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Le journaliste Fon Echekiye bientôt licencié de la CRTV ?

Actu Cameroun | Le célèbre journaliste d’expression anglaise bien connu des arènes sportives est porté disparu depuis plusieurs mois.

Fon Echekiye, visage bien connu des téléspectateurs de la télévision nationale, n’est plus visible ou écouté sur les différentes antennes de la Cameroon radio and télévision, média de service public.

A-t-il démissionné ou alors il est indisponible pour certaines raisons ? Au moment de boucler cet article, il est impossible de trouver le journaliste pour connaître sa position. La direction de la CRTV est aussi sans nouvelles de son employé, l’un des plus anciens de la Tour de Mballa II.

En effet, Alain Belibi, Directeur central du pôle Radio cherche en vain à localiser le célèbre journaliste d’expression anglaise mis à sa disposition. “Monsieur Fon Echekiye Ignatus, journaliste principal affecté à la direction centrale Radio et qui n’a pas pris service depuis lors, est invité à se présenter urgemment à la Direction centrale Radio, faute de quoi des mesures disciplinaires seront prises à son encontre conformément à la réglementation en vigueur”. Telle est la teneur intégrale d’un communiqué signé d’Alain Belibi, Directeur central du pôle Radio.

Fon Echekiye refuse -t-il de partir de la Télé sise à Mballa II pour la Radio située au quartier Nlonkack ? A-t-il décidé de prendre la porte suite à cette affectation ? Au-delà des interrogations, il reste que depuis quatre mois, cette élite de la Région du Sud-Ouest, répond aux abonnés absents à la Maison de la Radio à Nlonkack.

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  1. Check with Australia’s Ministry of Refugee Affairs

  2. If Mr Fon did not appear at his workplace, the law should be applied.
    However, it is not acceptable for management of CrTv to make the absence of Mr. Fon a public issue.

    • “One and indivisible” LRC falsely accused Mr Fon of being a “secessionist”. He was ordered to appear before the SED.
      Now the same “One and indivisible” LRC is begging Mr Fon to return to his place of work.
      Of course, it is over. Mr Fon has read the handwriting on the wall. He has now joined the “secessionists”

    • Stop looking for Mr Fon. He reserves the right to quit his job and join the “secessionists”.

      He does not want any “Vivre ensemble”. He will be the next Information Minister of SC.

  3. In a country where CPDM does not differentiate between their party,and the gov’t,things like this are bound to happen.CPDM is behaving as if they own Cameroon and all its natural resources.Thats why when we declared our independence on the 1st of October 2017,our law enforcement officers are suppose to make the CPDM terrorist soldiers to know that the Ambasonian territory belongs to the people of Ambasonia.When i hear some people say we should take our fight to Y’de,i laugh.Why should we take our fight to Y’de or across the mungo when we are for self defence? Our law enforcement officers have to limit our fight only within our territorial space.Taking the fight to Y’de would mean we have attacked LRC,and LRC has the right to attack us back.For now,it is an act of aggression against SC

  4. Very soon,all those interurban transport vehicles leaving Douala and Yaounde to Bamenda will stop at Mbouda,and the passengers will have to trek on foot and cross the borders before taking another car to go to Bamenda.Any defaulter will suffer the consequences.While we impose a no fly zone on Cameroon military air crafts in our territory.Defaulters knows what awaits them.

  5. Cameroonians need to go down on their knees and pray for forgiveness and redemption of what is left of the Fatherland.

    The power brokers and powermongers have taken their zealotry to a new, toxic and dangerous level. What chance does a mere journalist have, faced with an all-powerful boss?

    Given the virulence and incendiary utterances of elite/politologue, Banda Kani on Afrique Media, calling for US ambassador, Peter Henry Barlerin to be sent back in a coffin ,what hope is there for the ordinary Joe who dares to moot a dissent? Cameroon has reached the point where different is equated to deviant and sanctioned.

  6. He fled and is now the head of terrorists television in south Africa.

  7. All Anglophones know in their DNA that they are not wanted in Cameroon.
    They are tolerated because of their land that’s why LRC has not gased them all.
    If there will be no international interest in Cameroon the ruling class will gas all of them including the so called elites.
    There is a reason why the Jews asked the world to create a nation for them after the majority kept silent at their extermination.
    Same phenomenon with the Rhoyingyas in Burma, the Tutsis in Ruwanda and so it will be with the Anglophones in Cameroon.
    There is a burning desire to kill or blackmail any Anglophone in Cameroon as a terrorist by the ruling class and the silent majority.
    More than 75 villages burnt down, thousands killed, thousands are refugees but there is a silence of consent.

  8. Just looking for an opportunity to seek asylum.
    Being a public worker, you ought to be ready for any assignment.
    Now do not pull the discrimination s&$y out of this. No proof here as the dude has been a prominent journalist so far.

    • Highly wanted by lr.

      His name is ECHIKIYE IGNATIUS. Sport Journalist by professional of #southerncameroon origin.

      According to information from his colleagues. crtv worker as written below.

      Mr journalist. Good evening. Can you please clarify to me what really happened to Mr IGNATIUS.?

      Yes.As usual madam. You know it has been long we working together as brother & sister. Let me tell you loveline. He who think anglophone are welcome in lr must have a problem. Even though we are crtv workers. But you have obligation to. ie
      #Must learn to speak FRENCH.
      #must not go against the law of French culture (journalisim) else you are there just to earned your money as a stranger in Cameroun.

      In fact. The case of IGNATIUS is just to make us anglophone working with crtv knows that we must

      • to make us anglophone working with crtv knows that we must obey francophone by force or by blood as it the case in southern Cameroo presently.
        It all started during African nation cup in Gabon. He committed an error commentating a match where in he mentioned the name “#southerncameroon” over NJEH CLINTON over thrown. But I don’t know either he was angry or he did that mistakenly due to #clinton situation in the national team.

        On the 27/05/2018. Surprisingly without any explanation or evidence of any crime committed. The director of crtv #charlesndongo signed a communique. Downgraded him from a TV sport presentator to a simple radio journalist reporter. He was immediately replaced by another journalist MR NVAZE NVAZE CHARLE (FRANCOPHONE).

        03/06/2018. #charlesndongo signed another

        • signed another communique. This time warning Mr IGNATIUS to present his self in his new post of service recently affected. Failure to present his self will lead to heavy sanctions against him in all forms?
          After he received the noticed, he is no where to be found up till date. We don’t know what happened to him or he ran away for his #life from the government communique.
          Let me end here fir now. I’m looking forward to get the copy the communique in French as usual. But I think you do read French as your sister.
          Thanks you nice day. I will come back to you soon after work.

  9. Epée Dipanda

    We all saw this coming months ago.
    Ambaland will be free and our heroes will return home

  10. @ Mpabbe , this just shows the incompetence of you Frogs , Fon E is not above the law if he is in violation of the rules and ethics of CRTV in conformity with the labour code he should be sanctioned according, why is Alain B making a national debate on the insubordination of an employee, I am an Ambazonian we apply the law we don’t seek public opinion b4 the law is applied, if Alain has gone public it means he has no case against Fon E. a worker absent for 4 months earning a salary with no justification is a joke

  11. When he joined the public service, it was his personal decision. And if he decides to leave,
    what the heck is this publicity? The frogs are very comfortable, because power is in thier
    hands. Let it change hands, and cameroon, will all sleep no more. Just this notion alone,
    has blocked their intellects, to not know that they too, are lacking in roads, pipe water, good
    school structures etc etc etc. See, the mountains of garbage in their supper cities, ponds
    along highways, houses enundated in standing water etc etc. It shouldn`t surprise a people,
    that Mancho Bibizx, should be jailed for crying loud, that `dogs`are clean animals than `pigs`.
    Whosoever decides to leave, should be seen as ` dusting the legs `, the biblical instruction
    to show disgust. Shame unto you LRC.

    • Very well said Joshua and moreover they do not even agree with each other. They only unite when the anglophones emerge with a tangible and sustainable agenda.

    • And they die like flies along the Douala yaounde so call high way. Shameless frogs.

  12. LRC is not different from their master,France.They have learnt the policy of assimilation from their master.They want to forcefully make SCnians their citizens.Come to think of it,why would Biya change the name of the country from ”United Republic of Cameroon” to LRC? Was the name ”’United Republic of Cameroon” disturbing him? Just the name LRC psychological makes anglophones to know that the country is not theirs.And that the country belongs to francophones.And when Fon Echekiye mention SC in his commentary,they downgraded him without any explanation or evidence of any crime committed.

  13. Interesting to know that CRTV began the witchhunt in reaction to journalist Fon’s use of the epithet “Southern Cameroon” in a sports reporting about player Clinton Njie.

    And then he was sanctioned with a demotion and a disciplinary transfer at the tail end of his career. And that is the handiwork of CRTV DG Charles Ndongi, himself brought back from retirement to continue to work and promote the wonderful policies called “Vivre Ensemble”.

    Calling a spade a spade makes it easier to gain perspective, analyze well and draw the right conclusions. The pattern is quite clear and dovetails remarkably with all other scenarios that prompted a timely remark from Ambassador Barlerin.

    • Ops!
      No matter how much I try automatic spelling checker outdoes me in Cameroonian names – Charles Ndongo.

  14. Epée Dipanda

    Substance of the message Recieved .
    Ambazonia like the truth will always triumph.