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Opposition candidate Weah wins Liberian presidential run-off: electoral body

MONROVIA, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) — The candidate of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) George Weah has taken the lead in Liberia’s presidential run-off election, the country’s electoral body said on Thursday.

With 98.1 percent of the vote counted, Weah came far ahead with 61.5 percent, while his rival, incumbent Vice President Joseph Boakai is trailing behind with 38.5 percent, head of the National Election Commission Jerome Korkoya told reporters.

Weah, a former soccer star, had won 14 out of Liberia’s 15 counties in Tuesday’s run-off, Korkoya said.

The electoral commission said turnout in Tuesday’s race stood at 56 percent and that final results of the election will be announced on Friday.

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  1. Didn`t read that ballot boxes disappeared, then appeared and were filled with ballots.
    Money was not mentioned and chiefs did not magu magu etc. That, is why he won.
    But in Cameroon, they are in for another round of Wahala.

  2. Bravo George Weah! Liberia can use some fresh blood.

  3. Congrats Mr George. As a former Tonerre Kalara striker, you have done well to take your people and legacy to another stride while another TKC obnoxious boot licking striker Roger Milla has his head stuck in King Biya’s butt, begging for change as he answers Oui Patron left right centre. Those from rival club Connon Younde like Rigobert Song are now CPDM campaign managers as the ones less fortunate to get their hands stuck in the cookie jar like Mfede Louis and Benjamin Massing are dying like flies. No proper sanitary health care to take care of erstwhile stars that brought so much joy to many in the prime of their playing days. You won’t imagine Mfede died of preventable Tuberculosis. That’s the state of Cameroon now Mr George. And Biya is still president running to win again in 2018.

    • Competition is good, isn’t it? If politics could ease off just a little, and give competition a chance – in education, in sports, in the free market place, in the workforce, and even in politics. Competition brings out the best in people.

    • Kikiki, Attorney…..Tataw nkoh? I know grand neuf is the legend according to you…

      • Grand Neuf Na idiot and a cunning man like you Zz. Since the day his people massacre ours yi don show side wey yi tanap.

        • Firebrand, that’s how we educate charlatans! True son of up country, not some weak-knee sell out!

        • True talk bro @Firefighter. Keep the uppercuts coming. The macaques are scattered in the bushes from your devastating punches.

  4. Congrats president elect Weah.

  5. experience has proved beyound doubt that no solid economy can be build by politicians.often very naive,alienated ,and detached from the real rules that govern the world.the current education system was crafted to fabricate adults with basically no capacity to think critically.it is only after taking political power that they realize it’s an empty seat,that power is in the hands of those who own and control means of production.not possesing the material means necessary to put in practice what they promised ignorant masses who are childish enough to think that putting a peace of papper in a box will improve their living conditions.the newly elected president is forced to go and borrow money in oder to satisfy those who elected him.but who owns the money in banks?

  6. it is here that politicians in their powerless position resulting from wrong mental conditioning are forced to borrow money from predatory organizations like imf on conditions that tying their hands for ten twenthy thirthy years.it is at this point that those who elected the politician begin complaining that nothing has change.then comes the next election and another face makes the same promises made by the privious president,is elected and the same cercle continue over and over again.all this under the banner of a lie called democrazy.but if people could use their brains to understand that material prosperity demand sacrefise and descipline.they would simply organise in small groups and get to work intelligently to creat what politicians promise them.

  7. in five years from now if not less; the same ignorant youths celeberating weah,s election will protest against him.even using words like dictator coined to manipulate our masses against any president who has courage to think and act differently.from my observation the only president in africa who understood things so well was SANKARA,and he proved this by telling the masses the simple truth.only descipline,sacrefice and hard work will enable those dominated to recapture their dignity.the rest is ignorance,the last 100 years prove this beyound doubt.in oder for us to dream of a future where we dictate everything.we must focus on work with the objective of micro industrializing our villages.it is the surest path to economic prosperity.each house or family must produce something.

    • Ni Bah,

      Those celebrating Ambazonia today would be the same that would call Sisi a traitor in 5years to come.
      Or what do you think?…

      • ZAM ZAM,,,,why are you talking about five years from now?some are already saying ndah ngreh atah-reh kumeh sisiku is a traitor.the assimilationist education system irresponsible accepted by the generation of ndah ngreh muna has created a generation of africans incapable of reading the action of others to know which direction the world is going.so that we know the kind of strategy to adopt in oder to catch up and surpass them.look at the nigerian market with more than three hundred million sure consumers.if we succeed to mechanize agriculture in all villages from fundong to acha tugi creating micro industries in our villages producing finished and semi finished products.we shall draw billions if not trillions from nigeria accumulating enough capital to even enter capital intensive manuf,,,

    • Shut the f up Bah achu here you come again ranting like a deuche bag which you are. A coward who can not call evil for what it is. Preach all you want sleeze ball and your people are dying in their numbers back home.

  8. What a feat!!! Congratulations Mr. President.

  9. Mr Mbah Acho!Happy to see you back again!welcome!You are 100% right and again 100% right on Thomas Sankara the upright man.He was truely the only African leader who could see things clearly and dare tried to invent the future,a genuine and real future for his people.

    • ENOW KUMBA,,,,what is difficult to understand is that almost 30 years ago TAH SANKARA knew the importance of mobilizing the masses and getting them to work through collective effort and descipline is the surest way to build a rich prosperious society.yet today even at the village level we do not use it as a model or a way of thinking and acting different from that preached from younde.

  10. The great Opong! You were a superstar in Soccer, now be a supermoon in politics! Please do everything to make sure Naomi Campbell gives back the diamond Taylor gave her in that hotel room service in South Africa! It was a whole bag of well refined crystals, that could turn Monrovia it a near paradise! Why is it in the hands of a woman who was once the toy of a Russian Billionaire? Take it back!

    • Bro, those diamonds belong to Sierra Leone. It’s ptoceeds could help repair the devastation the landslide left behind. Mr Opong will do great to hand it to the rightful owner that suffered untold misery from the RUF repression between 96-04.

  11. Vaiocomputers

    When r we going to elect a true president in Cameroon?

  12. A simple measure of a people’s appetite for change is the rhythm at which leadership changes hands at the summit. Since gaining independence around 1960 the Federal Republic of Nigeria has experimented with Nnamdi Azikiwe, Generals Ironsi, Sani Abacha, Yakubu Gowon, Murtala Mohammed, Matthew Olusegun Obansanjo, Shehu Shagari, Ibrahim Badamasi Babaginda, Abdusalam Abubakar, Amaru Musa Yar’Adua, Goodluck Jonathan and currently Muhammadu Buhari. Over the same interval France has had Georges Pompidou, Valerie Giscard d’Estaing, François Mitterand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarcozy, François Hollande and now Emmanuel Macron. In Cameroon, over that stretch of time the nation hashad Alhaji Ahmadou Ahidjo (the man who left his imprimatur of 5-year development plans) and Paul Biya whose own pet

    • project is the 25-year “Emergence-2035”. This gives an average presidential mandate (duration) of Nigeria (4 years), France (9 years) and Cameroon (28 years). Can this provide a rough measure of the peoples’ appetite for change?

  13. In the late 80s, this guy was playing for TKC..(tonnere ) yaounde, …Later left to play professional football in PSG..(paris) and AC milan where he was voted Worlds best footballer…

    Today he is the president of Liberia…
    When he was playing in Yaounde, the president was a certain PAul Biya…
    After all Weahs stages , development and experiences he is now a politician, a president and camwroon is still stagnant , ruled by the half death, old , weak, corrupt and Killer Biya…

    What have we learned:
    – liberians fought, many died and today they are working to build a nation with equal rights and justice..
    And CAmeroon?..Stagnant:- When u revolt, u are a terrorist , either killed or locked up..
    Votes are bought for a bottle of beer. No want seems to care ..SHAME…