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Ernest Kwandzeh replaces missing DO of Batibo

Ernest Kwandzeh has been installed as the new Divisional Officer for Batibo Sub Division.

He was installed into his function on February 14, by the Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele L’Aftrique. Kwanzeh comes to replace Namata Diteng, who was reportedly kidnapped on February 11 by unidentified assailants, and is still no where to be found.

Reports say he was kidnapped before the official start of the 52nd youth day celebrations. Despite wide claims of his death, Cameroon government spokesman, Issa Tchiroa Bakary says Namata has not been officially confirmed death.

His replacement, Ernest Kwandzeh was the Deputy DO for Momo Division. According to the North West Regional Delegate of Communication, Nkwandze Ernest who worked at the ministry of territorial administration will be the interim DO Batibo.

During his installation ceremony, it was revealed that the search for Namata Marcel Diteng has been intensified following the visit of North-West Governor to Batibo

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  1. All this appointments and replacements are not working! Let people Vote and Elect their own Governors, Division officers and Mayors etc.

  2. War or kidnapping is not the solution
    Dear brothers and sisters from NW and SW, it’s time to come back home.let’s join forces to build a strong Cameroon
    long live Cameroon,long live peace
    no to the war and violence

    • Belson,I wish to inform you to withdraw that your statement of a so called strong Cameroun,Anglophone Cameroon was a British colony having the same status like french Cameroun under the french.But today French Cameroun Treat us as if we area conquered people at war. It is on this note that, we prefer self independence in the place of your so called a strong Cameroun. We shall fight and after LRC has committed enough genocide in our land the rest of the world shall come in and we will be free then. Let French Cameroun build it strong nation and be our neighbor.
      French ways and customs are different form ours and the two can not work together and it has been proven for the past 56 years. So please, let us fight to free our land from occupiers (french cameroun).

    • Belson, in English speaking societies of the world, the issue of life presidents is over and we have elected leaders who can be held accountable at any time when need arises.Copy from Nigeria, England, South Africa,Ghana, USA etc…
      Please, look all the current dictators and natural candidates who will rule still Jesus will come are all in French speaking Africa. May God forbid bad things. Count us out already. For your information, if next month in course of conducting your so called senatorial elections, make sure you guys do not come to our land because if any councillors in our land try to vote with you pple ghost town shall visit him or her after the voting for not respecting the laws of our land.We are watching.

  3. GoodTalk, but dont forget that the military is burining houses, raping women and stealing property..
    Why did this people run to Nigeria?..Do you think they had the pleasure to run away from their homes and go to NIGERIA?..NO, it was the brutality of the MIlitary…
    Why is the government not calling them to come back home?
    Why have there not been dialogue?
    Do you think the government want peace?
    HAve they ever looked into the problems of the people of the NWP and SWP?
    Its very easy to talk on TV that cameoon is one and indivisible,..
    What is the truth?..The nation is at war..There is a revolution taking place by youths who dont have any future..