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UFC 226: Francis Ngannou Details Leaving Cameroon for Paris: “I Had Enough to Survive”

Fight Network | UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou joins ESPN’s Brett Okamoto to discuss his tough path to becoming a title contender, calling it “fourteen months of hell.”

Ngannou left Cameroon in his mid-20s, without telling family and friends beforehand. He had no hope of securing a visa, so he became one of the hundreds of thousands of Africans to attempt to migrate to Europe without one.

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  1. The major political challenge is giving the Francophone treasury back to countries that own it,not the French treasury keeping it .Now he is saying poor people dont leave to migrate .Concentration of wealth ……is anyone else watching Pres Macrons interview about Africa ?He belives in the youth ? well give them their treasury!!!!

    • Very True, Phyrne!

      The very more reason why we must all join hands in a kinda fighting back spi*rit. Not for personal aggrandizement tho, but for our coming generations. The French (Oyibo man in general) know this quite too well, that we, Africans, are not so good in swallowing our near-to-folly egos and reflect on what we’ll hand over to our next generations. They know quite well too that we’re all too egocentric to the extent that we’ll not fall short of exterminating a whole country just to make a point, without any remorse as a matter of known facts.

      We spend so much time casting Oyibos, meanwhile we know deep inside us that the problem is to be found in us, not in FR or UK, or US. They only exploit what is inside US.

      • Now,

        Macron or whatever, was put 2 test during his last visit in Burkina Faso concerning the CFA. His response was African leaders are free 2 withdraw their reserves fr the French treasury. Straight forward! But, how many of such AFR leaders have made the move? None can dare, coming back 2 our near-2-folly stuff mentioned above.

        I know some would jump in 2 say it’s LRC, in Ambazonia it’s going 2 be different. Just a reminder to such amateurs–France has got more investments in NGR than all FR Africa combined, and NGR was never a FR colony, if my memory is good tho.

        Anglo/Franco disputes is just a meager part of our African STORY. The forbears of Macron had already documented our every move in the past. They know us form A-Z. But are we, intellectuals, ready 2 give up our crazy egos?…

  2. [email protected] i did another comment to compliment yours but it dissapeared,funny how whenever one touches on the economy they do that .