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Guerre contre Boko Haram: les Etats-Unis offrent deux avions militaires au Cameroun

APAnews | Les Etats-Unis ont offert deux avions à l’armée camerounaise pour lui permettre de lutter plus efficacement contre la secte terroriste nigériane Boko Haram, a-t-on appris samedi de sources concordantes.

Equipés en matériel de surveillance et de détection et également munis de caméra haute définition, les deux aéronefs qui rentrent dans la catégorie des avions légers contribueront à collecter les données dans la lutte contre Boko Haram.

Selon l’accord conclu entre Américains et Camerounais, les deux nouveaux aéronefs vont uniquement survoler les zones de conflit dans la région de l’Extrême-nord afin de contrôler les déplacements des terroristes.

« Ces deux aéronefs, doivent être utilisés uniquement dans la lutte contre Boko Haram, comme le prescrit la convention », a insisté Peter Henry Barlerin, ambassadeur des Etats-Unis au Cameroun.

Les autorités camerounaises ont promis à leurs partenaires Américains de respecter ledit accord, puisque « nous vous promettons de respecter notre accord en utilisant ces aéronefs, uniquement contre Boko Haram », a rassuré le ministre de la Défense (MINDEF) Joseph Beti Assomo.

Dans la guerre contre Boko Haram, l’armée de l’air apporte un soutien multiforme aux autres forces, notamment en ce qui concerne l’armement et les munitions ainsi que pour les évacuations sanitaires, partant du théâtre des opérations.

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  1. These should also be used against ambazombians.
    Pinpoint those $&@€£ and terminate them.

    • @mbappe Are you the one to remind the Cameroon army to use these new fighter jets against terrorists in the NW/SW ?

  2. like I said at the beginning ” ambasonia” will see the mami pima , killed all those resistances .

    the war continued ” mvomeka , kongosa and firefighter “

  3. **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    1. The USSR used THOUSAND of planes to bomb the Taliban. The same USSR was DEFEATED by the Taliban
    2. The USA used THOUSAND of planes to bomb the Vietnamese. The same USA was DEFEATED by Vietnam
    3. Indonesia used THOUSAND of planes to bomb East Timor. The same Indonesia was DEFEATED by East Timor
    4. etc

    **** Lessons learnt ****

    No country, no dictator can use planes to “bomb” an IDEOLOGY. The Anglophone Question is a SELF-DETERMINATION QUESTION. It is an ideology.
    It can therefore NEVER EVER be “bombed” with the help of military planes.
    Citizens of LRC who are already jubilating on this forum that the two “occasion belgique” planes from the US will stop the momentum of the struggle are simply day-dreaming.



      “Monsieur le ministre, je sais que vous m’avez rassuré à maintes reprises que les équipements et le soutien fournis par les États-Unis ne seront utilisés que dans le respect strict des termes de l’accord. Vous m’avez assuré que les équipements fournis par les États-Unis ne seront pas utilisés à d’autres fins, dans d’autres conflits. Je voudrais déclarer que nous sommes conscients que le Cameroun fait face à des difficultés dans d’autres parties de son territoire.”

      **** MY TAKE ****

      LRC is obliged to use the two planes EXCLUSIVELY against Boko Haram.
      Failure to do so, the US will sanction LRC.
      Simply put, the US planes MUST NEVER be used against the so-called secessionists in SC.


    • @Mvomeka
      Ambazonia has a few months to disapear. I will remind you not Long from now.

  4. All those taking cover in bushes should think twice, these planes are equipped with cameras that can detect even an ant hiding in the bush.

    Ah di only tok me ma own daso oh…

    • Ambazonia Amba

      Wusia you want them to go? So they should stay in their homes and be burnt? I am very certain francophones are excited about the slaughtering of anglophones. You can kill kunta kinte but he will never be called Toby. Ambazonia has risen to fall no more.

      • So think I am making reference to innocent civilians hiding in bushes?…

      • This is not more time for properganda. Do you mean all anglophones are living now in the bush? No sir. Only trouble makers are living in the bush. The question is how Long will they be there? Let all the terrorists return to their homes? Those who claiming to be winning should not escape into bushes. Unfortunate some of you have allowed those idiots washing toilets in Europe and Amarica to send your children to fight against an army that will an the end crushed all of them.

  5. The government has actually been surprisingly passive as far as this delusional insurrection is concerned!

  6. Does offrent mean they are being offered for free use,leased? or theres a demand for an overpriced tax payers money payment that the country could put to better use further down the road ?

  7. Winning a war is important; so also is the price.
    The use of expensive highly sophisticated aerial missiles to shoot civilians running through bushes can be costly, very costly. For a cash-strapped economy, …..

  8. If they care,let them go and borrow missiles from Kim Jong Un.The hand writing is on the wall.LRC will be kicked out of Ambasonia by force.We are making them learn the hard way.

  9. @Ras Tuge Bla blka bla….why don’t u go and do the job?U hide behind your computer in a far away land and send the military to be slaughtered like chicken….Go and borrow missile from Kim Jong Un and come.We are equal to the task…Remember i told u that we will make u learn the hard way…..one and indivisible bruhaha….

    • KONGOSA,

      I hear one of your generals is in the net? Who is now going to lead remaining toads in the pit? He is going to provide vital info, including the names and addresses of those wiring money from the West.

      ###Cho’ll be got b4 this month end.###

      We warned you guys that military confrontation is a foolish idea, but your appetite to get to Buea and start selling our oil was unstoppable.

      Your foolish leader is now committing the worse blunder of all by threatening to massacre Francos in NW/SW. How can people be so foolish? Just cos of such blunder USA/UK/SA would soon teach some of you that you cannot use their soil to prepare mass-murder.

      That’s why you’re on your own. All countries are refusing to sympathize with mad people…

      • Really? You are still in the dark. They cut open his guts open already and wrapped his intestines around his lifeless body for display. What a bunch of heartless dogs and their supporters jubilating.

      • Zam, who is this self made general? Only in the absence of drug can he know that he was playing with fire. The should start by chopping off his fingers to tell us the truth. Some of them thing is easy to fight war and worst of all declare war against a state. There is no more USSR and no more cold war. No sponsors to Terrorist.

  10. LRC has become very desperate:

    1. The BIR captured Dadi, a small village in Manyu. CrTv and LRC media outlets claimed they had captured the “Quartier général” of the secessionists and the struggle was therefore over.
    2. Today, the same LRC has captured an INNOCENT farmer. The Gendarmes and citizens of LRC are celebrating that they have captured the GENERAL of the Ambazonian Army and the struggle will soon be over. Fact is in any NOMADIC ASYMMETRICAL there are no “Quartier général” or Generals. The combatants are mobile and move in small groups
    3. LRC captured Ayuk Tabe and claimed the struggle was over. However, the momentum instead increased.

    GUESS WHAT ????

    The struggle will be over only after the Anglophone Question has TOTALLY, COMPLETELY and UNCONDITIONALLY been resolved.

    • Capturing the so-called “Ambazonian General” or the so-called Interim President will NEVER EVER stop the present momentum. Eight million Anglophones are now more than ever determined to take their STOLEN statehood back from LRC and France. And they will take it back. It is simply a question WHEN and not IF.

  11. Black French Africans excited about American military donations to kill other black Africans who are not French enough by their standards.
    Just like Lybia when the Americans/France will come to collect their due we hope the same jubilant black French Africans will not call them imperialist.
    Like Endeley predicted the union with East Cameroon shall forever remain a curse to the people of West Cameroon.
    The people of West Cameroon know today more than ever that Yaoundé will kill anyone and anything in West Cameroon for their land. It has nothing to do with territorial integrity it is all about greed and desire to make Cameroon become more French than France.
    The lie is out, the people can’t be fooled forever.

    • Most of the so called ‘west Cameroon ‘ elite was the product of ‘East Cameroon ‘ universities if they can boast today is because we taught them how to read and write.Allowing this elite to inoculate idiocy to future generations because of their selfishness, weaknesses is burying our country for that all means must be used to stop that regardless of the cost.

    • @lum

      Dullest man

  12. Parrots that were hitting away on Anglophones for rushing to the Queen, only to be rebuffed are falling over themselves because the Queen’s former subjects are providing them with war hardware. People only love English speaking countries , when they get freebies from them. Who would have thought Nigeria and the US, purely English speaking would be cosied
    up to? The word “ Anglo “ derisively used must be soar in some people’s mouths now! President Trump had already described African countries as shitholes, so he’s only pushing the logic to the end, by providing them with weapons to kill each other and become super shitholes. The US that refused Nigeria weapon when Boko Haram was wreaking havoc is the same country now pretending to be so worried about the same terror group!

  13. @Zam-Zam Bla bla bla…I can see,u have refused to learn.Do u think it is the anglophones fighting this war?It is God that is fighting for them.If u do not want to see the hand writings on the wall that LRC will be kicked out of Ambasonia,then u need to go back to your mother’s womb.Like i said,if u care u arrest all generals,including Ayaba Cho.Ambasonia will still kick LRC out of their territory.Go and borrow more missiles from Kim Jong Un.We will kick u guys out.This is a David vs Goliath fight.And believe me,David is going to triumph as usual,becos it is God that is fighting for them.The hand writings is on the wall,but u still cannot see.

    • KONGOSA,

      this is no David against G. It is kata beef against lion. Keep wrapping that head around your belly, mere hot water is going to make you release that head for the final strike.

      Not even NGR is with you ! All man dong run wuna….sep poh-poh Savimbi bin get small consideration for yi own pipol…

    • @Kongosa
      Which God na bros? If there is God, then the God is not in Africa. It’s time for us plan and execute and not to wait for God. Do you know when we started praying? What are the results? Suffering, stupidity, poor, wars, illnesses etc

  14. Shamefull, that the US of all, can help cameroon only militarily.

    • And what do you want the US to do @stupid tuberculosis Joshua ? the US granted you visa to open your mind and enlighten the ones left back home similary to many stray thugs in this platform you kept preaching idiocies all day long very soon they will start hunting all of you to be deported.

  15. they have captured one of your general “ ambazonia “ all the informations will come out . Hahahahahah the war continues search a rat , you need to get out of my country ambazonia we don’t want you in Cameroon pls go .

  16. Oh! one of Ambasonian general have been captured just like Sisiku was captured.I am shivering,the war has come to an end.LRC has won.Ambasonia should pay reparations….