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2 Cameroon nationals among five held for online fraud

The Hindu | Fake currency, Ganja seized from accused in Kadapa lodge
A criminal gang having involvement in multiple formats of crime landed in the police dragnet in Kadapa on Saturday.

With a lodge in Kadapa city as its headquarters, the team of five, including two Cameroon nationals, allegedly committed online fraud by offering medicines at cheaper rate, printed fake currency with the face value of ?2,000 and even traded in cannabis.

It all started with a complaint on WhatsApp by Abdul Karim of Kerala to the police, which was accepted as a petition under ‘Spandana’ and passed on to Chinna Chowk police for investigation.

Acting on a tip-off to Deputy Superintendent of Police U. Suryanarayana, a police team zeroed in on the private lodge and arrested Mbi Adolf Ashu (31), Akow Bronson Enow (30), both Cameroon nationals and now living in Bengaluru, Chimpiri Sai Krishna (24) of Kadapa, Pangi Dasu Babu (29) and Kurra Jagannath (26), hailing from Paderu and Araku taluks respectively of Visakhapatnam district.

“In the garb of selling wigs and medical products, the two Cameroon nationals allegedly lured online customers with low prices, but never sent the products after getting the money into their accounts,” Superintendent of Police K.K.N. Anburajan said.

The police seized a laptop computer, printer, counterfeit currency with a face value of ?7.28 lakh and cannabis weighing 9 kg.

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  1. Can someone enlighten me why is that always the names originating from the same areas of Cameroon are names of those always involved in scams. Then the same people want to be called hardworking, intelligent, etc ….

  2. Some will also say it is the fault of the president kikkiki

  3. When it theft ,scam, robbery they’re Cameroonian when it’s glory they’re ambazonian, please Biya let these people go and stop using the name of our in their shameful acts.
    They only bring shame to our people.

    • Cameroon will continue to witness more and more disgraceful act from the Ambazonia nationals, as long as the occupier is still very much present in the occupied territories of the North West and South West,siphoning and exploiting their resources thereby impoverishing the people and milking the regions dry.

      @ Janto, please stop wailing and grant them their sole wish, which is total independence.

      • Camer beleiver (Colby)

        @Akwa ibom state Il n’y a pas de remèdes contre la stupidité c’est pas de ta faute.

      • @Akwa,are you trying to justify such acts because if the so called occupier?if so I really what you do in life because reasoning the way you do is…sorry…stupid. These people are Cameroonians and independence will not change them being what they are. let us be serious here.

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