SABC buys 20% of SOSUCAM’s sugar production per year

Business in Cameroon | Société Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun-SABC, the local subsidiary of Castel group, announced that it buys, each year, 30,000 tons of granulated sugar from SOSUCAM (Société sucrière du Cameroun).

SABC thus buys 20% of the production of SOSUCAM, subsidiary of the French group SOMDIAA, which supplies between 55,000 and 60,000 tons of sugar to agribusinesses in the country, every year.

Apart from SOSUCAM, SABC contributes greatly to the turnover of Maïserie du Cameroun (Maïscam), an agribusiness located in the northern region, by buying 100% (10,000 tons) of the corn grits it produces every year.

However, SABC says that it complements these raw materials bought locally with imports, due to the country’s limited production which must not only meet agribusinesses’ but also households’ ever-increasing demands.