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Fruit & vegetables from Cameroon could face suspension on EU market

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TIf nothing changes, fruit and vegetables from Cameroon could soon be banned from the European market, because of their questionable quality and in particular due to shortcomings in the national sanitary and phytosanitary monitoring systems. “Many elements required to meet international and European Union standards are currently missing from this system.

There are significant weaknesses in its organisation and implementation, undermining its overall efficiency. As a result, pre-export checks cannot be considered reliable when it comes to ensuring compliance with import conditions set by the European Union,” the Intégration newspaper revealed, quoting extracts from the audit carried out by the European Union between 8 and 18 May 2017 on Cameroon’s sanitary and phytosanitary control systems.

Indeed, it appears that, despite exporters being issued with certificates of conformity following checks on their products, significant concentrations of residues and other substances, harmful to both health and the environment, often remain in fruit and vegetables from Cameroon.

“Between 2015 and 2017, 159 interceptions were recorded and notified to Cameroon,” Cole-ACP expert Babacar Samb told Intégration, having led a workshop on the issue in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé in early April 2018.

Some members of the corporation of fruit and vegetable producers and exporters say that since the beginning of this year, Cameroon has been notified of new interceptions, and is working hard to improve its monitoring system in order to maintain access to the European market for Cameroonian exporters (fruit and vegetables represent 15% of Cameroon’s exports to Europe).

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  1. Thé meaning of globalisation in the africain dictionary is open your market for me to make money while i close mine.motives like this confirm out definition. If not the pesticides used by european farmers poison millions a year.but since the money enter aryan pockets!

  2. how do they even get into the EU market when sanitation in the entire country is none existence, government embezzlement has kept infrastructures in all the regions dirty with animals, insects infestation, there is no clean drinkable water, many of these workers in those production live in very slum conditions where some cannot clean themselves properly for days, biya and his betti mafia has run the country down into a banana republic, a lawless, dirty country where expose sewage runs in all the quarters,smelly markets with not a single public usable toilet, all public amenities have no clean toilet or none for their customers as there is everyday water/ power cut in the entire country run by old dirty colonial tyrants, a embarrassing country in the 21st century with cosmetics solutions

  3. The entire audit and its findings (payed for with taxpayers money) should be published for all to see.
    Theres loads of stuff found on euro veg and fruit too so at least explain the differences .
    Cameroons an equatorial level country with heat , theres bound to be divergence and the EU should adapt to it not the other way round
    Without mechanised production you get a higher obvious quality but naturally thus lack automised sterilization of the produce .Its also the duty of the EU to provide diverse sourced lower priced organic food stuffs which Cameroon has in abundance.In peru locals cant afford to eat quinoa anymore due to the higher priced export requests and heres the EU theatening Cameroon with restrictions …..

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  6. Yaoundé can not even get clean drinking water, how the hell do you think they can handle fruits and vegetables for consumption? C’est le Cameroun. That’s the answer you will get.