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Professor Jean-Louis Atangana Amougou, a university lecturer has been elected as a member of Fifa’s appeal committee.

He was voted in at Thursday’s congress of the world football’s governing body in Bahrain.

Jean-Louis Atangana Amougou

Profesor Atangana Amougou has been assistant director for Cameroon’s international relations institute, IRIC, where he gave out lectures for years. Recently, the 52 year old diplomat was appointed cabinet director of La Francophonie.

Other Africans elected on to Fifa committees at 67th Congress include:

Disciplinary Committee

Chairman: Justice Anin Yeboah (Ghana) – Supreme Court Justice

Members: Maclean Letshwiti (Botswana), Guy Akpovi (Togo), Mahmoud Hammami (Tunisia)

Appeal Committee

Members: Jean-Louis Atangana Amougou (Cameroon), Alberto Simango (Mozambique)

Ethics Committee – investigatory chamber:

Deputy chairman: Martin Ngoga (Rwanda) – Former Prosecutor General

Members: Janet Katisya (Kenya)

Ethics Committee – adjudicatory chamber:

Members: Justice Ayotunde Phillips (Nigeria)

Audit and Compliance Committee:

Members: Andrew Kamanga (Zambia)

Journal du Cameroun

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  1. These are rogue professors who give out points for sex…what has a professor got to do with football? Same old French influence macabre politics. Not good for us; in fact anything that has to do with appointments is outside the operational command of the Anglo Saxon culture. Just in case you don’t understand why we object to such politics, imagine a guy like this just pop up and suddenly he’s at the helm of of an important organization that is the only hope and joy of the ordinary man! You cannot have hawks managing mosquitoes; it doesn’t work that way. And why are names always Amougou’?

    • In Cameroon, it is not what you know, but who you know that matters in securing juicy appointments.
      And right-sounding names matter a lot, Amougou being one of them, Semengue another even if it means taking Tonnerre Kalara club and drowning it in ethnocentric gymnastics.

      • are you saying the yaounde regime and its men have grips even in FIFFA?
        then please better stop trying to fight them.
        funny. you see problem every where. we do not even know this man yet we are quick to lay him names and offences

  2. Heine Nzumafo Reserved

    FIFA voted him not Cameroon. Lets not get too emotional here. The process of appeals in FIFA generally has to do with abiding by FIFA rules so generally I would expect someone with a leval or diplo.acy background to handle this and this professor fits the bill. I so not know him and habe no knowledge of his character as a lecturer, but I do know that FIFa is a big organization that needs skillsets beyond that related to kicking a ball on the pitch. Goodluck in your post

  3. @hypocrite Dinga who are you fooling ? if this news was about this fellow compatriot prowess of creating the first solar mobile phone or laptop though lecturer in IRIC would you have posted baseless like this ? What do you know about this man? Is Cameroon government that elected him ? sometimes try to use your common sense please.

    • Fooling? Why turn a” reality” into a “hypothesis” (if)?

      If the cap fits you, why not just wear it? Put differently, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is most probably a duck, n’est-ce pas?

  4. Remind me the recent story about Maboum and appointment, please.
    Know ye that wherever LRC features, it goes along with general CORUPT….n.

  5. For those who spend sleepless nights going from witch doctor to witch doctor in search of the magic formula to achieve national solidarity and cohesion, pay attention to France’s Emmanuel Macron’s cabinet of 11 men and 11 women, professionally and geographically scattered over the national Hexagon!

  6. the current acedemic system designed to creat a submitted people has shaped the minds of our super degree holders in a way;all they aspire is to be appointed to a position of power where others take oder from them.they never think beyound this level.this explains why a political appointment is considered an archivement by our alienated mentally inslaved aleads.even in their wildest dream;they do not think about the possibility of becoming the captain who appoint others.in oder words owing source of production and delegating responsibilitity to subordinates often unconscious slaves kikikiki

    • @Acho “ beninese ” are now teaching you incantations ,and how to lure women using (jou-jou) what are you doing in Benin ? kikiki !!

  7. this is why the precondition for a village to prosper economically in africa today; it must not produce doctors;lawyers;governors;etc all conditioned with a salaried psychology to take and execute oder.but productivity demand mental freedom,the capacity to dream today that even though i am selling grounuts in tad market.i will become a champion in industrial production;if only i learn and apply what is necessary.but somebody waiting to be appointed minister in campala or younde will never nature such a dream because his education has determined what he should be.

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