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Le délégué régional des Affaires sociales enlevé à Batibo apparaît dans une vidéo

Le360 Afrique | Dans un court enregistrement diffusé en fin de semaine dernière, Animbom Akiabom Aaron, kidnappé le 24 février, demande à sa hiérarchie de plaider sa cause auprès du gouvernement afin que sa vie soit épargnée.

Une vidéo montrant le délégué régional du ministère des Affaires sociales enlevé le mois dernier à Batibo, dans la région anglophone du Nord-Ouest, circule depuis le week-end dernier sur la Toile.

Dans cet enregistrement de moins d’une minute (59 secondes), Animbon Akiabom Aaron dit être otage de l’Ambazonian defense forces (ADF), la branche armée du mouvement séparatiste qui donne un ultimatum au gouvernement avant de l’exécuter.

L’otage implore la ministre des Affaires sociales de plaider sa cause auprès du gouvernement afin qu’il ait la vie sauve.

«Je suis Animbom Akiabom Aaron, délégué régional des Affaires sociales pour la région du Nord-Ouest. Je plaide auprès du ministre des Affaires sociales d’intervenir auprès du gouvernement pour que les dirigeants de l’Ambazonie qui ont été arrêtés et amenés à Yaoundé, soient présentés au public afin qu’on ait la preuve qu’ils sont vivants.

Je suis ici et ils ont donné 48 heures pour le faire, sinon je serai sacrifié. J’ai été kidnappé par les Ambazonian Defense Forces et je demande au ministre des Affaires sociales d’intervenir au niveau de la haute hiérarchie afin que ma vie puisse être épargnée»

, dit-il dans la vidéo en ligne depuis samedi dernier.

Le délégué régional des Affaires sociales a été kidnappé le 24 février dernier alors qu’il se rendait à des obsèques. Il est la deuxième personnalité enlevée dans la région, le sous-préfet de Batibo, dont on est toujours sans nouvelles, l’ayant été avant lui.

Enfin, signalons qu’aucune réaction officielle du gouvernement n’a été enregistrée depuis la diffusion de cette vidéo.

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  1. Theses idiots don’t even know what they are dealing with and making video and posting etc…they don’t know that the videos leave traces and give a lot of information when decoded…..just like your leader you will be smoked out soon. we don’t care about the hostage we will desroy you all..he is one of you guys!

    • This guy Pharaon, you better watch out with your ignorance, i do not Support the Kidnapping of gov,t officials by the ADF,these individuals are victims of circumstances.But if the gov,t started the Show then it serve them right.LPC has been doing Kidnapping since this struggle started and no accountabilty of the those missing.And by the way who told you the Kidnappers are that stupid to allow traces of hideouts to be decoded? Let me tell you, before that Video was even postet on social media, their Location has probably changed a hundred folds. Ask lpc, they are the masters of Kidnapping.LPC don,t even care about These kidnaped gov,t officials.They are like crocodiles that will eat their own eggs.that is lpc.

  2. Anglofool on anglofool crime, he was probably an earlier supporter . This should serve as a learning moment for those who covertly support the ambashitnian. The people they will kill and hurt are you and only you . So I call on true Cameroonian to denounce the devils , expose their hideouts and lets back to our safe and peaceful Cameroon .

    Btw isn’t it funny that most of the civil servants they are killing are anglo ? I mean I thought all positions were filled by the colonists Franco . Another lie busted

  3. Capturing and hiding citizens is quite a skill the government has successfully taught its citizens who appear to embrace it with relish. After Ayuk Tabe and Company, then Animbom Aaron, who next?

    How do such captives feed, change clothes, do toiletry, etc? For humanitarian considerations, should families and lawyers not be allowed access to the prisoners? For how long can such unorthodox methods go on? What happens if a very senior government official falls victim to kidnapping?

  4. @Pharaon. I agree with you. The name alone says all AKIABOM hide its real name AKWA IBOM ( the name of a state in Nigeria). Ambazombians who know everything ask an evidence? WANDERS. He’s one of them.

  5. **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    1. Boko Haram kidnapped French citizens and the wife of Ahmadu Ali. Biya paid ransoms for their release
    2. LRC kidnapped the leaders of SC, hid them
    3. Restoration Forces have now learnt from Boko Haram and LRC that kidnapping is legitimate.
    4. French nationals, Governors, SDOs, Dos are now considered as MVT ( Most Valuable Targets) by our Restoration Forces
    5. No wonder, Lele Afikaner now lives in Mbouda and works in Abakwa, Okalia sleeps in Douala and works in Buea, the SDO of Manyu and Ndian now sleep in military barracks.
    6. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

  6. Should we ask ourselves, how can everything these ambazombians kidnap a non ambazombian, they chop his head off!
    Is this dude in cahoots with the ambazombians?

    • Read: …. every times these ambazombians kidnap … the individual ends up with a chopped head…

      • Try “Ambazonia”.

        By the way, there are facilities that offer remedial help for dyslexia.

        • Hey oldie,
          I do not have the time and the luxury like you do to use all those tools.
          Some of us are busy. Auto correction can trick you when using smart apparel.

          Anyway get off my butt.
          Stop sniffing my behind fagot

        • Ah ah ah Mbappe you just finished this Monk£y! ah ah ah

          Terrorist hidden John Dinga…you think we don’t know where you stand little mupp! You will be smoked soon….We now have your details I will publish here….you will be taken out when you land in cameroon…you better land to nigeria

  7. Look for more hostages, especially of higher levels and stay quiet
    like nothing ever happened.

  8. Africans For Donald Trump

    The stage is being set for a war between the delusional ambazombies and the responsible citizens of the North West and South West province of Cameroon.

    The delusional republic of ambazombie terrorists have now resorted to kidnapping civil servants like the Regional Delegate of Social Affairs. What a bunch of shameless coward terrorists! This poor man hails from the Boyo Division in the North West province, and his family and friends from the North West province will definitely not celebrate with the ambazombie terrorists after they kill him.
    What crime did this man commit?
    The delusional republic of ambazombies terrorists and their supporters better be prepared for the reaction of the responsible citizens of the North West and South West province. It will be bloody!

  9. @Pharaon Are u saying that if the delegate of social affairs was a guy,east of the Mungo,u will care? ha ha ha ha…There u go again,exposing your fake believe for national unity.I thought the gov’t is there to protect it’s citizens,be it anglo or franco,from the hands of the Ambasonia terrosrist?did u say the same about Ahmadou Ali’s wife?continue to make this fight a franco-anglo issue.Its just not working.Ambasonians have made it clear that their problem is with the Y’de illegitimate and illegal gov’t,over the territory of former British SC.And their actions should tell u that they have no problem with ordinary citizens,be it franco or anglo,who do not represent the gov’t.Their problem is with the Y’de illegal and illegitimate gov’t and it’s symbols in the former British SC territory.

    • @Kongossa,

      Someone said above that everytime the kidnapped someone they just finished him…why not this guy? look at him in the video he look like he was going to meet Donald Trump! the guy look good! he probably ran away when he got the new that the BIR was coming his way! he asked his friends to capture him…ah ah ah

  10. @Pharaon ”Someone said above that everytime the kidnapped someone they just finished him…why not this guy”? That still does not answer my question. Your Y’de illegitimate gov’t claims that they are there to protect citizens from the Abasonia terrorist.Are they going to leave their citizen in the hands of terrorist?

  11. @Pharaon What message is LRC sending to the people who lives and works for its gov’t in SC? Is LRC telling all its officials working in SC that they are on their own?becos,by being less concern over the arrest,and possible extrajudicial killing of the delegate of social affairs by the Ambasonia gov’t means everybody working for LRC gov’t who lives in Ambasonia should take care of his security.Is that the message Y’de is sending? How can a gov’t be this irresponsible? Did Biya abandoned Ahmadou Ali’s wife when Boko Haram kidnapped her even though there were rumours ligering that the people up north were the ones sponsoring boko haram? why should LRC abandone their delegate of social affairs in this trying times? The Ambasonia gov’t will never abandone any member working for her gov’t.

    • We have no messages to send to anyone…we know who is who…terrorists choose to go to Nigeria instead of DLA/Baffousam etc….you will all be killed and smoked out! Terrorist…useless Anglofools!

      like I said before Anglofools and Francofolls should get out of Kamerun fast we will clean you all!

      • Yup, terrorists choose to go to Nigeria because they are Biafrans, but when your Bamileke kin and kith were bent over and screwed by Pinguiss’ brutal people, they headed to the N and SW. See who is the coward! See who owes Anglophones a moral debt!

        • yeah yeah yeah we did..why you not coming to the ouest or East instead you go to nigeria? Biafra them they come for peace land for africa cause troubles get out! go back where ya from!