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Fire rips through Cameroon parliament [+video]

BBC | The main parliament building in Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé has been badly damaged by fire which ripped through four floors.

Firefighters managed to put out the blaze before it could reach the parliamentary chamber.

There has so far been no indication of any casualties and the cause of the blaze was not immediately clear.

In this week’s session, the national assembly had been discussing the budget.

Pictures and video posted on social media show the upper floors in flames, hours after it first took hold.

An AFP new agency photographer said the fire was fully extinguished by dawn today.

Members of Parliament , administrative and security officials at the National Assembly for first hand appraisal of the flames

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  1. Hope Biya was in there and did ot make it!

    A dictator is someone that instead of leaving power and retire prefer to burn a country..divide a country by staying in power…Ahidjo was a great man! Biya is evil…that to me should show our peoples the difference between a western “Educated” person and an African educated one..please think about this without trying to defend the “degree…Master..Phd etc…” you have..just look around you and look at how things are done in your village compare to what is done by theses educated fools in the cities!

  2. The evil that men do, lives after them.
    What decisions do they take in this house to benefit the people and country, as we see
    bad roads, no water, resources being plundered by a few etc. etc. etc.
    Or what do they do with the micro { 8m frs.} project monies meant for local maintenance?
    They should go back to their respective jurisdictions and reflect for a while.

  3. In 1933, an arson attack occurred on the Reichstag building (home of the German parliament) in Berlin. Goebbels and the Nazis publicly blamed the fire on communists.The fire was used as evidence by the Nazi Party that communists were plotting against the German government.

    In 2017, an arson attack occurred on the Parliament building of Cameroon (Biya erroneously refers to the country as LRC).
    Tchiroma and the CPDM will surely blame the fire on SC “Secessionists” ( the correct word is SEPARATISTS ).
    This fire will surely be used as evidence by the CPDM that Southern Cameroonian SEPARATISTS are plotting against the government of Cameroon (Biya erroneously refers to the country as LRC).

    History is surely repeating itself in Cameroon ( sorry “one and indivisible” LRC)

    • Just to add in you great input that on the night of July 19, 64 A.D., what became known as the great Roman fire broke out among the shops lining Rome’s mega chariot stadium. There was evidence Nero himself started the fire as his thugs prevented the crowd from putting it out so that he could create space to build his Neropolis, the city of his dreams the senate had initially stopped him from accomplishing. On seeing the huge damage, he singled out the early Christians and Jews to blame for the fire. Thousands were crucified just to safe the emperor’s face. Are we seeing the same manifestations today in the Etoudi emperor and his cultic crime syndicate? Are they looking for clues to pin down the rebellious MPs? Your answer is as good as mine.

      • ..to your..

      • Hey little Lazarus,

        Jesus finally saw you struggling up the tree top, and asked the crowd to make way for you to get your blessing!

        You were the first to claim the royal insanity… as you credited the blind Ambazombi termite soldiers… Suddenly, you are struggling to shirk your very own madness and narrating an ill- conceived distraction about some great Roman fire! No, Lazarus, you are definitely not seeing the same manifestation today because your delusional secessionist vandals are responsible for the arson… and you claimed it just like a little clueless adventurer would.

        • Confused junky Rat Tuge. Yes they are responsible then what? Do something about it. The logic doesn’t add up and even if it did, I’ll celebrate. You and @Bikutsi always see something else everywhere. It’s called paranoia and there’s a cure for it.. Btw stop addressing my pseudonym as a Jew! The fact that you are so comfortable in your Jamaican cum Ethiopian impostor personality doesn’t give you the privilege to uproot my African ancestry even through Bakossi mysticism.

  4. I think i read somewhere that there was heavy security on this facility after the opening of this plenary session which the SDF MPs boycotted.
    Maybe the modus operandi these days is fire on any facility that is being guarded by the lrc military.i will highly recommend fire trucks on or with a few meters from any facility being guarded by lrc forces.
    They are either killing innocent civilians or transporting fuel at night to burn buildings.

  5. where is Tichorima to tell us what is happening. Francophone secessionists are at work already.Signs of danger to LRC

  6. The walls of yaounde will soon take the shape of things currently happening in Harare-Zimbabwe.

  7. Incendie d’un immeuble qui ne sert a rien au Camerounais. Ils( les deputes) sont rester bouche ferme face a la crise anglephone et bien d’autres problemes de routes ou les pauvres paysans demandent seulement a faire ecouler les marchandises sur les marches.

  8. God of Fire, unleash Thy Venom! Take possession of the National Hydrocarbon offices, the Central Post Office, the Treasurie Nationale, the Ministry of Finance…rein down inferno on that which is inherently evil for there is not one good man alive in that regime! Lord of the Flames, Chief Executor of Vengeance, Master of Everything Charred, Great Roaster! work further wonders, show us greater Signs! Burn! Burn! Burn! Dear Hot One, are you thinking of the Etoudi Palace? Ok Power is yours!

  9. You folks seem jubilant in the face of mishap, the issue is y’all been like this praying for genocide, dead, fire, cursing, screaming, ranting and even speaking in tongues but it’s still Cameroon that is prevailing, isn’t it time to sth new or just let it slide??

  10. The Investigator

    Tchiroma just said on camerooninfo.net that the fire is a accident because special forces are guarding the building.My question to Mr Tchiroma is that why are fires on schools in Southern Cameroons blamed on secessionists? The fire in the National Assembly started at 3 am and it spread quickly.This is evidence that petrol was used and an evidence that it is a criminal action perpetuated by CPDM led government.If not why has Tchiroma rushed to say it is an accident?The government has planted spy cameras in Bamenda so is there no spy cameras around and inside this building.I had a dream of Mr Biya’s regime crumbling and am sure this is the beginning.The National Assembly fire is a direct conspiracy by the Biya regime to destroy important archival documents that could implicate it.

  11. Cavaye, i wish God could send this fire to reach your home.The blood if innocent Ambazonians you and your crew members are killing have started to hunt you guys. Watch out,this is a sign of an ill omen ts coming.

  12. Cavaye, j’aurais aimé que Dieu envoie ce feu pour atteindre ta maison. Le sang, si tu es innocent, les Ambazoniens et les membres de ton équipage tués ont commencé à te traquer. Attention, c’est un signe d’un mauvais présage à venir.

    • Siboni tu es ridicule, ce building appartient au peuple vu que c est l argent du peuple qui l a construit et qui le reconstrira. Et je pense que tes fameux ambazombiens seraient aussi traques si c etait une histoire de karma.