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Fête nationale du Cameroun : un contingent nigérian, invité d’honneur

APAnews | Un détachement de 180 soldats appartenant à la Guard Brigade, un corps d’élite de l’armée nigériane, participera à la parade militaire de dimanche prochain à Yaoundé, la capitale camerounaise, à l’occasion de la célébration des 46 ans de l’Unité nationale et à l’invitation du président de la République, Paul Biya, a appris APA de source officielle.

Selon les autorités locales, l’invitation de l’armée de ce pays voisin au défilé du 20-Mai participe de la démonstration d’excellents liens d’amitié et de coopération entre le Cameroun et le Nigeria, particulièrement au plan de la lutte contre la secte islamiste Boko Haram.

Les deux pays sont en effet, à la fois impactés et impliqués dans la croisade contre l’islamisme religieux, et mènent régulièrement des opérations coordonnées de part et d’autre de leur frontière terrestre à l’Extrême-Nord pour le premier, et au Sud-Est pour le second.

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  1. good job my people

  2. Well Joshua, I already shared this wonderful but heart-wrenching news with you since you were wondering about Nigeria’s position in relation to its citizens! I hope this brother from Nigeria called OJ is also following this development.

    You have no backing abroad… and you have no backing at home. That explains why your criminals are struggling to engage in terror tactics to frighten the population. But it is just a question of time before those gangs of armed robbers get isolated and neutralized. What happened to your ghost towns? Since you have started slaughtering people’s relatives with impunity, vigilantism will be instituted. Not long from now, many people will be assisting the military in sorting those gang members out. Someday, you will thank me for trying to redirect you people.

  3. Observer: A friend in need is a friend indeed.
    Owona: Is that how you see it?
    Observer: How else would you interpret this novelty?
    Muhammadu: Remember the Arab proverb?
    Observer: Which one, my good friend?
    Muhammadu: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    Observer: I see. But didn’t the Americans change that after Osama bin Ladin was captured?
    Muhammadu: Well, just a slight modification; the enemy of my enemy is my friend, at least for a little while.
    Observer: I see. Thank you.

  4. Nigeria got themselves directly involved in this conflict,not becos they are afraid that Biafans will agitate for seperation.It is becos they know that they are in the same pot soup.British Northern Cameroon that joined Nigeria could be a headache if Ambasonia sepearates from LRC.That said,let them do whatever they want to do,Ambasonia must be free,come rain come shine.

  5. US should also kidnap the rest of Ambasonian leaders and give to Biya,just the way Nigeria did..ha ha ha ha…..

  6. Trump can even send the US Marines to also celebrate Germaine Ahidjo’s birthday aka annexation da, it will NEVER EVER stop the present momentum.

    One thing is 1oo% certain:

    The struggle will only stop after the Anglophone Question has TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, UNCONDITIONALLY and IRREVERSIBLY been resolved.


    • From Germany ? @BMG aka Mvomeka big time liar families are losing their relatives back home and you waste your time spreading garbage here.

    • @MVOMEKA

      Stop drinking Guinness or Hennessy ; before comes here

  7. Hopefully, as the soldiers of both countries exchange notes on their war practices, they also reflect on some long term consequences. For example, the setting of building on fire, which has become a new fad, will consume some useful collections of books and some libraries, sending the people back in time to the period of oral tradition when knowledge was passed down by word of mouth. Nice, n’est-ce pas?

  8. After me must have finished with LRC,the next country will be Nigeria.We will claim part of our remaining territory from Nigeria.BritishSouthern and Northern Cameroon was one before we were sepearted on the 11th of Feb [email protected] Tuge,what do u think?


    You re mentally disabled ; you need to go and checking yourself. I hope you can rewrite history dullest.

    Example : “ it will never happen “ If that was the case I hope the USA can give his land back . the land USA government has been stolen from Mexico who’s California ;Texas and Oklahoma today

  10. @Bamendaboy Just watch how we are going to claim our territory from Nigeria after we must have dealt with u.British Southern and Northern Cameroon was one.It is the fake plebiscite on the 11th of Febryary 1961 that seperated us.Nigeria have score to settle with us.

  11. Are those soldiers or Zombies?

  12. Lol dream on fellas.

    • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

      We ‘ll patiently wait and see what the tail end of this struggle brings to the SC people. Buhari has done his part, but he will not be there for ever, another President will definitely come from the southern region who will see nothing wrong with this struggle and key in. All men think differently.