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Stipe Miocic dominates Ngannou

FOXSports | Experience (usually) trumps youth and flash.

On Saturday, it worked for Stipe Miocic.

The most decorated champion in UFC heavyweight history took down up-and-coming star Francis Ngannou via unanimous decision in the fifth round at UFC 220.

“I’m the baddest,” said Miocic, who is the first to defend his UFC heavyweight title three straight times.

It was a masterful performance by Miocic (18-2), who has cardio for days and used his skills to wear out the younger challenger.

But a huge hat tip to Ngannou (11-2), who despite being exhausted (from his near 20-pound weight advantage over Miocic) and defeated from pretty much the opening bell, did not quit and finished the five-round bout.

Miocic finished the night announcing he and his wife and expecting a baby.

Not a bad night at all.

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  1. Francis Ngannou is lagging the Experience and Tactical skills in Take Downs and Rebouncing after being taken Down. Hopefully Next Fight he does better!

  2. Technic dominates power anytime. Go back to the gym and work on your cardio to help you sustain at least 10 rounds. The man is champion, boxer and a wrestler for a reason. He used your power to work you up and then dominate when you were down. Congrats for coming this far. It shouldn’t be about falling but how you rise again after the fall. You are still stronger but just less experienced.

  3. No wahala ! More training, and learn to switch when that uppercut is not coming. Simple and well applied kicks can also bring an opponent to submission…

  4. The company of UFC went from 40 millon debt in building it up to be 4 billion worth today ,so at least he is in the right arena even if personaly his amount of experience and technic was too low this time round.
    Dont really know what im talking about but if he aims in a secondary training with expert asians (in Cameroon where everyones visas are easier to process and the foods better ) it could pull him over to win and he gets to be a bi- continental champion with unique angles of training .

  5. You are competing among the best and you did your best. Well done, Lion!

  6. Odeshi Vs La Republique. The experience from beating the German’s worked wonders from beating La Republique’s ass!

    • Why not just say what you have behind your mind concerning this young athlete and/or his ancestors?

      Were I to face you in that cage in just 3months to come, I would concentrate my entire training on my kicks. And believe me, I’ll make sure I horse-kick your A until you surrender…

    • Why don’t you go and write those dumbass comments on ambazonia online, silly fool!?

      • Patrice Nganang’s application for an Ambazonian passport has been duly received do you have no point.

  7. …worked wonders in beating …

  8. Your coaches should’ve done better in a counter wrestling technique. Watch and harness the skills of Charles Bennett aka Krazy Horse and Felix Trinidad to come back a better all round fighter. Congrats big fella.

  9. This could also be Pinguiss, showing his beastiality by beating his small Germany-based exiled wife ass to pulp! Believe me this could be !