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Turkish Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz (R), Cameroonian Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Zacharie Perevet (L)

Turkey to build vocational training center in Cameroon

Anadolu Agency | ANKARA | Turkey will build a vocational training center complex in Cameroonian capital Yaounde, according to National Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz Wednesday.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and the National Education Ministry will establish the center of excellence in vocational training, including clothing production and construction technology centers.

Yilmaz and Cameroonian Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Zacharie Perevet also signed an agreement on “Technology Transfer Implementation Protocol in Vocational Education” in Ankara.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Yilmaz said Turkey wants to develop its ties with Cameroon in all fields.

“Vocational training centers in the field of clothing production and construction technology will be established, and together with Cameroon training programs for teachers and students will be developed,” he said.

“In-service trainings will be for Cameroonian teachers in Turkey; laboratories and workshops related to vocational training centers will be equipped,” he said.

Businessmen who want to invest in the vocational training centers will be provided with guidance and counseling services, Yilmaz added.

“We think that when vocational training institutions in Cameroon get implemented together with TIKA and start to work, other African countries will see this project as an example and demand from Turkey similar project in other African countries,” he said.

The Cameroonian minister said ties between the two countries were based on friendship.

Perevet said the Cameroonian government had allocated two hectares of land in the capital for the implementation of the project.

“With this important protocol, Turkey shows it is ready to support education in Cameroon,” he said.

Reporting by Selma Kasap:Writing by Meryem Goktas

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  1. Can’t Cameroonians built something for themselves?

    • Good question instead.
      Now the question to you will be:
      What have you done to make that happen?

      • What she has done is repeating slavishly everyday, that Biya is France and France is the UN! This is an achievement on its own!

    • All my experience about CM as a country is: cowards, drink, still, cheat, betray … Is a country were you want to vomit right at the airport.

  2. Turkey is in such turmoil that any venture/gesture beyond its borders should be taken with a large dose of skepticism!

  3. Everything Happens in Yaounde or Douala. Is Cameroon going to become a one city state?

  4. What is the future of our SAR-SM and the numerous technical colleges around, that have remained today with no training workshops and machines. I grew up and visited friends at the SAR- SM in Mamfe that numbered about 300 students in the eighties, with well equipped workshops. I visited GTHS Ombre and was jealoused seeing how organised, busy and populated it was. Most graduates from these Schools got jobs while others were happily privately established. But today, they are like grave yards, abandoned and in runs. Brother’s stop by and you will catch fever. What is the duty of the Military engineering corp. Its terrible.

    • Sounds like a major shift of focus! Earlier leaders envisioned technical education and put infrastructures to bring it about. Later leaders turned elsewhere and let those structure to rot away.
      And that is the Cameroonian tragedy – kill local initiatives and turn to the world beyond to beg. From football coaches for the Indomitable Lions through doctors to carry out forensics on our dead to various colorations of experts in finance, agriculture, and more.

      The one million franc question is how a country can be less able to do in 60 years what it was doing so well early in its post-independence period.

      Ever heard of round pegs in square holes?