonging and identity that forms the foundation of economic cooperation withen all distinct human groups.this attempt to assimilate and eliminate us phisically by using the languages of our enemies must be destroyed.no sane human group allow others to invade and destroy thier language.


  14. Patricia Scotland
    British barrister
    Patricia Janet Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal PC QC is a British barrister who served in junior ministerial positions within the UK Government, most notably as the Attorney General for England … Wikipedia
    Born: August 19, 1955 (age 62)
    Spouse: Richard Mawhinney (m. 1985)
    Party: Labour Party
    Education: University of London (1976), MORE
    Books: When Dad Hurts Mum
    Parents: Arthur L. Scotland, Dellie Marie Scotland

  15. Patricia Scotland was the first black woman to be made a QC in 1991, and at 35 the youngest Queen’s Counsel since William Pitt the Younger. She became the first black female government minister in 1999 and the first woman and black person to be appointed Attorney General since the post was created in 1315.
    And then came a record of another kind: the first chief lawyer of the country to be fined for breaking a law she herself had helped to bring in as a Home Office minister.
    Until last September Baroness Scotland had a fairly low profile. Very little was known about the country’s chief law officer and she seemed content to keep it that way, as it enabled her to quietly and modestly go about her work.

  16. But that all changed when it emerged that she had mistakenly employed an illegal immigrant as a housekeeper and was fined £5,000.
    The housekeeper, Loloahi Tapui, from Tonga, claims that Baroness Scotland did not look at her passport before giving her the job, something the Attorney General has insisted she did. The pair look set to face each other in court next month when Tapui goes on trial for fraud and Scotland appears as a prosecution witness.
    Since the scandal the 54-year-old Attorney General has been keeping a low profile. Friends say it has been as if she entered a bunker that she was not sure how she would ever get out of.

    • @ Korak, So what has that got to do with Cameroon?

      • These are the same British people asking black Zimbabweans to vacate the land seized from whites during the Mugabe era now that they have their puppet in power. They claim the land was seized illegally as if the whites had obtained the land legally themselves. We don’t need the Queen of England to come and tell us what to do. We are not British subjects. We are Cameroonians and can sort this out ourselves.

      • That’s Background info on a special guess and it doesn’t have to be about Cameroon. It is only in Africa where people don’t care who they welcome to their Homes. Some on this Forum were referring to her as Jamaican or Caribbean etc

    • [email protected] thankyou for your imformation on her .
      Considering how shes held extremely important posts at such a young age, im suprised her accountant or whoever sorted out Ms Tapui’s wage packet,or husband ,didnt deal with the formalities of checking the status of the said employee .Ms Tapui was a bit silly in applying to work for someone high profile if she still wanted to remain in the country or worse she could of done it on purpose.

      • Dont see where this news came from but anyone refering to her role as anything near a “scribe “will probably get a very very frosty reception off her .

        • That’s news from a British Newspaper and you can google it or look it up from other sources. That’s Background info on a special guess and it doesn’t have to be about Cameroon. It is only in Africa where people don’t care who they welcome to their Homes.

  17. Pompidou Mensah

    biya will bribe, spin, steal and lie, but end is inevitable. Let her receive her loot like crooked Hilary and leave. ras huge, you want statistics, then go to Rwanda where they did want coward francafools will never do. Born to be French slaves. Where are your leaders. Anglos Mandela, Nkrumah, Obama, Kagame etc. Ahidjo buried in the desert.

  18. If Patricia Scotland travels by road to the South west and North West regions, visit Manyu then she would have touched the heart of the Anglophone problem, LRC must be stopped from receiving British development funds each year because they do not qualify as a former British colony, they must be expelled from the common wealth of nations, only SCs deserve to be in the common wealth of nations and to receive British oversea development aid which will be enforced with their genocide and very poor record on human torture/ freedom

    • Don’t worry; Patricia Scotland will receive a very befitting welcome, guided around by Mr.Issa Tchiroma Bakary, the engineer whose two daughters are doctors. He will gladly show the August visitor our very bicultural heritage, starting with a visit to Centre Jamot, Centre Pasteur, Lycee Le General LeClerc east of the Mungo and then moving on to Limbe where there is Alfred Saker Baptist College SW. Mamfe will be for another time.