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Reportage : rencontre avec les combattants indépendantistes d'”Ambazonie” [+vidéo]

TV5 | Amnesty International accuse l’armée camerounaise et les rebelles de l’Ambazonie de violations des droits humains. L’Ambazonie, c’est un territoire auto-proclamé situé dans la partie anglophone du pays.


Un conflit qui se déroule dans un quasi huis-clos. Pour la première fois, le journaliste Emmanuel Freudenthal a pu se rendre au coeur de cette guerre, à la rencontre des combattants indépendantistes. Reportage.

Ils sont plusieurs dizaines à vivre dans ce camp, cachés dans la forêt, dans la région du “sud ouest”, au Cameroun, en zone anglophone. Mais ici, c’est le drapeau bleu et blanc de l’Ambazonie, et celui des ADF, qui flottent au vent. Les ADF, pour “Ambazonia Defense Forces”, c’est le principal groupe armé indépendantiste, au Cameroun anglophone.

Ces hommes n’étaient, pour beaucoup, que de simples fermiers. Ils expliquent avoir rejoint la rébellion, après avoir subi les violences de l’armée camerounaise – l’armée de la “République”, comme ils la surnomment.

Rêve d’indépendance
“Le 1er octobre, j’ai participé à une marche pour notre indépendance. Nous chantions … « l’Ambazonie se lève, se lève, se lève. L’Ambazonie se lève, et ne tombe plus. » Tandis que nous chantions, nous sommes arrivés devant l’hopital général. Cette armée brutale de “La République ” a commencé à nous tirer dessus. Ils ont tué l’un de mes frères”.

Tous ces combattants rêvent d’indépendance. Le sous-sol de cette région – l’Etat d’Ambazonie pour eux – est riche en ressources naturelles – en pétrole et en gaz notamment. Mais les populations locales n’en bénéficient pas.

Nous n’avons pas les mêmes droits. Nous avons trop souffert. C’est pour cela que nous voulons l’indépendance. Il n’y a pas de bonnes routes, pas de marchés, pas d’écoles. (…) Nos ressources sont pillées, nos resources sont volées.

Un combattant des ADF.

Des camps comme celui-là, il y en aurait une vingtaine dans toute la zone anglophone. 1500 hommes y transiteraient, selon la rébellion. Ils sont principalement financés par leur diaspora, installée partout à l’étranger. Leurs armes : de grossiers fusils de chasse, fabriqués au Nigeria. Face a eux, larmée camerounaise utilise des mitraillettes qui tirent 600 balles par minute.

Attaques et sorcellerie

Les ADF s’en prennent aux militaires mais plus généralement à tous les agents de l Etat.

 Cet endroit où nous sommes était sous le contrôle des forces de “La République”, explique un commandant ADF. Et nous les avons repoussés. Ils ne sont plus ici.
L’autre jour, ils ont tenté de nous attaquer. Nous avons tué un commissaire de police,
(…) Voilà sa casquette, et voilà son chargeur.

Pour faire face à un ennemi, manifestement plus fort qu’eux, ces combattants recourent à la sorcellerie.

Quand tu bois (la boisson magique), ils tirent, les balles ne rentrent pas dans ton corps.

Un combattant des ADF.

L’un de ces combattants revêt des grigris pour se protéger des balles : ” Je m’habille pour le combat, nous raconte-t-il. Cela va me protéger pour que “La République” ne me tue pas… jusqu’à ce que je puisse jouir de mes droits

Des amulettes, des offrandes pour sanctuariser leur camp. Des boissons magiques …” Ça nous aide pour la protection, ça dure 24 heures. Quand tu la bois, ils tirent et les balles ne rentrent pas dans ton corps. ”

Les combats sont quasi-quotidiens entre forces de l’ordre et groupes armés dans les deux régions anglophones du Cameroun.

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  1. The BIR cannot defeat Restoration Forces using hunting guns. Sooner than later, the Restoration Forces will receive modern weapons from George Soros. How will the BIR win Biya’s sh*thole war????

    • Dictator Biya should repatriate the corpse of Ahidjo to Buea in order to “appease” the Anglophones. Amba boys will then lay down their weapons, “….and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;”

      • **** THE WAR HAS ENTERED LRC ****

        “Cameroun: Un gendarme grièvement blessé suite à une fusillade entre l’armée et des activistes sécessionnistes à Kotto, un village dans l’arrondissement de Mbanga (Littoral)
        La tension n’est pas encore tombée à Mbanga, un arrondissement du département du Moungo, Région du Littoral. Une attaque armée a été enregistrée vers 7 heures du matin ce mercredi 13 juin 2018 à Kotto, un village non loin de Penda Mboko et limitrophe à Muyuka, une commune du Sud-Ouest, l’une des deux Régions anglophones en crise.”


      “Cameroun – Extrême-Nord: Une dizaine de morts dans des attaques de Boko Haram à Maroua II

      D’après le trihebdomadaire L’œil du Sahel du lundi 11 juin 2018, une dizaine de personnes ont perdu la vie suite à une attaque meurtrière de Boko Haram survenue dans la nuit du 7 juin 2018 dans la localité de Mangavé-Djalingo dans la région de l’Extrême-nord.”

    • animals and brainwashes

  2. I remember child soldiers during the Liberia war who ate their enemy’s heart for protection against bullets.

    Why is Etoudi wasting time to settle this matter?

    Promise amnesty to all these kids, release those arrested, ask former consortium members to come back, and launch that dialogue again. I believed we’ve all learned the importance of dialogue and how to negotiate by now.

    These kids just need a confirmation that they didn’t go into the bushes for nothing. That’s all, they’ll all come back and their reinsertion therapy back into society is still possible at this stage…

    • —I believe—resocialization therapy—

      • Will that grant us independence? Too late. They will either live free with us or we all die. Freedom is from God not Biya. The earlier he understand the better.

    • Truth and Facts

      That is a nice constructive idea. This is what will help us get out of this situation the country is in.
      Civil war or any kind bloody war for that matter is not a joke.
      LRC nor SC nor Cameroon will not profit anything from a war within the triangle.

      It is already very late but better late than never. The government MUST initiate genuine dialogue ASAP.

    • you are preaching such a beautiful sermon to lucifer.

  3. When these misled individuals get massacred folks will start chanting about genocide of unarmed civilians.

    The poor termite soldiers have no idea about the agenda behind this report. They will all be killed and it will be legitimated… whilst their backers are sipping mimbo and drinking red soup.

    • Truth and Facts

      So what do you propose? How do we go on from now to mitigate the damages and start resolving the issues we all face.
      Every Cameroonian is affected by this, one way or the other. We should all be working tirelessly in finding everlasting solutions. Throwing insults will not help the course.

      • I read the very constructive comment from Zamzam and was salivating, only to spoil my eyes and inspiration by the senseless ,useless and abusive comment of RasTuge. He writes like one Amana Nkele, big sounding language that takes no one a step forward. One day both parties in this conflict shall be forced to talk and make peace,and hopefully the outcome shall be the kind of lasting and positive change that we all dream of. These kids who picked up guns,and those who support them in any way, would have contributed more in bringing change than the likes of Rastuge who sit with their diapers and purge out nonsense.

        • It is possible that your difficulties with the English vocabulary may be more about your level of understanding… but regrettably, all you have is a foul tongue!

      • Firstly, I would like to inform you that this is a pre-war video… done to legitimize an all out assault.

        Secondly, you can’t take a boat down an almost dried-up river and expect it to sail.

        On to your question; well, I think we have had these debates many times and like I have always said, idealism and delusion have to be shelved and replaced by pragmatism.

        We have to embrace the Motherland in all Her imperfections and invest our energies in enabling her survival, as we aspire to rehabilitate Her.

        Then we ACKNOWLEDGE and ADDRESS our differences by INVITING ALL THE WILLING around the AFRICAN FIREPLACE.

        We must be very ORGANISED AND HONEST if we want to be able to anticipate problems that might arise.

        TOTAL REJECTION of colonial meanings.

        • ‘all-out assault’

        • Truth and Facts

          @Rus Tuge
          You’ve raised some very interesting steps to be taken.
          In order to acknowledge & address our differences in a practical manner,
          I suggest that we start right here on this forum. Look at all the fighting & insulting going on this forum, presumably with just a couple of hundred people. If we keep up with this attitude, how do we survive as a nation with above 23 millions people.

          Let us put this pragmatism you talked of in display by coming together and dialogue for a better nation. We on this forum can show the way and be an example for the rest to follow.

          Therefore we can start with a ceasefire. No more insulting, no more wishing death to others but instead engaging in a constructive dialogue. Brainstorm on practical solutions to resolve the issues.
          Let us start now.

        • Ras

          I wish what you wrote can be achieved but that is too perfect and no society managed to do this

          Look at the west where they are today look only at their history..they managed to destroy I mean clean up by millions peoples that were retarded and thinking the way some of theses ambazozo are thinking..to me they are not worth the hassle to keep them around us..just clean them up we do not need them around our AFRICA we need only strong peoples the weak have to be let go.and their DNA cleaned up
          read the history of the west and up to today in any country in the west anyone that try I mean try to put the national identity in kestion you will see poison like the russia are doing etc…just give all theses rats poison

          you can take someone out of the bush but cannot take the bush out of him

  4. I guess these &@$?&@ just want to be taken down.
    Good luck with your magical drink.
    LOL what can we say in 2018, some still believe in “amulettes’.
    I have laughed my head out since.
    Shame on you, the sponsors in the diaspora.
    You know very well,this is future “macabes” in the near future.

    • Indeed @Mbappe all these stupid weeds smokers will end up being eaten by vultures while their backers both home and abroad are running a peaceful life this is what I normally call cheating.

    • Weeeh Ignorance sometimes is a disease. How long has it taken LRP to stop sponsors from Abroad. For your information and without calling names, there are so many business men in LRP fueling this struggle and giving money to the boys on the ground. What you see in the video is nothing. These boys have more fighting equipment than what you have seen. They are very clever. Some political parties are now calling for federation. Just wait and see how the outcome will look like.

      Things will only get better. amba for life

      • Rain onto others

        Please don’t say some political parties are now calling for federation because we already know the position of the SDF. To be precise it is the CPDM party that is using Fame Ndongo now to call for a federation. The very federation they saïd is a taboo’ the form of the state is non negotiable. It is now negotiable. Who is fooling who?

        • **** PROPHECY ****

          “Now that the anglophones are asking for federalism you people are refusing, there would be a time you people would be begging for this federalism and the anglophones would be asking for a complete separation.” (Balla, A., 2016)

          Agbor Balla told LRC the truth in 2016. LRC abducted him and took to Kondengui in order to intimidate the Anglophones.
          Now that LRC has realised that they can NEVER EVER defeat Amba boys, the CPDM has started BEGGING for a federation.

          In my Anglophone opinion, the chances of a Federation2.0 to succeed in the country are EXTREMELY slim. So much water has passed under the bridge.

          Believe me or not, the only viable option for the two Cameroons is an independent Southern Cameroons and an independent La Republique du Cameroun.

    • ambasonias are very lucky I am not Biya.

      the war continued “mvomeke “kikikikikikikikikikik why tv5 Africa news is la Republique language, why not BBC NEWS OR CNN

    • They are most likely under the influence of something

  5. To stop corruption in Ambaland,Any Police,Gendarme,custom that ask or collect bribes from taxi Drivers.private or public Transport,the names of the officers and if possible where they live in Amba land should be sent to the ADF.Amba land should be free of corruption.LRC corrupt Forces should be sent out with this corrupt culture in Ambaland.

    • Ambaland will NEVER have any Gendarmes. The Gendarm is a symbol of French colonialism and imperialism.

      SC was NEVER a French colony.

    • @MBOMA

      see me this raccoon, the national guard in the ” USA ” mean gendarme in” French” stupid tell me with countries in the world doesn’t have gendarmeries.

      why poland , india ,indonesia ,iraq ,italy ,israel ,russia , all the EU and others have gendarmeries. Do me a favor go educate yourself, idiot.

  6. @ Colby
    How is your one and invisible Cameroon to day ???
    @ Rat Tuge no Anglophone problem how is Anglophone in Cameroon to day???
    Let see what will happen in the next two years
    Ambazonia has taken you by surprise right when it’s began in 2016 you tot Biya was use intimidation and supress the people but he failed for life this time

    • @Good man

      for the fact you re living the bushes kikikikikikikiki in your own land kikikiki , some villages have been disappeared on the map kikikikikik nothing coming in and out kikikiki .

  7. All frogs working for SONARA and Living in Limbe should be given a date line to to cross back to LRC.All landlords rentings house to Frogs SONARA Workers should give them 2 months to leave those appartments.

  8. If a francophone Professor Insult Anlophones as very dull and stupid,is it not time for the Prime Minister and all Anglophones in the musonge commission to resign from such Insults.

  9. Nothing good ever comes from Yaounde

    Any news from tv5 is from the brothers of LRC. TV 5 work s for LRC no one should trust them

  10. Well done Mr. Reporter. When they get smoked a few days from now, no one will cry out about genocide, the whole world has seen them bragging about killing cops.
    I can’t help but to feel sorry for them. These are Cameroonians people. Their villages have been burnt down and they have no other choice but to stay in these camps where at least they can eat food coming from the diaspora. The problem for them is that this is not a sustainable way of life.
    The responsibilitily lies on you Anglophone Diaspora. For more that two years you have promised them a better life. Two years after still no school for children, young girls being raped and so on. Part of being a good leader is to acknowledge your failures, it has been 2 years. It is time to advocate for their return home.

    • You think the diaspora leave their place of work to protest bad governance because they lack things to do? You are very stupid to insinuate that the diaspora control these fighters like robots. They feel the pinch of your brutality and with family members being killed like flies they are left with nothing but to fight back. Watch the video again and listen to why the first narrator was saying. And as one last favour, advise your thuggish brothers in the army not to dare into those forests. It’s is a trap to smoke you with sophosticated weapons like RPGs and automatic rifles now in their possession. These fighters did not acquire and now control swathes of land from your weak army with elephant guns. Talk sense to the head of your dictatorial government to seek dialogue.

      • You are making me laugh. Please watch colonel Mandjeck briefing. GOC knows where these camps are and what their capabilities are. The ONLY REASON they are not being targeted with full force with helicopters and heavy weapons is bcoz they are Cameroonians and the GOC is being extremely cautious. Has it been a foreign terrorist group like BH these camps wouldnt exist today.

        • You are truly ignorant. The name of that fat fool you call colonel who cannot handle an automatic gun is called Bedjeck and not Manjeck! LRC has exhausted all the evil they are capable of and the only last worst thing they can do is to bomb our villages. We will fight till the last man. This is not 1955 and we are not Bassas or Bamilikes.,

        • Akim est plus fort wue Zembla!

  11. With only 1900 type guns the LRC army for 2 years can only killed civilians and i bet you and this crisis continues, the LRC would regret for no solving the crisis as quickly as possible: 1. the Amba Boys sooner or latter would start getting sophisticated weapons from The IGBOS fighting Buhari, no 2 enemy of Southern Cameroons. 2. Diasporans are getting more radicalized and they have the financial means 3. Sooner, some army officers (i know several of higher ranks who are just waiting for the right moment) would join the Amba ranks and it would be worse than BH, 4. Freedom fighters or Mercenaries fighters would join for money and even some BH etc. The LRC would be finished and Cameroon would no more remind ONE AND INDIVISIBLE!

  12. Il n’y a pas de bonnes routes, pas de marchés, pas d’écoles.
    They surely are under the influence of some powerful drugs. They can’t even remember they were the ones burning their markets and schools.

  13. The front runners of this year’s presidential election have apparently run out of steam already as the winner/natural candidate/incumbent president keeps the date a closely-guarded secret next to his chest. Muna, Cabral Libii, Kamto, Joshue Osih, have campaigned and campaigned until …..run out of energy? funds? time? ideas? breath?

    Welcome to the level-playing field of Cameroon’s elections.

  14. Mbappe et toujour dans cette forum chien beti je croire que tu es mort

  15. TV5 is a tool of colonial propaganda.
    They reported the abduction of Sisiku Ayuk before fake CRTV!
    For 57yrs Yaoundé in collaboration with France have made hyper-centralization and francophonization their main tool used to control all sectors of life in West Cameroon.
    Why would a government declare war on citizens who are asking to use English in courtrooms and classrooms in a constitutionally bilingual country?
    The same government collaborated with France to kill more than 300thousand Bamilekes and Bassas nationalist, So in West Cameroon we will not be surprised if they plan to kill 500,000 Anglophones to promote their angenda of francophonization and French re-Colonization
    Black Africans killing other Africans to promote France & French!
    Our desire if freedom, self rule !

    • Lum ,you are sometimes ridiculous with your lessons about the so-called colonists. Which country in the world is not controlled by multi nationals. Stop dreaming and making your fantasies a reality. Biya is Lucifer he knows what he is doing do not be blind. You really believe that the little matango drinkers are going to face the army. After the elections, the lazy king will even kill more.
      You guys are destroying our own villages by being all empty heads.

  16. Boko haram is a havok in the nord and Ambasonia in NW and SW,very soon both sides will start infiltrating into the central part Cameroon, and all the Cowards gov,t officials will flee leaving the army to deside their faiths. MAN NO RUN, la Republic, you started the fight so be ready cos Biya don,t care even if all Cameroon Military is slaugthered.

  17. @James look at this one telling us that Ambasonians promised anglophones.May be u should start by telling us if Biya have fulfill his own promises since 1982…U are going to leave Ambasonia by force….

  18. @James Even u,the francophones.Biya promised u decentralisation since 1996.Has he fulfill it?He are going to leave Ambasonia by force……

    • So, why don’t you fight Biya? Biya is not Cameroon.
      I haven’t seen any American leaving the United States because they disagree with Trump policies. They stay in their country and fight in a democratic way to fix things. Only coward resord to violence.
      Once Amba nation is formed, and disagreements begin between NW and SW, are you also going to divide Amba in 2?

      • The insinuation about Southern Cameroons turning to the next Southern Sudan has become the best scare crow of the day, especially for parrots who do not know or refuse to admit that the people are clamoring to return to an earlier arrangement that they were robbed of. No one will want to return to a place that conjures bad memories!

        • Stup!d liar!!! John Mbinda! SW and NW cannot and will not stay in one country never and never stop fooling yourself!

          When the time comes you will see

  19. Water Na water. LRC has lost total control of SC especially the resource rich SW region. Man no run

  20. This is just prove that cameroon as a country has a big internal problem to solve..People are being killed, children running to join a liberation struggle but again some fools and self centered ambitious thieves still play it down by claiming its a small group being manipulated..
    Some dont even want to see there is a problem..
    Others fool themselves that NWP are coming to cause problems in the SWP…
    What have we learned from this problem?..Cameroon is a group of egoistic people, not honest, have no love for Cameroon, and are masters of the blame game..Any dull or stupid man knows that when there is a problem, you look for the cause, propose solutions and make sure it doesnt happen again..We are making noise now for 2 years and nothing is happening and the Country is falling apart..