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Gov’t debunks claims of heavy military presence in NW, SW regions

Journal du Cameroun | Cameroon government officials have debunk claims of an out of the ordinary military presence in Cameroon’s North West and South West regions.

This comes after, many local media reports carried stories of government’s heavy militarisation of the Anglophone communities in the bid to crack down on secessionists and assailants.

Most of the reports had insinuated that the government of Cameroon had launched an all-out war against the Anglophone community blaming them for the dead of security officers who were recently gunned down by assailants.

Reacting to reports on state radio, Lele L’Afrique, Governor of the North West region, refuted allegations of heavy militarization. The Governor said even though calls for ghost towns and school boycott are still being respected in some localities, the intensity is not the same in the degree as before. He revealed that the situation in the region is changing for the better, as many citizens are cooperating with the military to track down assailants.

For their part, top military officials in the region, say their presence on school campuses have been hailed by school officials given that they have been able to prevent assailants from burning down school buildings. Most of the officials in the radio report were all hopeful that activities in the region are going back to normalcy.

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  1. Fire everything guys .Go Kamerun

    • Great idea, fire everything but start with the empty headed Kotto boy.

  2. Lies lies lies and a million lies.The whole of Anglophone Cameroon has been heavily militarized to the extent that the minister of defense even went on to the National Assembly to brief the ruling party parliamentarians about his decision to send special forces to the Anglophone regions of North West and South West.Whoever believes what the Cameroon government is saying is trusting the devil.What an evil government.

  3. Ras Metuge and Zam Zam are shouting on roof tops that the war Anglophones were waiting has arrived, yet their masters are playing hanky panky! We need to know from these two economic immigrants whether they saw a mirage! Ras Metuge and Zam Zam has it arrived or not?

    • Kikikiki, ur Bami/Francophobia would soon damage ur brain.

      I hear Sisi has now pledged his allegiance to the Biafra mov’t?

      That’s surely his endgame, sell Amba to his NGR cousins.

      Virtual Amba+Biafra merging together—u’ll soon be crying for LRC when ur organs are going to be on sell in Aba Market…

      • —on sale—

        • Haha, immediately your uncle’s organs were put on sale at the Kekem market, you and your dad took to your heals, bound for Bamenda! Your bosses say the soldiers have not yet arrived, did you and Ras use Milles Collines tactics to put yourselves in front of your meal tickets?

  4. What have they not debunked before? Your military thugs are now taking women and children hostage to replace their runaway husbands and sons. Will any sane person think those murdering the military will sit back and wait to be arrested? Clear evidence the purported murders is all LRC game of chess. They even murder civilians and wear military dress on them. Looting, burning and indiscriminate abuse is what Mamfe and its environs are going through. Exactly the prescriptions of Oum II Joseph. We will resist your terrorizing invasion till the last child. Murderers!

    • Rubish.
      You are turning into a polpot in the making.
      All you are wishing for is an all out war. Will not happen

      • bamendaybBoy

        @ mbappe

        you re a wise man I always read your comment.

        where Sisiku lol?

        since 1961 southern Cameroon never test a civil war.

        they had been making too much noise. kept running to Nigeria

        I repeat anywhere in the world when you re killing any law enforcement right or wrong people will turn the back on you.

        where the UN, EU OR USA or human right association.

    • bamendaybBoy

      @Ras Tuge
      the government has the right to defend himself. whatever you want to call good luck with your thought.

      no government in the world is perfect; who is perfect ” Nigeria ” or USA or EU lol

      ambasonia terrorist organization, we will never ever negotiate with secessionist.

      • Pharaon,
        Are you not the same people who moaned the killing of soldiers, after gunning down 300 Anglophones? After killing so many people the gov’t has the right to defend itself? Keep urging on your soldiers, I can sense the happiness in your voice as claim Anglophones have never tasted civil war. Bamilekes like you are strangely ecstatic about civil war. Keep in mind that you and your people were maquisards and that you have no lessons to give anyone about killings. Spend more time learning English, you’ve been in Ireland for a century now!

      • Hypocrite, in 2013, did the Biya Government not negotiate with Boko Haram, reportedly paid the terrorists $3m to release French priest Father Vandenbeusch ? Why can you not negotiate with your own countrymen? Give us a break. Dear Lord, keep a special place in hell for killers in authority and their sycophants.

  5. Biya’s military misadventure in Ambazonia is counterproductive and doomed to fail.

    It is admissible for a government to use lethal force against persons perpetrating hostilities in its territory, but in the case of CameroUN, they have decided to declare war on a whole region. How do they justify raising an entire army to fight a few insurrectionists launching sporadic attacks?
    This mission is costly, unsustainable, and shall not only bankrupt the government but further radicalize the people.
    It’s very clear, that the government has been behind the killings of its forces to use it as a pretext to further militarize the Southern Cameroons. Whatever the case, they’ll fail because the guerrillas are not an organized force camping in a specified locality.

  6. @bamendaybBoy Is either u are one sided,or u reason like Berlinga Eboutou…. Where have u seen,in a country like Ambasonia,where their civilians are been killed by LRC army and Ambasonian forces will not retaliate? More than 200 Ambasonian civilians were killed on the 22nd of Sept and 1ST Oct by LRC forces and Just 10 LRC forces have been killed by Ambasonian forces and your president,Biya goes gaga.U should know by now that violence bigets violence.
    We are already in the battle field,so stay tuned.

  7. @bamendaybBoy ”ambasonia terrorist organization, we will never ever negotiate with secessionist”. Ha ha ha…Of course u will.And do u know the negotition that u will negotite? the terms of our seperation.AAnd u are going to do that,infront of the UN,AU Britain and France.Stay tune,we are on the battle field as we speak.

    • @ kongosa

      you needs to get the fact straight out there so people will know the truth ?


      • Why do you call yourself Bamendaboy? It is evident from your comments that you are a product of LRC pretending to be from Bamenda or an Anglophone. Perhaps you’ve spent time in Bamenda and feel attached to its pleasant nature but pretending to be anglophone serves no purpose and your comments in broken English are incomprehensible. So, I suggest you keep your moniker (Bamendaboy) but comment in french instead if you want your comments to be understood because as of now, you are just making a fool of yourself and not deceiving anyone.

    • You guys should stop calling the NW and SW people Ambozonia. We Cameroonians from the SW and NW don’t recognize that name nor do we recognize that your terrorist leader called Ayuk Seseko as our leader. Nobody ever voted or appointed him as our leader. We remain Cameroonians and we will join our French speaking brothers and sisters to form one strong party and defeat Biya and his French master next year without shedding any blood. We believe in peace not violence. Those violent terrorists who claim to be Anglophone Cameroonians surely have some tainted Biafra blood in them. They need to be terminated by any means necessary.

      • you and who?say i bobjazz,for you are no body to ours ambazonians,slave of a type

        • @ Ambas. I am a Cameroonian from the NW province. I have nothing to do with your Biafra republic called Ambazonia and your Biafra leader called Ayuk Seseku. My tribe is very very far from Nigeria. You guys with tainted Biafra blood should join your Ojukwu brothers who also want to separate from Nigeria and form your Biafra Ambazonia republic somewhere else. Cameroon will remain Cameroon and you guys can’t change it. We will wipe you out by any means necessary to protect our beloved country if it comes to that. Long live Cameroon and death to Ambazonia.

  8. This civil war is coming right to yaounde ,douala, bafoussam.What we are seeing on the ground is very dangerous, leleafrique who is a paid liar,he cannot say anything contrary to government position or else he will be in jail. From what we know on the ground, yesterday 8 government soldiers BIRS were killed in two different locations in Manyu. Many more thousands of refugees has left for Nigeria.The cameroun military is breaking houses and raping women and young girls.Stores have been broken and many people have complaint of their money being seized by the military.

  9. where is SISIKU the god father of ambasonia

    • @bamendaboy we know who you are and stop with the fake names coward. The time have come for the people you fondly refer to as biafrans to give you a taste of your medicine and trust me you will not like it.By the way when you called Mbappe a Wiseman I hope that was a joke because if you really meant it then you are a hell of a son of bitch than I previously thought

  10. Its unfortunate that some of us still think this war will end in Manyu, the war in Libya started in Benghazi, the people of Serte ghadafi home town were happy and thought that it was not going to affect them, but today Benghazi is peaceful and Serte has been completely destroyed, the War is on its way to yaounde and mvomeke.

  11. @bamendaboy Get your point straight.We are not seceeding.We are seperating.If the Queen was unable to grant audience to Sesekou,it does not mean that when the fire gets hot,she won’t come on board.Go and check the Senegambian Confederation.The Senegambian confederation was founded on 1 February 1982 following an agreement between the two countries signed on 12 December 1981.It was intended to promote cooperation between the two countries, but was dissolved by Senegal on 30 September 1989 after The Gambia refused to move closer toward union.We,the Ambasonians will consider Biyas’ troops in our country as an act of aggression in International Law.Becos,he seperated from the informal union since 1984.If he want us do it through bloodshed,then we are in for it.stay tuned.

    • Rubish.
      Your attempt to cheat will not fly.
      Senegambie was never recognized by any country and the people of both countries were not even consulted.
      Your attempt to fool some on this forum will not pass.
      We are here to debunk intellectual bonobo like yourself.

  12. @kongosa

    I call that ball crap , you cant changed history ? get the fact right

  13. If the government is right to launch attacks against North westerners and South westerners why is it that Mr Biya has not received any motion of support for this action?Deceive yourselves guys Mr Biya will fail .And at the end he will be a big looser.Mark my words.

  14. Despite live images these government officials still think they can lie. This is the 21st C with technological advancement and social media… Lies as usual

    • @Sawapikin

      tell me which government is perfect in this planet who ? USA or EU

  15. lies!lies lies lies!.Heavy troops presence presently in manyu causing mayharm.i myself saw two trucks and a 70 seaters full of troops leaving for Mamfe through kumba yesterday.they are going to fail,fail and failed because they is no military solution to this problem.you don’t solve a political crisis with a military solution.To be honest i begin seeing the beginning to the end of this corrupt tribalistic regime.Pinguis alias Bamendaboy.

  16. Ask why the Biya regime got involved in negotiating with Boko Haram in 2013 and paid 3m ransom to the terrorists to release French priest Vandenbeusch but cannot solve the root cause of this crisis instead of a war? International sympathy for the underdog Ambazonia is growing..

  17. Bamendaboy!I am right now in Kumba and that is where i live ok! and i am on the ground right now and telling you i am witnessing ok!

  18. Bamendaboy!I am not like most of you outside the country ok!I am presently on the ground and tell you what i am witnessing ok!Two days ago a lot of helicopters flying overheard to mamfe and back!

  19. the colonial slave regime can never defeat the will of the millions of patriotic SCs people, biya can use all his 56 years of acquired arms, bribes, brutal terrorist BIR forces,intimidation,jail sentences, militarisation, etc, the fight for restoration will only intensify, it can never stop,everyone around the world knows that lrc Cameroon is a dangerous country with a dictator president, oppressive military, no freedom of human rights, biya is failing to suppress world human rights freedom, millions of patriotic SCs will win this old colonial dog and his outdated regime of old grey haired , greedy, corrupt regressive low class politicians,alongside the terrorist arm forces,high ranking civil servants who are clinging on power, promoting corruption,stealing vast sum of tax payers money

  20. We will never yield.
    And you francophones know it.
    Us Ambazonians are trained to fight for what is right.
    We shall never yield.
    Get used to it, we will meet you in Buea and all la Republique soldiers with blood on their hands will pay.
    I make you that promise.