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Rumours of Anti-Corruption director arrested in possession of money, is fake news – CONAC

Journal du Cameroun | Authorities of the National Anti-Corruption Commission better known by its French acronym as CONAC, has debunked rumours which have spread via local media organs, alleging that “the director of the Anti-Corruption team of the South region in Ebolowa, was arrested in possession of a huge sum of money”.

Social Media has been abuzz with what CONAC authorities now term false. Going by CONAC, the information was mounted using pictures from the internet to discredit the efforts made by Cameroon to fight against corruption and tarnish the image of anti-corruption structures of the country.

In the images that are circulating, the boxes of money are the fruits of a seizure by the Federal Police of Brazil in September 2017, an amount of 16.4 million dollars.

In a statement issued Thursday, CONAC’s permanent secretary said the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Cameroon does not have regional branches. The Headquarters and offices of the institution are located in Yaounde, at the Conference Centre.

The statement reassures Cameroonians that under the permanent impulse of the Head of State, the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Cameroon will continue, through its action to prevent and investigate corrupt practices, to work for a Cameroon where integrity will constitute a watchword to every citizen”.

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  1. The stories are absolutely true! What the hell is CONAC? This organization itself is a covetous body set up as a way of swindling money for the CPDM acolytes during party deliberations and when the etoudi monster is making is now infamous trips to Europe. we have inside stories revealing the movement of money from the National hydrocarbon to this so called anti corruption system. It is the biggest mafia against a people the world has ever seen. Think of the money that was used in the French resort that caused even billionaires around the world to leave their mouths open when it was reported that Paul Biya and his entourage were spending a hundred thousand dollars a night! It was during this operation also that one of the body guards came across $3million took the cash and eloped! Mafias!

  2. Of course just like the money swindling news of Chantal Biya’s cousin Antoine Samba Director of Budget and Biya’s nephew Mekoulou Mvondo Director of CNPS are all fake news. Yet, Chantal Tulip’s house has been violated for whistle blowing. Sick LRC

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