South West Region: Governor cancels Manyu SDO’s “outrageous” order

Journal du Cameroun | Okalai Bilai, Governor of the South West Region, Cameroon, has canceled an order from Oum Joseph, Senior Divisional Officer of Manyu division, which exhorted residents of several villages to relocate to safer neighborhoods.

In an initial release of December signed by the SDO, residents of several villages in Manyu were authorised to relocate to safer neighborhoods. The release had further stated that failure to do so, they will be as accomplices and perpetrators of attacks on security officers in the crisis stricken Anglophone region.

After the release was made public, many Cameroonians went amok over social media demanding where the country was heading to with such an outrageous move.

Several hours later, it was announced that the Governor of the South West Region, Okalai Bilai, had canceled the SDO’s order, terming it fake.
The Governor said the Manyu SDO did not consult him before making such a decision. He urged the people of the region to remain calm and continue to collaborate with the forces of law and order.