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Diplomacy: Nigerian community exhorted to refrain from internal politics

Nigeria’s Consul General to the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, Mohamed Mallam Arzikar has ended a working visit to Buea, administrative headquarters of the South West Region of Cameroon.

The Nigerian diplomat held talks with local administrative authorities and members of the Nigerian community resident in the region.

His mission was to reinforce the strong brotherly and bilateral ties between Cameroon and Nigeria at a time when both countries are faced with political crisis triggered by calls for secession.

During his meeting with the Nigerian community in the Region, H. E. Mohamed Mallam Arzikar called on Nigerian residents in Cameroon to be law abiding and avoid illegal and secessionist activities in Cameroon.

The Consul General also paid a courtesy visit to the chief of Great Soppo Buea, Chief Etina Monono. There, culture and the implications of traditional rulers in building a spirit of patriotism were discussed.

The South West Region shares boundaries with Nigeria and home to millions of Nigerians involved in trade, fishing, and other commercial activities.

Cameroon and Nigeria live in peace. Both countries had a heated dispute over the Bakassi Peninsular; a dispute that ended in a peaceful resolution

The leadership of both countries received Awards on peace promotion on the continent at the end of the dispute.


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  1. They better behave, otherwise…..

    • Otherwise what Mbappe?. So that LRC should continue to enslave former Nigerian citizens (southern Cameroons) in Cameroon

      • @ brandino. Anglophone Cameroonians are not Nigerians. Don’t forget that you Biafrans who ran to Cameroon after the Nigeria/Biafra war are not Cameroonians but Nigerians. You are free to go back to Nigeria and fight for your man Ojuku. Leave us alone. Nobody will ever separate us again even your Queen of England.

  2. It looks like the Nigerian consul general has read my previous messages and is warning all Biafrans to leave us alone.