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Un soldat abat froidement son chef et se donne la mort

Jeudi 5 octobre 2017- Un soldat de 2e classe a abattu son chef ce mercredi soir à Mora, département du Mayo-Sava, région de l’Extrême-Nord.

Les faits se sont déroulés à la brigade de gendarmerie de Mora, ville qui abrite le secteur numéro de la Force multinationale mixte (FMM).

Le capitaine Ayissi Chef d’escadron, a été froidement abattu par un soldat de 2e classe après un vif échange.

Le bourreau s’est aussitôt donné la mort.

Les mobiles du drame, sont encore inconnus.

Cette nouvelle fusillade entre militaires camerounais se déroule un peu plus de trois mois, après celle de Kousseri dans le Logone-et-Chari où un gendarme avait froidement abattu ses camarades.


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  1. and God set confusion in the camp of the enemy and they begand fighting one the other.

    • @shishi
      francophones are not our enermies. if you don’t like Cameroon cross to Nigeria and join the Bifrans.
      Our Country will remain one and indivisible.

      • From your language it shows Cameroon has never been united, atleast not from the viewpoint of the frogs.

      • Épée Dipanda

        When you shoot my brothers in Bamenda and Buea and Mamfe and Kumbo. You ARE my enemy, period.
        Catalan flags fly in Barcelona, there is a referendum ongoing there, how many people were killed?
        Ambazonia must be free.
        If necessary our shadows, spirits and ancestors will fight you until the last man.
        Many more of the soldiers will turn on one another.
        Go and find out the meaning of Taaku Mbeng.
        Our mothers have cursed you. Behold…you shall pluck out your own eyes!

      • Épée Dipanda

        If you kill my brothers in Kumbo, Bamenda, Mamfe, Buea, Ekona Et j’en passe, you ARE my enemy.
        Go and find out the meaning of Taaku Mbeng. You have been cursed. Our mothers have cursed you for cutting short the lives of their children. You will pluck out you own eyes and gnash your teeth. Many more of your men at arms will die.

        • Massa, leave us alone with that your taaku Mbeng. Don’t you know that juju affects only those from their tribe? it can’t work even amongst anglophones since the Bamileke NW don’t have any cultural similarity with the Sawa in southwest. So your curse ends at your village boundaries. I was expecting Nkoh to join the fight, but it turns out he/it isn’t for Amabazonia or may be he was wise enough to stay home. By the way, why are you using a lrp name?

        • Kikiki,

          Épée is a Calabar bros, from Akwa Ibom…

        • Épée Dipanda

          Ayisi is a name used in Ghana
          Ayamba is a name used in Côte d’ivoire.
          Mouange is a name used in Togo
          Masango is a name use in Zimbabwe
          Mbenge is a name used across Africa
          Épée is a big city in Nigeria
          Now since every name for you is Sawa let us join all of these people and unite in La République under one Mvondo President. Unity by name!
          We have left. Ambazonia for ever.

  2. They will kill themselves until SC is free. Karma is taking its tool

  3. There will more Ayissii, Owonas , Atanganas to die . Confusion and Frustration from your dictator tyran Biya. Evil will always amongst you. The Gods of S cameroonians is striking back on you.More is yet to come. Very soon those hungry Militaries will start killing themselves . Shame on you LPC

  4. RIP. Well said @ James. Jose, I want to believe that few southern cameroonians think of evil or want evil to befall our francophone brothers and sisters. What is happening right here is some people “hating” either francophones or anglophones for no good reason. This will lead us no where. Let’s put our heads together, sort out our differences and build a better nation for all. If we don’t ripe the fruits of our labour, our kids and future generations will.

  5. This strange behavior of a soldier directing his fire at his commanding officer is becoming the norm and speaks poorly of troop morale.

    No wonder NGANGUE, the notorious lady reporter for CIN (Cameroon-info.net) can so shameless invent her story of Ambazonia troops entering Boa Bakundu (she calls it Mboa!), assaulting villagers and raising their flag. Disinformation is part of the game, isn’t it? Credibility is for another time and place, after rubbing Sesseku Julius Tabe in the mud.