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165 fighters lay down their arms in Cameroon

cgtn | 165 fighters in Cameroon have ‘voluntarily’ laid down their weapons ‘to embrace normal life’, the country’s National Committee on Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (NCDDR) said.

Francis Fai Yengo, national coordinator of NCDDR, while speaking to reporters after briefing the prime minister and other senior government officials of the new development, said that 35 of the combatants were in Bamenda, in the Northwest region, 21 in Buea in the Southwest region and 109 in Mora in the Far North.

“We have hundreds of them who have laid down their arms but have not come to us yet,” Yengo said.

Cameroon is facing serious security challenges in the two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest where separatists want to create an independent nation. In the Far North, where terror group Boko Haram is intensifying attacks on civilians and government forces.

NCDDR was created by President Paul Biya last year “to avoid the use of extreme measures” and supervise and manage the disarmament and reintegration of ex-combatants of Boko Haram and armed separatists in the Anglophone regions.

“NCDDR will provide professional training and host the ex-combatants in rehabilitation centers across the country,” Yengo added.

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    LRC is a country ruled by liars and conmen


      Dictator Biya has started BEGGING Southern Cameroonians to FORGIVE and FORGET.
      He has realized that he can NEVER EVER defeat the INVINCIBLE Amba boys. The international community is also tightening the noose on him.

      Southern Cameroonians will NEVER again be deceived by Dictator Biya. His “Forgive and Forget” song is to convince the international community who follow him that he goes with Democratic principles. It’s a huge Miami water deceit.

      “Why is Biya begging for Forgiveness? It’s not the time for confession of Sins yet

      For now, we are at war. We fight and when the battle is over, with victory from God Almighty, Forgiveness will still come from him God alone”.


      «Le CODE lance ‘‘l’Opération fêtes mortes’’ dans toutes les ambassades du Cameroun à l’étranger à partir du 20 mai prochain pour dénoncer ces manquements du pouvoir de Monsieur Biya au Cameroun», lit-on dans le communiqué. Le collectif «souhaite associer à “l’Opération fêtes mortes’’ toutes ses cellules dormantes basées à l’étranger, toutes les organisations Patriotiques et citoyennes de la Diaspora, tous les Camerounais qui en ont assez de voir tuer impunément les filles et fils du Cameroun».
      Les membres dudit collectif entendent par cet acte, protester contre la politique mise en œuvre par l’actuel Chef de l’Etat et son gouvernement, notamment la gestion de la crise anglophone.
      Pour cette organisation, «Le départ de Paul Biya est la condition nécessaire au redressement de notre pays»

  2. Ambazonia Amba

    When ambazonians dropped dane guns for a proper stick. LRC comes and pick up the dane guns and display it as captured weapons. The boys have upgraded.

  3. There are 2 countries

    Anglophones = AMBAZONIA

    Francophones = La République du Cameroun

    Stop wasting time.

    C’est testé, prouvé et validé.

    Tested, proven and validated.

    On ne force pas une relation.


    The union is dead forever.

    • @ Wandy Marc. For your information that your Ambazonia foolishness doesn’t represent the majority of us anglophones the reason you will never ever succeed. Your foolish organization has no mandate from the majority of anglophones. Your hateful organization represents just a few anglophones with tainted Biafra blood and not anglophones with 100% Cameroon blood. We love our brothers and sisters East of the mungo. A colonial master’s language or heritage will never ever separate us. The Biya regime is our only problem and sooner or later we gonna take care of that.

      • bobjazz

        Your super intelligence has made Cameroon a very prosperous country where stealing, lies, rubbish and nonsense are champions. Your intelligence is such that all you can do next is to prepare to hang yourself as an Anglocaniche. Your super intelligence has enabled Cameroon to win the AFCON 2019 organization. Your super intelligence has enabled the tribal militia to kill, rape, torture, loot and brutalize people from Ambazonia. Barbarism is not far from the description of your intelligence. Even ape get sense pass you.

        We the foolish Amba are going away and why are you hanging and lagging behind the rats, slaves and good to be killed ? Never under estimate the person on the other side of the screen. Ka pige ?

  4. The juju shi&&@t is not working anymore?
    pipe dream it has always been.
    Reality is settling down

  5. And the AK-47s????????????????????????

  6. “Operation fetes notes” marks the ingenuity of those who have studied and decided to target where it hurts the most. Clearly by placing so much emphasis on 20 May, 11 February, and 1 May celebrations as a measure of its popularity among the people, the autocratic regime exposes its soft underbelly that a hard carapace cannot protect!!!!!!

  7. Great decision for these mislead youths all the so called Anglophones know very well that they can’t divide that country anyways( seul les imbéciles ne changent pas ).

    • The country is already divided. It appears most of those who have not yet realized that are either delusional or slow

  8. lies lies lies
    fake news

  9. Kumkum Pass Garri

    There is going to be a wave of ambazombie terrorists dropping down their guns in the next couple of months. These prodigal sons will give the security forces te information they need to completely neutralize the few recalcitrant terrorists.

    Once any terrorist fighter listens to the recent videos posted by the popular ambazonia terrorist general Nambere which have gone viral thanks to #MKPD they will drop their weapons.

    Nambere cries like a baby in the video and asks the ambazombie scammers in the diaspora ” why wuna wicked so?

    Check out this video on you tube “A collection of Nambere videos -The cry baby of ambazonia”.

    It is time for all the misled youth to drop down their guns, ask for forgiveness and be reintegrated into community.

  10. Even the LRC apologists here know the game Atanga Nji and Fai Yengo are up to. Show any of the AKs that have been recuperated from the fighters, then you’d be taken seriously.
    These are the dane guns they collected when they broke into people’s homes in the villages.
    Who’s fooling who?

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Kedioh is fooling Kedioh

      Check out this video on you tube “A collection of Nambere videos -The cry baby of ambazonia”.
      general Nambere says he has no AK47s. By the way he is hiding in Nigeria now. He is not in Cameroon.

      I know you have seen the video but because you are delusional and insane like all amba fool supporters you cannot analyse and interpret the information.

      Tell us why General Cry Baby Nambere is crying and what impact his videos will have on the fighters. The collection of Nambere videos have already gone viral thanks to #MKPD the chukuchuku in the kanda of the comedy revolutionaries!

      Well it appears the amba terrorist fighters are less insane than the ambafool supporters. Kawa Yannick Kawa dropped his guns and I working with the BIr to get other to do same!

      • In the country of the blind, the one eyed man who thinks he should be king quickly finds out he cannot be king because the blind have mastered the art of self dependency.
        From peaceful protests to peace plants, to dane guns, to AKs…..and still evolving. It is no more about numbers.
        Southern Cameroons has risen.

      • Kum Kum Crazy!!! Kum Kum Cuckoo!!!

      • Your Prime minister is Bamenda. I wonder what he is doing there. Did you see how “FOOLISH ” he looked with the peace (nkeng) plant? Do you remember when Southern Cameroonians were carrying peace plants? For a refresher, that was before the dane guns, then the AKs now. See the evolution I talked about?
        Remember “they” said no dialogue, then it moved onto the form of the state is non-negotiable? Well, your prime minister said the only they will not talk about is “secession “. How times have changed….
        Just give it a little more and see how things will yet evolve again.

  11. FAKE and very OLD news.

    165 out of 6000 ?

    C’est la gnognote

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Wandy the insane ambazombie terrorist Liar

      165 surrendered
      2500 killed
      3000 wounded
      335 ambazombie terrorists left

      Check out this video on you tube “A collection of Nambere videos -The cry baby of ambazonia”.
      general Nambere says he has no AK47s. By the way he is hiding in Nigeria now.
      General Cry Baby Nambere said all the amba leaders in the diaspora are evil and wicked.

      Check out the video of Kawa Yannick in Mamfe talking to the population. Any ambazombie fighter that does not drop their guns will be neutralized sooner or later!

      Drop your guns or die!!! My colleagues of the BIR are coming for you!

      I am assigned to neutralize the ambazombie internet terrorists here. I will continue to give them Kumkum without water while making sure I do not give anyone excess Kumkum!

      • Suceur de bites
        ASS LICKER

        Ambazonia shall be FREE and you go hang yourself.

        Espèce de charognard.

        Poor Chiwawa, anglo caniche.

  12. please don’t drop your guns ” stupid rats” kikikikikikikikkikiki

  13. kikikikikikikiikkik wahala

    Contrary to information recently propagated online, there will be an informal meeting at the United Nations to discuss the humanitarian crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

    The United States called the meeting and has the duty of convincing members of the security council to attend, *it is not mandatory*.

    kiikikikikikikkikiikikikikikik good job UN

  14. 109 fighters from Mora northern Francophone Cameroon.
    35 from Bamenda, 21 from Buea total 56 from Anglophone Cameroon aka Southern Cameroons.
    All this brouhaha to lie to the public about 56 fighters.
    8MILLION Anglophones are fighting against black on black colonization by the Yaoundé Francophone government in collaboration with France in a pseudo independent Cameroon.
    Who is fooling who?
    After almost 2 years of war 56 Atanga Nji convicts are paid money to create a fake disarmament story.
    So why 109 cases in Francophone northern Cameroon? Didn’t the government claim they were fighting Boko Haram?
    They are trying to equate the fight for self rule by Anglophones to their adventures with Boko Haram in the north!
    Time is running out, lies exposed daily.
    Low IQ

    • @ Lum Speak for your Ambazonia group and not for us the majority of anglophones who don’t support the Ambazonia foolishness. Ambazonia doesn’t represent the majority of anglophones the reason their thugs are hiding in bushes. Ambazonia is a hate group that has no mandate. We love our francophone brothers and sisters and a colonial master’s language or heritage will never ever separate us. We all have a common enemy which is the Biya regime and will soon find a way out just as the Algerians and Burkinabes did. The only distraction we have now is your Ambazonia foolishness and Biya knows and loves it.

  15. Epée Dipanda

    Atanga Nji shoots himself in the head. The next announcement will have to be lower and so on and so forth because otherwise you will be bloating the number of Ambazonian fighters.
    In any case we will never yield.

  16. Ambaland shall be FREE

    • @Liza che

      see me this “rat” hahahahhahahahaahhahah why you can’t go on ground zero

      • bamendayBoy

        see me dis dog eater, thief, rapist, crook, assassin, ass licker. A pure Anglocaniche

  17. People:- have anyone taken time to understand what is happening in Southern Cameroons?..
    How can we call it ?
    Lets remember a Rebellion, uprising, or insurrection is a refusal of obedience or order..
    These people are rebelling now for 3 years, and the LRC army has no strategy to stop the uprising. All you do is come up here and make retarded statements which you guys know is not true..
    How many cameroonians have been killed as a result of this primitive war?..
    How many trained soldiers?..Have many innocent old people?
    Such a weak, barbaric, primitive and retarded army has failed and please dont take this headline as a victory..
    Cameroon needs one thing now- Talks..very honest and peaceful solution to the problem.
    This war cannot be won- be realistic and honest people…

    • @ biko, There is no such thing as Southern Cameroons. This was a brief fabrication by the colonial masters to share Cameroon’s resources among themselves. With people like you, I think the white people are right when they say that if they didn’t stop slavery and colonization, Africans will still be selling their fellow Africans into slavery. Instead of finding a way to eradicate neocolonialism by uniting with your french speaking brothers and sisters to get rid of the Biya regime, you are hear fighting to reinstate the colonial master’s brief fabrication that was done to evenly share our resources among themselves. Shame on you. For your information that your Ambazonia foolishness has no mandate and doesn’t represent the majority of anglophones.

      • @Bobjazz tu bois quoi ? Very good and instructive analysis .

      • @bobjazz

        a very interesting piece of history. let them waste their time ” southern Cameroon ” hahahhahahahahhahahahahhahaha

  18. The solution to the ongoing brutalities, lies telling and a sense of running away
    from real and long term solutions to the root causes of this senseless war, is to
    listen to the people and take it as they so wish. The solution, is known by
    everybody feeling the pinch and knowing the story.

    • @joshua

      you can open your big mouth here ” terrorist”

      where are the international communities to support your stupid idea “xenophobic”

      water nah water ” ambas boys are running away from the militaries ” where them dey

      where them dey , where them dey where them dey where them dey where them dey where them dey

  19. @Joshua..
    Its just nice to read such mature and honest comments from a cameroonian..
    I like your write up…Its just a simple truth..


    • Biya loves this Ambazonia foolishness because he thinks and knows it’s to his advantage. While the Burkinabes and Algerians used their intelligence and unity to liberate themselves, the foolish Ambazonians think their thugs can hide in bushes and defeat the Biya BIRs. Minalmi. Wuna go cool.

      • You the imagined majority have no balls or you are plain cowards.
        You haven’t a clue what, how, and who to fight.
        Biya has been decentralizing you for almost 40yrs now with bread and sardines.
        You are Equatorial forest majority, experts in afofoh and Manjunga, you have nothing in common with the Arabs in Algeria or the sahelians In Burkinafaso.
        France will choose another president for you in the next one year and you will do nothing about it.
        Just like they chose Adhijo and Biya, for 60yrs.
        You are still a colony of France collaborating in the re-colonization of southern Cameroons.
        Forced Francophonization and apartheid marginalization policies are all instruments of colonization used by Yaoundé African enablers of France
        Never again Generation.
        Patria o Muerte!

        • @ Lum, It looks like the Ambazonia hate disease has infiltrated your brain. You can say I’m from whatever forest but that won’t change the fact that I am a Santa free born (wan meumbe 100%). Stop sending innocent children to their early graves for I know you can never do that to your own kids. I mentioned unity and intelligence to conquer neocolonialism i.e getting rid of the Biya regime just as the Burkinabes and the Algerians did but you chose to ignore that because that won’t satisfy your hate of french speaking Cameroonians who have nothing to do with the Biya regime and France. Watch this: THE MAJORITY OF ANGLOPHONES DON’T SUPPORT YOUR FOOLISHNESS AND IT’S WHY YOUR AMBAZONIA THUGS ARE HIDING IN THE BUSHES. I know the truth hurts but must be said. Wuna go glacé for that bush.

        • @Lum

          AMBABOYS are running away from the militaries ” where them dey “, because of your foolishness, bushmen Biya will still in power.

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