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Huit corps de jeunes découverts en zone anglophone au Cameroun

VOA | Les corps de huit jeunes hommes ont été découverts jeudi dans la zone de Menka, dans la région du Nord-Ouest anglophone camerounais, ont rapporté vendredi un député d’opposition et un témoin oculaire.

Huit corps ont été sortis de la brousse jeudi par des habitants de la localité de Menka, a indiqué à l’AFP un témoin présent sur place, tandis que des photos de corps sans vie ont circulé sur les réseaux sociaux vendredi.

Sur les photos circulant sur ces réseaux vendredi, on voit une dizaine de corps de jeunes hommes sur une route de terre, entourés d’un groupe d’habitants. Il n’était pas possible vendredi soir d’authentifier ces photos de source indépendante.

Selon des habitants de Menka, l’armée camerounaise a repoussé une attaque mi-mai dans la localité, et y est revenue dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi. Plusieurs jeunes sont portés disparus depuis, selon leurs familles.

Contactées par l’AFP, les autorités locales n’ont pas fait état de ces événements.

“Il y a eu des tueries à Menka par l’armée”, a confirmé à l’AFP Nji Tumasang, député du premier parti d’opposition anglophone Social democratic front (SDF) de Santa, l’arrondissement où se trouve Menka.

“Nous pensons que ce sont à priori des civils puisqu’aucune arme n’a été trouvée sur eux. L’époux d’une militante de notre parti est parmi les victimes”, a-t-il ajouté.

Dans les régions anglophones du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, les combats sont devenus quasi quotidiens entre les forces de sécurité camerounaises et des hommes armés se réclamant de “forces de restauration” d’un Etat anglophone qui avait brièvement vu le jour entre les deux guerres mondiales, sous mandat britannique.

D’abord cantonnés aux attaques contre les symboles de l’Etat (commissariat, gendarmerie), les séparatistes ont commencé début 2018 à kidnapper des fonctionnaires, des francophones et à s’en prendre aux entreprises étrangères qu’ils accusent de soutenir Yaoundé.

Les autorités camerounaises ont répondu par la force, déployant un important dispositif sécuritaire dans ces deux régions.

Le 17 mai, les Etats-Unis ont accusé l’armée camerounaise d'”assassinats ciblés” en régions anglophone et les séparatistes de “meurtres de gendarmes”.

Jeudi, les autorités ont répondu en indiquant que les forces de sécurité “ont toujours gardé à l’esprit, avec professionnalisme et rigueur, les règles d’engagement et du droit international humanitaire”, réfutant les accusations d’exactions formulées par des ONG et les populations.

Selon le centre International Crisis Group (ICG), “au moins 120” civils et “au moins 43” membres des forces de sécurité ont été tués depuis fin 2016. Le bilan côté séparatistes est inconnu.

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  1. Infighting between ambazombians is going on.
    Killing for disagreeing.
    They should all be cornered and eliminated

    • As a good well-informed eye witness, Mbappe, should you not volunteer an explanation from the survivors as to why villagers of Menka, Pinyin would suddenly rise up and murder each other?

      • The new well-entrenched philosophy of governance consists of 1) the appointment of a son/daughter of a community to earn the total loyalty of that community and 2) la bouche qui est pleine ne parle pas (a full mouth does not complain).

        But of course between theory and practice there is almost always a large canyon. Today the worst bloodshed of the crisis is in Pinyin village with dead bodies strewn all over the place. What did Pinyin do? Starting with Ahmadou Ahidjo, Pinyin provided Stephen Mongwa as translator/interpreter for the president of the republic. Yesterday it was General Ivo Yenwo from Bui, who held tight to the fort and made sure April 6, 1984 failed. Bui has seen bloodshed.

        One wonders how Minister Paul Atanga Nji’s village should see the future!!! Smile? Snarl?

        • What are you weeping for? You contribute money to buy guns for those misled youth; you have been celebrating whenever a soldier is killed. The government has been so merciful to your misled scoundrels and somehow they thought they had become invincible as you urged them on!

          The Motherland is inviting you fellows to dialogue but in your vapid delusion, you are already chanting ‘we must negotiate about separation’ and all that rubbish; as if you have any military leverage! You still have a chance to return to civilization and prevent unnecessary loss of life and unwarranted destruction.

          Acts of aggression against a state and crimes against peace warrant military necessity.Teach your grand children this lesson. So next time they display guns on Youtube, you wouldn’t weep when they’re killed

        • Atanga Nji warned you… in fact, Atanga Nji was literally on his knees begging all the misled scoundrels to leave the forest and return to their homes. But Atanga Nji was ridiculed even in his NW region where his car had been burnt and where he barely escaped being lynched.

          Can you deny all the Youtube videos wherein those manipulated youngsters (boys and girls alike) are brandishing weapons and sending threats? The answer is NO. Like I said before, sometimes war is a necessity because it humbles people.

          Let the emboldened strange men continue to emerge from the forest and setting ablaze mimbo trucks as you celebrate.I am sure that those strange men will start falling into some dangerous traps from now henceforth as they did today

        • The primitive entities living on that side of the country are still fighting tribal wars , so how do we know this is not another mad inter ethnic conflict between rival villages ? What proofs do you have duh ?

    • This idiot called Mbappe deserves a lengthy prison sentence. With the US forcing the UK to redress it’s mess it left behind, the Beti clique are panicking and looking for excuse that Amba fighters are killing each other. There are eye witnesses in Pinyin and Batibo, Oshie, Bali, Ngui and Njikwa before that. Foolish loose filthy excuse. You will be tried and sentence for this genocide in a short time from now. The 15 years slapped on Mabcho BBC will not make anybody surrender.

      • Boi please go serve me some tea , we are the master race in the whole sub region , our feet have been on your necks for centuries, why would we panick ? Because few slaves are trying to use some guns ? Humour me more, get in that your thick head that we are here to overseas the plantation and keep it going . You are beneath us and our urine and feces will forever be more dignified than you . We never wanted to be in this country with you beasts of no lineage ( go and read on the MiTZIC 1947 conference ) we advocated for our own republic.) unfortunately it didn’t work . Now we own the keys , Ahidjo was a bench warmer before him it was a Beti man before that Beti it was another after Biya it will be another Beti we will rule you forever and should the tide change we will secede

  2. The perpetration of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity will NEVER turn the clock back. SC is gone. The hatred for anything LRC is overwhelming. It is credible and compelling.

    The MAJORITY of the Anglophones have stated they are fed up with the INFORMAL COHABITATION.
    Biya cannot suppress the will of the people.
    The killings, bribing and crimes against humanity perpetrated by LRC and Chad can only DELAY. It can NEVER EVER suppress the will of the people.

  3. Shut up with your word genocide ; when the separatists are killing law enforcement; kidnap authorities ; and others you are the one mentioned “un winning war “

  4. Whoever takes up arms against the state becomes a military target that must be neutralized.

    • Who is the state? Is it soldiers? Is it civilians?

      • The state is the institution.

        • Which institution?
          Made up of who or what?

        • The institution that retains the monopoly of violence.

        • What does the “monopoly of violence mean”?
          Is legitimate self defence not violence ? How then can anyone claim a monopoly?

        • Monopoly of violence= Legitimate use of violence

          Legitimate self defence not violence? Good question. The institution sets the rules and sanctions. For example, a man comes into your home tries to rape your girl and you kill him. You get jail time!

          How can anyone claim monopoly? As long as you are a either a state, or stateless agent, you are subject to sanction by both the institution and regime. So you may not take the law in your hands. You may take up arms but then you become a legitimate military target.

        • You don’t make sense. If you are legitimately fighting for your life without disproportionate use of force and the offensive party dies, you go free by virtue of self defence. Your sense of justice is flawed. Or perhaps that’s how things are done in Cameroun

        • I am informing you about the judicial praxis in the Western world and I am not asking for your opinion. You have to know these things, my friend before you kill somebody foolishly. You are free to investigate further and come back with your findings.

          At least, in Cameroon, you can kill a home intruder that is out to take your life… and of course, we have something there called jungle justice!

        • You made some strong claims to which I asked you some questions for clarification. But you kept going around the answers: You are unable to define what or who the state is. You are unable to define what the “monopoly of violence” is. Therefore, perhaps I may conclude that either you don’t know what you are talking about, or you are a sophist. In either case, it appears to me that your opinion is not useful on this matter.

    • Who is this cockroach called Ras Tuge show your face?

  5. Young men in hinter Anglophone villages are executed by the army with a false pretext of fighters.
    About 40killed in one small village Pinyin-Santa sub division.
    After killings the same army sets villages on fire. More than 72 Anglophone villages burnt down.
    How come only Anglophones in the hinterlands are killed or burnt down?
    Are these Anglophones in the hinterlands so different from the rest of the Anglophones in the cities in West Cameroon?
    This is a well orchestrated agenda of genocide a la Rohingya?
    Kill innocent villagers, burn villages and claim you are fighting ghost terrorist.
    Same playbook used to massacre Bamilekes by the same people.
    How many Notherners or northern villages were killed and burnt in the fight against Boko Haram by the army?
    Muderers of Anglophones!

    • False pretext, my dear? That’s so interestingly outdated. Those young men are not that innocent when they make flamboyant Youtube videos touting guns and announcing how they continue to slaughter military men and civilians… and all you do is cheer them up and urge them on in the comment section.

      Now you see what your actions are causing! How would you justify those videos… one of your high-profiled armed robbers even claimed that he had some 250 men under his command! If the 250 armed men are killed by the army in a firefight, theirs is a justified demise according to the rules of engagement. But what the universe is wants right now is for Ayaba Cho and Nso Foncha to get to the field now and prove their worth. Challenge them to go down there!

    • Lum When you will know the difference between emotion and reason you will be a woman.

  6. Rest in Peace Fellow Cameroonians. Our Leaders are a disappointment.Paul Biya and Friends are chasing the Smoke and Leaving the fire ? ? ?. Unless you settle the Anglophone Grievances, No Amount of people Locked up will solve the problem.Cameroon is a Victim of Leadership Failure! Failure to Properly Diagnose Political Crisis and Solve them politically without Involving the Military, Failure to Negotiate with Moderates when they had the chance to do so, Failure to Acknowledge that have Failed and Ask for help from the right places! Now they a Failing the PR (Public Relations) Campaign to clean up their Failures!

  7. Repose en paix Camerounais. Nos dirigeants sont une déception. Paul Biya et ses amis chassent la fumée et quittent le feu? ? ? À moins que vous ne régliez les griefs anglophones, aucun nombre de personnes bloquées ne résoudra le problème. Le Cameroun est une victime de l’échec du leadership! Défaut de diagnostiquer correctement la crise politique et de les résoudre politiquement sans impliquer l’armée, Ne pas négocier avec les modérés quand ils ont eu la chance de le faire, Ne pas reconnaître les échecs et demander de l’aide aux bons endroits! Maintenant, ils ont échoué à la campagne PR (relations publiques) pour nettoyer leurs échecs!

  8. # kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad !

  9. its always nice to read through and get the oppinions of many young cameroonians on what is happening back home..
    Its kind of schocking to see how we preach hatred ..
    Its strange to observe how we can even quote scandelous politicians like ATANGA NJI to defend our oppinions..
    This man has one of the most responsible position in the fake government and we all know he is a FEH man, a real criminal who is supposedto be in jail, but is a minsiter because of evil doings to protect Biya..We all know this but nobody is honest to say it..But yet we come out to complain when young men are fighting to liberate themselves from such devils?..
    What is happening now in Cameroon is State crime ie actions that break the state’s own criminal law or public international law. eg rape genocide, torture,steal

  10. We cannot pretend to claim the Anglophone problem is the cause of all troubles in Cameroon..
    If we are honest , we will admit that Cameroon is a failed state:
    When I say a failed state, I mean a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function…
    So the question we should ask here is:
    – Is it not a good idea that these young men are fighting to free this country from the dirty regime?
    -Do we know that Biya bought three presidential cars for over 3 million Euro?
    – Why 3?..For which reason?
    – Is it not the biggest scandal to even chase him out of office?..
    Are those fighting for liberation at home not the people to be praised?..
    What should they do?They seem to be smarter than most of us..SHAME