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Nigeria beat Cameroon to reach 2019 AFCON quarter finals

Nigeria booked a place in the Africa Cup of Nations quarter finals after defeating Cameroon 3-2 today.

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  1. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    Eagles is sending the Lions home. Home coming Lions

  2. Half time score:
    Cameroon 2, Nigeria 1

  3. Plz share links for the game.

  4. well done ambazonia. Now let’s get back to politics.

  5. Biya chased away from the intercontinental hotel….ill luck
    His friend Eto was present at Female World cup they lost…ill luck
    Eto present at Afcon….they lost….what a connection.
    Something is not right.That country needs cleansing

    • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

      Kikikikikiki! Bad omen for Cameroon

      It was actually Kanu vs Eto’o

    • Prophet Subelele

      Cameroun is a nation that needs national repentance for national healing to take place.Let the leaders of Cameroun humble themselves and seek the path of truth and real peace.Cameroun is suffering from the wrath of God due to the arrogance and.wickedness of its leaders.Stop the killings of Anglophones
      and liberate all those who have been unjustly imprisoned and talk peace and the land will be healed.Peace is prosperity while war and.conflict is a curse.

  6. Down with lrc. Nothing good comes from the vampire republic of cameroUn

  7. Well done LRC….well deserved victory.
    The “Ambazonian terrorists” were responsible for this….

  8. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    I told ya’ all that, Naija will send these b.u.n.c.h of l.a.z.y Lions back to the jungle.

    Home coming Lions.

    • @Brown Sugar , Congrats Boh, I sorry for come late. I be de still drink some my mimbo. Before I want to come win match, I need to play good game. Both Nigeria and Cameroon fear for wash demsleves in Public for dis match. All dem too dem fear for play, dem make plenty mistakes.
      Weh Igalo, why you no be do dis kind ting for World Cup. Congrats though wunna go for befoh !

      • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

        Tendemo, respect bro, u geh good spirit and good heart.

        Buh, a dey vex wit u, u sabi seh na mi and u supos go shaak mimbo foh one kona, buh, u waka enta joint go shaak mimbo alone.

        Mi, a no watch dey fess haf of dey match, wen a enter house already Cameroon dey popo Naija 2:1.

        Buh, a start to dey watch dey match foh second haf, Cameroon play good football, but, Naija utilize dem chances as e dey com dem way.

        Ighalo, fall awa hand wella foh world cup, buh afta Naija insult am seh mek em no dey wear wi Jersey again, seh wi no want am foh dey Super Eagles again. Na since den, dey bobo pick up bigin dey bang goals foh Naija.

        Cheer up bro, tanks foh dey friendliness and brodaliness.

      • Youve forgotten that Ighalo was not 100per cent feet during the World the World Cup.Ighalo is Nigerian Messi anyday,anytime,particularly to Africa.footbll.He was the Highest goals scorer in Africa,during the 2019 Afcon Qualifiers.And Ighalo had Scored 4 goals against Cameroom alone,in September 1,2017,in Uyo,Nigeria,during the Russia 2018 World Cup Qualifiers and yesterday the 6th of July,2019,in Egypt.And moreover let me tell you either in a friendly match or competition,anywhere,My dear Greatest, Biggest and Richest country in Africa Continent,will always beat Cameroon,particularly in both Male and Female Football.Because gone are the days when Cameroon do win Nigeria in Male Football thrrough Issa Hayatou iINFLUENCE and RIGGING in CAF..

    • @ Brown sugar mama. You guys were lucky. You won because of the yellow shirt we call it le maillot jaune. If we had won our green shirt, we would have showered you guys with goals. Chai, wuna otomokpo too plenty.

      • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

        @ Bobjazz,

        Kikikikikiki, wi no use Otomokpo bro.

        Wi Boiz dem sabi how to curtail dey Lions now.

        So dey Lions yellow jersey na bad luck, I bin no no o

        But in 2004 AFCON in Tunisia Naija beat Cameroon wit the green jersey 2:1

        No excuse foh ya defeat bro, Abeg congratulate me, foh wining.

        • @ Brown sugar mama. No worry next AFCON na for Cameroon and before that time, we go don remove our diaper wearing old man wei e di bring us bad luck. That wuna otomokpo no go fit enter Cameroon. All the same congrats. Take one shark for my name.

  9. It would be so nice if victory on the football pitch could be turned into a cure for CORRUPTION.

  10. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    And your so call Cameroon is not corrupt, you scum of earth.

    The victory means alot to Naija, you evil child of lrc, you can cry me a river for all you care.

    • I assume that you are in a Cameroon forum because you appreciate and value their opinions, otherwise you would restrict your interaction to Nigerians. Cameroon, like Nigeria, appears high on Transparency International’s corruption perception index.
      Or would you be less boorish and less rude if my commentary were made by my friend, Prof. Woke Soyinka?

  11. Congrats, BS…

  12. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    @ Zam-Zam

    Thanks bro, I really appreciate the spirit of Ubuntu you extended to me.

    All the banter has come to an end, all we need now is to flourish more in our friendliness.

    Once again thanks ZZ

  13. Why would they win when the players were striking in Yaounde about match bonus,the octogenarian was at the continental hotel in Geneva with his bunch of vampire to squander state money. Its a pity. Anyway,we are not part of LRP anymore.

  14. GOD IS GREAT!!!

    Nigeria will be the 2019 champion come rain come shine

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