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Military fuel spills over in Cameroon after colliding with a truck [+video]

Military fuel spills over in Cameroon after colliding with a truck | No further details available at this time.

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  1. this kind of accident is the result of technical inefficiency.every year it happens in many countries round the world.one country that has done extremely well is japan because of the constant desire to improve technically and scientifically in all aspects.this had enabled them to reduce the number of train accidents drastically as compared to different countries.what makes this country interesting to study and perharps assimilate some concepts from there is the strong desire to first build quality in people,through adiquate training.they understand that the end result is the consequences of what humans know can do and can not do.the result is, from primary school a process oriented way of thinking institutionalized and children internalize it.this is the mother of japanese perfection.

    • Bros I agree with you but Cameroon’s case is gross negligence. How can you an intersection between a rail tract and an auto way and there are no traffic control systems or barrier to descend and prevent a car from crossing when the train approaches. In most cases I have seen around the world, it occurs when a car is already stuck onto the rail track.

      Listen to the by-standers as they are already attributing the fault to the truck. And see how the idiots are just moving around without any protective gear. Na wah for Cameroon ooh. A country that never learns a lesson.

  2. No rescue mission to turn to? No improvisation to collect rather than let so much fuel go to waste? How can people be so good and fast and independent at applying their eerie professional knowledge on humans (rape, torture, shoot) but be so lamentably wanting in devising a modest means to cut the national loss?

    How long would it take to assemble a rubber hose and a few drums to collect such useful resource flowing to nowhere?

  3. With good governance, there should be privision to transfill into empty tanks. This is all part of a national health, safety and security protocol for fuel transportation that should be in place. What would happen if the Chadian pipeline leaks due to any of several causes including rebel attacks. Are we more ready for champaigne than prime time?

  4. Blood of Jesus

    That’s a warning from God.Mr Biya take this seriously .The hand of God is against you.You either repent and stop killing your people or you continue in your arrogance and fall like Mobutu.

  5. Some body just need to light an a cigar around the Conner then the fuel will STOP.

  6. The karma of Biya’s so-called “Island of Peace” is beyond reparable

    • More like Karma is getting back at LRC for the genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated in SC.