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REPLAY – Macron en Afrique : Les questions des étudiants burkinabè [+vidéo]

REPLAY – Macron en Afrique : Les questions des étudiants burkinabè

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  1. This Emmanuel Macron guy is really something! He is a fast learner, very much at ease and surely knows how to make his audience look at the other side of their concerns – China’s ONE CHILD policy and its impact on development and immigration, Africa’s demands for easy access to Europe and his people’s concerns, Africa’s adoration of Libya’s Quaddafi and their shameless enslavement by the very Quaddafi’s citizens.

    All in all, it is refreshing to see a president tackle questions spontaneously without declaring any of them taboo. Hopefully the very best pupils of France are watching.

    • I beg to disagree. The guy is preaching the same old tales of France or the west being the saviour and Africa being the needy beneficiary of the largess of the west, relying on France to save her monetarily, militarily and all what not. The guy has guts to say that France guarantees the stability of our money, who asked them to, did we bring them to Africa? We don’t need France. I am virtually boiling inside having listened to this nonsense.

  2. Am very disappointed with my fellow French speaking Africans who do not understand or do not want to understand that the French President is not their President and Is not working in their Interest, The French President for the French and Go hold your leaders accountable for the leadership failures and the underdevelopment of your countries!

    • @ Korak
      For someone who has made just six months in office, I think Emmanuel Macron’s performance is commendable. He must have received a good amount of briefing prior to undertaking his African visit. Makes all the difference from what praise-singing and motions-of-support machines.

      Burkina Faso students were very organized and methodical in their questions to the French leader even if some could not avoid the germ of irrelevance.

      • Ops!….what praise-singers and motions of support machines do.

      • @John Donga! I actually love the organization of event but their expectation of The French President is outlandish. He cannot fix their economy or unemployment or fight to get them off from the France CFA because he is not their president nor is he responsible for their freedom fight. That something organized people fight for themself. With good leadership and engage citezines

        • But that is exactly what Emmanuel Macron meant when he pointedly directed the audience to their own president sitting there in the hall. The French president said he was concerned about the welfare of his people and left no doubt that the welfare of his hosts was in the hands of their president seated right there. They surely got the message but what they will make of it is anyone’s guess.

  3. I find this whole bizarre discussion perplexing, with Macron positioning France as Africa’s saviour and guarantor. French soldiers to save us. We should be applaud them. France is there to guarantee our monetary security both in terms of the Franc CFA zone and in guaranteeing its exchange rate against the Euro. BS!

    • No oppressor will ever accept that they are oppressing you. They use words such defending you or protecting you .From who I wonder !

      • They need Africa to buy arms, the problem is finding a reason to have them .
        Europe and France need the CAF treasury in France .
        Much wealth in Europe is based on African commodity transer pricing and cooking the books to aviod true prices and due taxes .
        With a wife from a chocaltiar family plus being a previous finance minister / frances rich list he knows what subjects to avoid .

  4. Macron is a complete novice! Africans will have to teach him what Africa is about. It is baffling to think that the destiny of so many African countries currently lie in the hands of this naive kid.

    Curiously however, the coronation of France as the so-called guarantor of political stability was the lugubrious handiwork of Felix Houphouet Boigny, the treacherous African scoundrel! It is thanks to such reactionary African impostors that this pattern of abasement and trepidation has become locked-in over time… but in this era, we must completely destroy this parasitic neo-colonial insanity that is choking our people.

    ‘Africa is the only place in which France maintains the illusion of being a superpower’- Frantz Fanon

    In Africa, Fanon is banned!

    • So many historians litter the landscape these days, especially in Cameroon where palimpsest has become a source of livelihood for some. Thus Houphouet Boignys are created at odds with the one who asked for freedom for his people and got the French so upset that they left his native Ivory Coast destroying everything and even carrying away toilet papers.

      • Oh, you’ve actually become brave! Well, old fellow, you seem naive but you are quite cunning… That’s quite a perverted combination, you may be sure. You want to learn from me… but instead of posing questions, you try to dabble in things that you barely understand. That’s absolutely not the best way to get me to share my knowledge with you. You are part and parcel of the delusional reactionaries that have hijacked and compromised the destiny of the African youth.

        Stay in the laboratory for that’s where you belong!

        • If you ever come across my application for admission to your school where you dispense such knowledge, toss it in the dustbin.

        • Rasclaaat, you won’t even qualify to apply in the first place!

  5. Korup Forest

    His message was clear, stop blaming France for what goes wrong in your country but blame your own leaders. I’ve said this 100 times before.

    • His message is dismissive and unrepentent. It is imperative to direct the blame to our leaders but it is also cunning as long as France is still plundering our resources for her benefit.

      The colonial agreements signed with France and Francophone Africa on the eve of independence exploited the vulnerability of African leaders still in the infancy of understanding the evil face of world politics and to appreciate the meaning of being a sovereign state.

      As long as the Franc CFA is in existence, as long as we are mandated to keep 50% of our foreign reserves in the French Treasury, as long as France has priority to exploit our natural resources and intervene millitarily whenever they desire to do so in our state affairs for the next 150 years, I blame our woes on them.

      • Try taking a look at how His Excellency Robert Gabriel Mugabe handled the Zimbabwe currency and compare with what you wish for the alternative of the CFA.
        Asking for currency independence is good but say what alternative will replace it. When people cannot speak with one voice about important security issues affecting their country, what chances are there that they will be able to sit down and discuss currency? Talking the talk is good; walking the walk is even better.

        • Maybe Africa should walk on mass to OCED offices then since what they threaten to do to european investors in Turkey by black listing it ,is what they have permently always done to most of the African countries .
          Not exactly a fair playing field to build any currency on .

  6. @John Dinga. True. There will be complications transitioning to a new currency for Francophone Africa, but it doesn’t mean that Africans cannot create a successful currency independent of the slave mentality that it can only work if there is a white man’s stamp on it.

    It is exactly for this reason that we are stuck with the French Franc, because contrary to what Macron says, any country that leaves the CFA zone will be penalised behind the scenes by the imposition of trade sanctions to secretly strangle the economy of such movers and shakers.

    What happened to Zimbabwe exemplifies how the West cripples African economies that don’t tow the line as they desire. But if we have to go down to stand up, then that’s what we have to do.

    • @ Eyallow
      Thank you for your input. I totally share your apprehensions of sabotage against a people who act unilaterally. But remember, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, as powerful as he may have been, reduced an entire people to just himself. The message has been circulated over and over that African countries are better off with STRONG INSTITUTIONS than STRONG MEN. A nation’s odds are much better when handled by legalized institutions than larger-than-life personalities who rule by decree, intimidation, coercion and other ruses.

      Come right back home to Cameroon and see what happens when institutions are weak or sidelined in favor of a powerful leader. Justice Paul Ayah Abine, Barrister Felix Agbor Balla, Dr. Fontem Neba and many innocent citizens were tossed about like ping-pong balls till the

      • president intervened to set them free. I know you will be quick to say that was an internal affair. Project that unto the international arena and you get the same result.
        As a matter of fact, during the Lancaster House talks that ushered in independence for Zimbabwe, a journalist set off mirthful laughter when he described the African heads of state trooping in as “Very important personalities from very unimportant countries”.

        • “Very important personalities from very unimportant countries”.

          That one got me laughing for some time and indeed depicts with utmost clarity the manner in which western nations view Africa, the very unimportant countries that provide the very important raw materials that have built their nations and the very powerful slaves that have bolstered their vast accounts of wealth. That is hypocrisy.

          I am not a supporter of Mungabe solely because he confiscated power and attempted to cling to it for life against the will of the people. Other than that, I don’t we should be encouraging western administration talking down on African leadership, because the west is the forerunner of hypocrisy, enjoy seeing resource-rich countries languish in poverty while their wealth is siphoned away by them.

  7. The only argument this “Macro” gave about the CFA francs was “Stability” jaysus christ..that was the only argument he gave I followed he shit talk and it was empty talk…this man really give him to me for 30 minutes in a debate and I will see how fire will not come up his red faces!

  8. The only argument this “Macro” gave about the CFA francs was “Stability” ..that was the only argument he gave I followed he shit talk and it was empty talk…this man really give him to me for 30 minutes in a debate and I will see how fire will not come up his red faces!