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Kumba attack leaves two Ambazonian fighters dead

Journal du Cameroun | At least two separatist fighters were killed on Tuesday night in Kumba following clashes with security officers, local sources report.
The fighters launched a coordinated assault on the local gendarmerie brigade, local security officers said.

« We heard sporadic gunshots between 7 and 10 pm yesterday night around the Kumba commercial avenue but we could not tell who they were, » a resident in Kumba and human rights lawyer Barister Ambe said.

In the course of the fire exchange, two of the fighters were killed while a soldier was severely injured before the rest of the assailants took off.

This is the second heavy attack on Kumba after the Senior Divisional Officer’s residence was targeted in an earlier attack that was pushed back last month.

Kumba has seen an influx of thousands of persons fleeing from clashes between the military and separatist forces in neighbouring towns and villages like Kwa Kwa, Mbonge, Bole and Mundemba.

Violence has engulfed most parts of these villages town with villages burnt down and villagers fleeing to the bush.

Kumba started the week off with an intensive non-violent « ghost town » on Monday after a weekend of fire exchange between the soldiers and separatist fighters across the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

The violence in these regions has led to the arrest and detention of over 100 civilians across both regions, the Network for Human Rights Defence and Freedoms says.

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  1. The eradication process continues.
    No negotiation with terrorists.
    They should all be terminated

    • General Semengue

      You are a terrible Cameroonian……You said in one response that mentioned Biya’s return from Europe that you will not wish him dead although you disagree with his governance. How come you wish other Cameroonians dead just for challenging government policies? Remember those killed are innocent Cameroonians who don’t even have anything to do with the strikes……But let me remind you that death is for all of us. If you celebrate others death, your turn will come soon. Some of you demonstrate high level of ignorance and stupidity in public forums. Be well!!

      • “…How come you wish other Cameroonians dead just for challenging government policies…”

        You people are really living in an alternative reality. Wow!

        These are armed terrorists who are coming out at night with the clear intention of killing whoever disagrees with their political agenda. Now that they lost the fight, you have the nerves to portray them as simply “challenging the government policies”…really?

        If they had killed others, including military personnel, you will not be so quick as to asked others not to celebrate…this is mind-blowing, the fact you people actually believe you can fool anyone with such a hypocritical view of events.
        The only crime here is the fact some of them escaped, they should be all dead.

        • United or whoever this fool is…….Francophones died in Yaoundé road last year over one thousand. More than five hundred died in train accident because of reckless Minister decision to add more carriages. Thousands died in hospital for lack of care….No only is the on shot by gun is death….all these other ones are deaths caused by Biya….Let me tell you, the effects of Biya’s inability to rule affects all Cameroonians….Go solve your problems firs before jumping to help others. Like it or not, statistics show a bunch of la Republic die each year for reckless policies…..Go cry the dead brothers and sisters dying everyday from accidents to hospitals…..you name the rest. Evil Cameroonians!!

  2. Kill them all , we re not negotiate with terrorist .
    If they are not happy with la republic, they can go to Nigeria.

    • You talk as if you are better than the people protesting…..even beggers are making noise….Shame that you really wish human beings dead…God bless you as you never will die..

  3. kill those illegal colonial forces in Amba land, they are occupying a foreign Republic of Ambazonian, all those lrc colonial bribe taking, arrogant civil servants must be killed too any french Cameroon lrc colonial slave who is residing in the regions must be sent back to the mongo dead , they are all liars, thieves,corrupt voiceless beggars living in slums like cave people under biya’s regime on a 21st century, lrc has been terrorists for 57 years, all the citizens a fearful of their own regime, lrc citizens have no human freedom, sheepish bunches of fake low life peasants! freedom taken from birth by colonial master in France, replace by lrc puppet biya

  4. One Humanity

    À genuine problem transformed into a fight between mercenaries on both sides of the coin. While the victims remain the average Cameroonians. I just saw images of a Gendarme officer slitting the throat of an alleged murderer in retaliation to the killing of three gendarmes, I guess. Aren’t there any lucid adults to sort this whole thing out for once and for all? Just thinking aloud.

  5. @Mbappe What do u want to negotiate in the first place when your president said that the form of the state is non-negotiable? If u think that u have an extremist for president,then no that,we also have extremists for president as well.We are in a war.It is either Cameroon divides,or we maintain the status quo….make man no run.Who sayw Ambasonnian leaders want to negotiate anything apart from seperation?

  6. Killings will bring us nowhere…….we’re no chimps…

  7. we are waiting of young cameroonians to come here and preach peace not hatred.we need a strong nation.we have to think how to eradicate poverty.we can achieve that goal only if we are together.No one is a winner in a war.so we domake a bloc against those who promote division and hatred.let us no wish anyone to die but let us pray the almighty God to soften the heart of those who are radicals.IF we turn to fight one against the other what could we do when the danger will come from outside.if a single cameroonian fight against another then all of us will be responsible before history ,man and God.

    • @lukememphis I agree with you that we were not supposed to fight each others as sons of the same nation you are one of those I normally read post on this platform.The real issue is the transposition of normal grievances to total KO by some with hidden agenda to satisfy their Ego.Nobody can say here that when a compatriot of Mamfé is complaining that there is no roads in their community this is not an issue,we all know this is a general complaint all areas of Cameroon are affected by the same issue now should Northerners set ablaze cotton farms cause they have no roads?should Easterners slaughtered all personnel extracting mines in their areas cauz they have no hospitals? Should people of Edea producing more than 50percent of Cameroon electricity burn out all plants then we see what next?

      • Épée Dipanda

        @Colby your thought processes are funny.
        You ask if northerners burn down coffee farms. Did Ambazonians burn down oils installations? Did they burn down cocoa and coffee farms? Did they burn down Palm oil plantations? Did they burn down the sea?
        Anglophones defend themselves against criminals in uniform who would rape their daughters and roll them in the mud. Let that never be forgotten and we will not forgive that until justice is served.
        You claim there are no roads anywhere in Cameroon so Anglophones should shut up, if you can read, go and see what percentage of the budget is dedicated to Ambazonia with its 8 million population out of 25 million Camerooninas and 60% of the national budget which it accounts for.
        Justice must be done.
        We will never yield


  9. only two? may be they were peaceful civilians according to @Kongossa & co. It’s war, NO DIALOGUE, MAN NO RUN, MAN NO GO CRY OUT TO SEEK SYMPATHY.

    • Yup, to seek sympathy that gendarmes have been killed! Grongbeef digger!

      • Have you at least sent a postcard to Sisi? Should you decide to do so, pls send him one with a Bamileke girl on top, it can help do him some good when lights are out at nite…

        • Maquisard escapee, Pinguiss secretly laughs at you, because he knows you are a coward who ran when his brethren put fire under you ass. See how Anglophones have defended their identity without running to Dschang!

      • dummy, once again you can’t keep my moniker out of your putrid mouth/fingers. why would i laugh at Zam-Zam? he is one of the most level-headed contributors on here, and unlike you he’s not hateful . Now we all know you are an uneducated dog eater stuck in china, but sink in your head that you can never twist history . There can never be a genocide with soldiers from the ethnic extraction allegedly being wiped off taking part in the operations. just like today with Elokobi and several NW and Sw fighting to maintain the integrity of the country. Instead of bothering zamzam you should go ahead and explain to us how come your 100% anglo want secession are not defecting from the army ? how come your anglo are marginalized are not leaving douala and yaounde to relocate back to ambashitinia.

        • Agbor Pinguiss,
          The truth hurts, doesn’t it? You and your brother committed genocide on Zam Zam and his brethren. He’s scared of your beastiality that is why he’s behind you like a ngong dog. You just proved to him that he’s disposable stuff by watering down the powers of Niat Njifenji. Zam Zam is your House slave, you it! He has no shame and dignity or how on earth would he be your lapdog? You who blended over he and his people and screwd them aller retour? You appointed Elokobi to act as your tool, just as Zam Zam is your propaganda tool. A drunk like you think we can’t see. You are cowards, that’s why you want Elokobi to do the dirty work for you! You want to lay the blame on him later!

  10. Childish forum for meaningful talk.

    • go and create your ambashitnian forum, you and your terrorist threats won’t be missed

  11. Very retarded , primitive and Barbaric people indeed..
    How can a cameroonian be happy that cameroonians are killing cameroonians..?
    We are not even mature after close to 60 years to govern ourselves..
    We need to be recolonized and thought simple governance..
    Come to this forum and see how barbaric africans are to africans..
    Your country is in war and you seat in the west behind your computers and are happy . Worse of all you call your brothers terrorist and even support their killings…
    A shameful platform to meet very primitive people..
    I dont want a cameroonian to kill a cameroonian..
    if we have problems, we should meet, talk and look for a solution..
    This is just how a civilized nation functions..