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Kumbo in panic after killing of gendarme officer

Journal du Cameroun | Security is on red alert in Kumbo, Bui division of the North West region of Cameroon after a gendarme officer was killed on Thursday by unknown men at a control post, local sources have confirmed.

Chief warrant officer Ngando Robert was Ngando Robert was shot in the eye an slaughtered by unknown men who seized his gun and took off, a security source says.

The identity of the attackers is yet to be established but sources point to an armed separatist group called the Banso Resistance Army who sent out warning tracts earlier in the week planning to wreck havoc on those disrespecting ghost towns.

Ngando’s colleague is presently receiving treatment at the Baptist Hospital in Kumbo after sustaining serious injuries during the attack.

The town was immdeiately sent into panic after the incident as security officers descended into the town and villages for a search operation to track the culprits.

During the operation which led the officers breaking into and searching houses indiscriminately, a suspected gun was retrieved and tons of marijuana confiscated, sources say.

Reports say many villagers jhave fled into the bush for fear of military violence while in retaliation while the Kumbo market which was supposed to hold on Thursday was completely deserted.

The tension also force students to desert schools on Thursday but the situation was calm on Friday with schools operating timidly.

This is the second gendarme killed in just under two weeks in the North West region. Last week, a gendarme officer was killed by robbers in Weh, Mecnchum division as they were pushed back in their attempt to break into a financial institution. Three suspects have since been arrested.

Unfortunately we can not publish the shocking images of the dead gendarme.

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  1. Frankly I search my soul and fail to see where the solution lies to this nation’s complex problem. The ghoulish practices of Sierra Leone’s child soldiers come to mind. Who will bail Cameroon out of this mess?

  2. Ayuk Tabe and his government are now in Cameroon.

    • Dumb donkey. What are they doing in Cameroon? Are they Cameroonians?
      Bold face liar

      • Just putting some info for you to consume conard..
        For the rest you an uniformed ignoramus.
        Leave it at that.
        You will all be cornered.
        If you are a man, join the frontline

        • The time and effort you vested in dessiminating false “info” on this site would have been better spent remedying your pathetic life style you lieing, filthy hunk of Beti garbage.
          Get a life. Miserable skunk.

        • @ Manyaka76
          Whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad!

          Try correcting your Lilliputian interlocutor by telling him that he meant “uninformed” (instead of uniformed) and see what reaction you elicit. He always knows after errors are pointed out to him. Tigers hardly get rid of their spots. Why a ignorant person would choose to waste away instead of going to school to learn is quite baffling. Well, as Patrice Nouma says, some people do not believe that the present state of affairs will ever pass away to make room for something else.

    • Our resolve and collective effort got Balla and Fontem out, we will get Ayuk, Tassang, Mancho and the others. Frenzy is not called for and no energy should be wasted on speculations

  3. Shame to the ‘Professional Cameroonian Security,” that is very Professional in mountain road blocks to collect money from road users and do uncountable corrupt deals, harrassing the population, attacking, burning and killing the people in their own land.

  4. **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    1. IP Ayuk Tabe and company are now in Mvomeka.
    2. The Anglophone Question is therefore considered as resolved since the President and cabinet of SC are now captives in LRC .
    3. Southern Cameroonians have been defeated by LRC since Ayuk Tabe and company are indispensable. Without them the liberation struggle cannot continue
    4. Normalcy will return to Biya’s “one and indivisible” LRC
    5. LRC will therefore remain “one and indivisible” forever
    6. Schools will resume on Monday in order to enable pupils and students to celebrate 11 Febraury
    7. GOD IS GREAT = „Allahu Akbar“

    • “According to reports, a school in Sangmélima in Dja-et-Lobo Division, South Region was completely burnt down Tuesday January 23, 2018. National Telegraph further gathered that a soldier was killed and others wounded same day in same town. Government authorities have received the news with shock.
      A Francophone who goes by the Facebook name; Dan Eboudou Essissima writes; “Un soldat aurait été tué et une école aurait été incendiée à Sangmélima, département du Dja-et-Lobo dans la région du Sud.”

      • This news is incomplete without the identity of the arsonists or the grievances underlying the act. Or should we take the easy way out and speculate “terrorists” or “secessionists” the current most trendy fad?


      “To ensure the proper management of the influx in line with international humanitarian principles, UNHCR is continuing its advocacy with Nigerian authorities to safeguard the rights of those fleeing the crisis and facilitate the provision of humanitarian assistance in safety and dignity. UNHCR has negotiated the release of some asylum seekers arrested by Nigerian authorities. For others still in detention, including the leadership of the pro-independence group, the government has agreed to grant UNHCR access for the determination of their status. The government has further reassured UNHCR that those detained would not be returned to Cameroon.”

      • LRC and FRANCE have become very desperate. The two terrorist states paid France24 to disseminate LIES that the leaders of SC were already in the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.
        The UNHCR has OFFICIALLY debunked this lie on the 24.01.2018.

        The leaders of SC are in NIgeria. The government of Nigeria has further reassured the UNHCR that those detained would not be returned to Cameroon.

        LRC has wasted taxpayers money bribing the Nigeria authorities to send Ayuk Tabe et al . to that ISLAND OF EVIL. The Nigerian authorities took the bribe money from Rene Sadi and said NYET to repatriation.

        Believe me or not, the leaders of SC will NEVER EVER be sent to that lawless ISLAND OF EVIL.



    • @Mvomeka, you pledged a few days ago that you would stop commenting on this site if Julius Ayuk Take was extradited to Cameroon. Well, he is locked up in SED sleeping on a 2 inches wet mattress. Goodbye, No changing screen name either my friend.

  5. shame to Angelo fools
    disturbing the peace of our beloved father land
    we shall kill all of them and occupy their territory.
    they should stop and beg us BC we are lovely and caring.
    they were primitive and poor but we built them sonara ,schools, hospitals etc but they want to bit the hand that feed them.
    may God helps us
    Cameroon is one as the President his Excellence Paul Biya the most powerful president said.

    • Faisons tres attention, parceque je constate une radicalisation du coté dit “Francophone ” de notre pays . Tous les “Anglophones ” ne sont pas des terrorristes. Il y a une petite claque qui s’agite et fait tellement de bruits.
      Le probleme de fond est réel, mais les méthodes utilisées par un petit groupe de terrorristes, ne nous laissent pas le choix de nous disassocier.
      Le plus important pour l’instant est de dissourdre ces cellules terrorristes avant de revenir au dialogue.
      Bien que le chef Bandit Sisiku et så bande de racaille soient à Yaoundé.
      Ce n’était qu ‘une question de temps.

      • Bikutsi, je n accepterai jamais cette histoire de ” probleme anglo” y a un probleme camerounais avec son gangster de Biya , moi dans mon village les gens vivent un enfer depuis les assassinats des gendarmes et c est tout ce que Biya voulait ,les ambazombiens ont fait exactement ce qu il ne devraient pas. Les innocents vont souffrir pendant que Biya garde un grand sourire avec sa femme Tchiruma.

        • Uhmm Pays
          A une grande échelle, il y a un problem Camerounais qui est Biya et son gvt. Plus largement nous avons un problem AFRICAIN qui est la souveraineté de notre peuple et l’indépendance vraie de notre continent. Le chantier est vaste. Nous ne pouvons pas résourdre tous ces gros problemes si nous ne résolvons pas les autres à l’échelle National, car pour faire face aux challenges mondiaux de notre siecle, l’Afrique a besoin de tous se enfants.
          Raison pour laquelle au Cmr par exemple ce problem dit ‘Anglo ‘ est bien réel. Domage qu’il soit pris en otage par une bande de minables
          Il revient donc à nous les kmrs de bonne foi de nous reapproprier ce probleme et trouver des solutions solides.
          Cela ne sera possible que lorsque Sisiku et ses suiveurs seront mis hors de nuir.

    • @PM Do not mind those fools. WE THE KAMERUNIANS WILL FEED ON THE CORPSES OF THE SO CALLED ANGLOPHONES & FRANCOPHONES. We’ll free Kamerun from the influence of those British & French slaves as our gallant soldiers once stopped french flag to be hosted high in Ngaoundere airport after removing ours & the way Douala’s population nearly lynch the former french ambassador. Also you can watch in Africa Media where we fight against fcfa. Those terrorists cannot distract us.

      • @Mbamois & Innobu!

        The only anglophone blood you ugly big nose primordial gorilla can spill are those of your brother’s children as their mum is from the NW. You weak animals stand no chance with the brave Amba people one on one. I personally will snap off your monkey head in one uppercut KO. Amba have proven to you all that the overhyped BIR is actually the weakest military in Africa. Dorty smelling Bafia man.

    • WE SHALL KILL ALL OF THEM AND OCCUPY THEIR LAND YOU SAID. who is killing who problem man. so you want them to kill us and occupy our land for what reason?

    • Nice try! I see that the new ambazonian strategy is to ignite hatred between the so call francophones and anglophones, hope for a showdown and hence the intervention of the so called international community. Write in French next time, may be you will sound legit … Try harder.

  6. The only solution to this crisis is for Biya to Organize a REFERANDUM for us to decide on our statehood. Of course we all know what would be the outcome. Victory is on the way.When they would have finished all the gendames still occupying our land,they Biya would sit up. I know he is not touched because those being killed mean nothing to him.
    At least we are going somewhere.Bravo my guys. We need freedom.

    • One gendarme killed now and then and you celebrate. But they dont tell you how many of these separatist thugs are being wiped out. You should know that for one gendarme killed douzains of terrorists are burried. The Government will not tell you. So stop this madness already, before there is no young men left in SC.

      • Tell them that again!
        They don’t get it still!
        What a bunch of ignorants.

        • French not your forte, English Nyet! You shot your leg and exposed how inept you are from your latest posts. Didn’t know we were dealing with a thick wood abandoned in Sweden. You have no right, ability or sagacity to tell us how to get it. You and your people are French slaves. Programmed over the years to take orders, fear your leaders and demonstrate zero responsibility. You all consume what Biya feeds you as he’s programmed your thick skulls to believe it’s ok to trample on the constitution, rig elections, change the form of the state and declare it a non grata. His children have been fraudulently admitted into Enam are a victim of their circumstances and will be moulded to rule over you. We Ambazonians have had enough and I tell you again; homeland or dead. The war struggle continues

        • C’est un compliment pour moi si je ne métrise ni l’Anglais ni le Francais.
          J’aurais étée indignée s’il s’agissait du BULU.
          Pourquoi perdez vous subitement la pédale lorsqu’on change de discours et vous crache les vérités crues? N’êtes vous pas des Hommes prets à mourrir pour votre virtuelle Etat?
          Pourquoi le discours d’une dame vous intrigue -t il autant?
          Vous voulez destabiliser le Cameroun et croyez qu’on vous laissera faire?!

        • Algeria refused to join this their nonsense” Cooperation of what?”. They fought and refused the easy and lazy way out.
          Amba people are far too advance to take advice from those who chose voluntary slavery. If you really want to be helpful, then the best you can do is to stay quite

        • @Rob, I’m not trying to be helpful, but to bring your attention to the fact that real young men are being slaughtered everyday for a cause that lost its momentum since Julius decided to use weapons, bien school and kill gendarme. By doing so Julius Ayuk has legitimized the use of force by the Government. You will found out how many young men have died once this crisis is over.
          Every war ends someday, better sooner than later.

        • The pressure is on you primitive Bulu woman! Before who knew you were Bulu and that you can follow the corpse to the grave for obvious reasons! You are on our land because you are French slaves, so you should speak French fluently! Do you know why you are shouting and pulling the whole place down! It’s because you claim to wipe out terrorists, yet reports keep coming of gendarmes being taken down. That can drive any brutish coward like you crazy! Keep shouting threats all over the place! Just snap your fingers and the job will be done, then you can dribble endlessly about decentralization.

        • Do not worry about these Australopithecus bamendamus.

          It is a lost cause, but unfortunately it will take some time for them to realize it. As it should be; being australopithèque

        • Remember French slaves are good at chunning out big words, but live like wretched beings. Australopithecus will build the only express in your shithole for you, something “ Grandes Realisations and Ambitions “ have failed to do. You have never been given an awakening, but you are getting it now!

        • FF,

          is that all all? We don’t insult women in SC, except somewhere after the border with NGR.
          These are the same values your con masters possesses, dehumanising women on social media. “You dis Bamileke woman, I go show you”, A. Tabe S. 2017.

          How I wish I could meet you one day, I’ll kick sh** out of your entrails…

        • @ZZ
          Finally you have revealed in full bloom who you are, a “wheel of evil come full circle.”
          Folks like you represent the vermin of humanity-phew! I shudder in disgust at the hypocrisy that lurks the hearts of your kind. I shiver in perspiration at the spectre that hunts mankind with your presence ever so close and yet unperceived, ever so real and yet intangible.
          I now know why @AG have labeled you “cunny man.”
          His description missed the sinister marker by some considerable tickles.
          Beware, the dictates of history affirms the efficacy in our struggle.

        • ZZ you can’t kick any body, coward, you are a keyboard warrior. You can’t speak when real men speak. Coward.
          As for you Mbappe, (I am ashamed you can carry upon yourself this name) and talk with this level of emptiness. You have no soul! nothing left. Just empty living matter going about gaggling idiocy into the air.

        • Hey Mola,
          don’t pretend as if it is 2day u know about what I stand for. When you dehumanize women, don’t cry foul when ur own sister will receive the same treatment from some deranged folks.
          I know your forte these days is to behead any person who has got contrary views to your retrograde way of seeing things. But guess what? Some of us are now learning to do likewise, and even better. Fasten ur seatbelt. Man no only run.
          As for u, wisdom. You’ve still got a very long way to go in the Arabian desert. You think you’ll mortgage Anglo children’s future, and just run back home thereafter to be petroleum minister. Not so?
          Bunch of selfish and greedy citizens. Other folks are praying to be like CMRs, but here we’re sponsoring terrorism on our kind.

          Shame on you, grafted intellectuals…

        • Hey Mola,
          don’t pretend as if it is 2day u know about what I stand for. When you dehumanize women, don’t cry foul when ur own sister will receive the same treatment from some deranged folks.
          I know your forte these days is to behead any person who has got contrary views to your retrograde way of seeing things. But guess what? Some of us are now learning to do likewise, and even better. Fasten ur seatbelt. Man no only run.
          As for u, wisdom. You’ve still got a very long way to go in the Arabian desert. You think you’ll mort*gage Anglo children’s future, and just run back home thereafter to be petroleum minister. Not so?
          Bunch of selfish and greedy citizens. Other folks are praying to be like CMRs, but here we’re sponsoring terrorism on our kind.

          Shame on you, grafted intellectuals…

        • ZZ, I am sure you know me to well to know how far I have to go. To allege I am mortgaging people’s future for my ambition to be petroleum (if that exists where we come from) is ridiculous and ignorant. In java said here time and again that Cameroon is better together; but if some people’s pain and request can not be addressed correctly then they have a right to walk away. Association is a choice. You seem to think everyone who speaks for their rights must be one of them. When you say other folk are praying to be like US, you mean the few like you whose parents ransacked the system to send you to DE? In an earlier post I challenged you all to travel far east of the country and see the Bakas and tell me what you think of our integration as a country. You will have something different to say

        • Why are you ashamed of it? To whom is it a secret that most of you don’t care abt the future of our children as long as your near-to-folly ego is not satiated? You think I am fool? None of you bastards is fighting for the Anglo cause. You’re fighting for key posts in ur virtual republic. This is why any move that may engender peace churns your heart, cos peace would entail you losing ur imaginary ministerial posts.

          This is the reason why ur leaders are caught like little lab rats. All what is inside their head is their turn on the cake, their own personal security means nothing to them. If not, how can pple who’re said to be fighting for Anglos be that negligent vis-à-vis their own safety?

          Wish ur colleagues at work knew whom you’re!

          Tief pipi…

        • —knew who you really are—

        • Zz
          how could people be fighting for their personal interest and asking for dialogue? You keep pealing off this your cunny skin like an onion revealing your insatiable hate for Ayuk Tabe na for wetti? Assume he’s never released will you hate his replacement in the same way? Why do you tolerate Bobga and bash Tabe when they all stand for the same cause? I’m beginning to perceive not only exploitation and extortion in you but wanton tribalism. What ever you choose to evolve into, be ready to take on 8 Million Ambazonians because we are not going to let the killings, looting and raping of our people disappear. As a matter of fact, I am doubling my monthly stipends for ADF and IG. We will resist you all till the last man. May the ghost of Mami Paulina torment you for the rest of your days.

        • Attorney,

          Tabe is a none event in my eyes. I have never considered him as a leader. Clown, yes.
          Rather than attacking me, ask yourself why pple in whom more than 2Million Anglo diasporians have invested so much money on their heads cannot afford to constitute a mere secret service to organise their mov’ts? Petty terrorists. And you want me to join such fools in their folly? You think war against a “legitimate” gov’t is just a matter of hit and run? Wake up the John Garangs, or Savimbis, and ask them.
          You think the Joshuas, Kamtos, Akeres, Wallas, Libiis, Lobes, Sihms…can’t organise hit and run campaigns?

          You all failed in your evil move even b4 you ever started cos of your genocidal longings.

          The blood of Mami Pauline would flow in back in the arteries of pple like US,

        • who have all the while been pointing out to you the futility of your folly. From dawn to dusk. You hide in the WEST and organise for poor pple to be massacred back home, and you think you would sleep and snore in the warmth of your family life without being haunted by the ghosts of those you cunningly encourage to naively run into the slaughter house?

          No, the ghosts of those unjustly manipulated and used as lab rats are not going to fall into your trap twice. They’re already striking back, the easy arrest of Ayuk Tabe and his cohorts is revelation enough. Oh yes, the ghosts of the Ma Paulinas would make sure you have a smell of your own s***….

        • If you think you can intimidate me in my utmost convictions, your better wake up. For, I am no boxed thinker. And will never be one. My intellect is fre*e—and it is good that way.


      • Zz

        You the grand chef for Koni talking about intimidation. Are you not the one using English, French, Hausa, Ewondo, Bulu, German and pidgin to run people here under the bus? Makelele be don bend dong see you long long time ago. Since I realize I no d bother at all. I only come in to address your lies/hate on people you don’t know so stop behaving like a little girl in heat.

  7. When any gendarme is killed,the colonial master,LRC go about and start burning houses of their colonies.

  8. The purpose of the UN, AU etc, is to duel on climate change and refugees.

  9. The identity of the attackers is yet to be established but sources point to an armed separatist group called the Banso Resistance Army …..
    Key Word – Sources

  10. To win, we just need the most radical leaders, not bull dogs. We have gone that far
    and done that much to continue dragging feet on the real issue – look for big brother
    support and arms.

  11. Biya will remain president in 2018
    We pray God can keep him for another 20yrs to continue to rule over Cameroon until 2035 for the celebration of the planned emergence.
    The majority in Cameroon have refused to fight Biya and France but are wasting their time fight Ayuk a man nobody knew 1year ago.
    How can people celebrate the failures of a man who joined the government of Cameroon in 1964, 54yrs who today Biya joined the government of Cameroon.
    The majority are instead chasing shadows behind Ayuk a man born when Biya was already in power in Cameroon.
    Why did the people of West Cameroon listen to Ayuk over Biya a man in power for 5+ decades? The people of West Cameroon trust not Biya, they trust not the unification project anymore.
    You can kill people but you can’t kill the dream

    • In order not to get bored, add Patrice Nouma to your list. Here’s one Francophone who has successfully disabused himself of the retrograde proneness to hail and sustain crude ethnocentric values. Check him up in YouTube under CCT.

  12. Among the Nera Hotel 12, is my blood and flesh. I am watching very closely, how this
    will end. While Mr. Biya has declared war and caught him, put him in truama etc, let
    him and the rest be released quietly. Failure, i am into full scale war with ten frogs.
    And this is the deal. Thank goodness, good minds are calling for their release.

  13. A level-headed person does not lose his/her cool in times of trial. It is time to pick the grains from the chaff. As the saying goes, a lie goes round half the world while the truth is still tying its shoelaces. Watch the way a chameleon changes colors to match its surroundings. No serious committed person does that.

    Influence peddling and trading in fakes has become Cameroon’s new industry. Watch the Patrice Nouma presentation in CCT on YouTube; you will come out dignified and won’t lose sleep over the fakes you encounter on this forum. A reasonable accepts correction and moves on; an imposter tells you how s/he knew it all along! Which sane person knows the correct thing,yet proceeds to write and document the wrong?

    • What a waste of time and energy attempting to convince your ilks for stuff publicly available.
      Now Patrick Nouma is your go to MAN for truth reagrding Kamerun.
      Stick with what you do best: clean those lab alleys.

      • @ Mbappe
        You really ought to be at the party celebrating the capture and deportation to Cameroon of Sisiku Julius Ayuk which you announced gleefully last week. Your medal for guesswork is probably waiting for you out there!

      • Empty cranium- Mbappe, would you rather that he comes to you? Incognito. You express so much ignorance everytime You speak

    • It1s war time, and the drums should beat. No fear or favor, it was announced officially.

  14. Joshua, respect your name. As you plan evil don’t be surprised you don’t wake up the next day and have to give account for your evil deeds. Instead of praying for the situation, you people think you will win.

    • Because we did not pray, we got biya.
      Because we did not pray, we got biya in power for life.
      Because we did not pray, that is why biya can not build roads, equipt hospitals
      or pay salaries etc etc.
      And because we did not pray, he declared war on Anglophones ………… etc etc etc.
      When one is dumb as you are, the only answer is to laugh.

  15. I encourage all Ambazonians to defend themselves.
    Those who are out of the country must boycott anything coming from la Republique, names, students, contracts, consultants.
    The battle continues.
    I have started and Aluta continua

    • Sure Epee and see all francophones as enermies.

      • Remember Joshua you declared war on us. We do not have the might of an army but we have our positions and influences out there in the international community, we must make that count.
        If francophones suffer as a result, it is “collateral damage” not unlike the blind old women who are being burnt alive by armies that are paid by their taxes.
        May all those scheming to impoverish and enslave Ambazonia be cursed with all the diseases that our ancestors can fathom.
        Aluta Continua

  16. you mbappe and bitkutsi dont you guys have jobs.why do you cry a cry which is not yours?why do you involve your self in a fight which is not yours?Are you anglophone or are you from the northwest and southwest?are you from the government bench ?if not why spend your time on adding fuel into fire?if those on the government bench dont cry like you guys do, why then cry or spill evil?,pathetic

    • Puisqu’ils sont si seuls, pourquoi ne pas organizer de referendum pour en avoir le coeur net?
      N’est ce pas la l’approche de panafricains aguerris qui écument ce site web?
      People are scared of Buea, what a shame.

  17. Hihihi @ ZZ
    Faut souvent venir donner des coups de points à certains agitateurs ici.
    Quand ils n’ont plus d’arguments, ils passent aux injurent à 2 balles. Si mon language est trop sofistiqué pour certains, tu peux toujours traduire en pidgin, meme si cela donnera des frissons à notre grand pere international, professeur d’Anglais qui aimerait servir du thé à la Reine Elisabeth!
    Si on écoutait que ces perdus de ce forum qui rêvent d’un poste au gvt de Sisiku, on aurait cru qu’ils avaient le support des populations, mais ce n’est pas le cas.
    Ils sont seuls dans leur illusion. Quel gachi.
    C’est dimanche, je vais cuisiner le ERU. La recette de la maman de mon meilleur ami. Oui elle est “Anglophone “.

    • It’s you @Bukutsi that resorts to goading when your oil burns out. Your ineptitude has been clouded by arrogance all this while until you were busted. Now I know exactly how to avoid engaging you and the airhead gorilla @Mbappe. The fact remains the anglophone resolve must meet its resolution this time. The war struggle continues..

    • Pride really dey dis woman! Na which of your language be “ sofistique’ ?” Kwifon! Massa write for Bulu!