Africa Cup of Nations to take place as planned in Cameroon

africanews | The African Cup of Nations (CAN) will take place as planned in Cameroon in January 2022.

Veron Mosengo-Omba / Secretary General of the Confederation of African Football
During a 48 hour visit to the Central African country, CAF Secretary General Véron Mosengo-Omba dismissed rumours that said Cameroon could once more be stripped of hosting the continent’s biggest sporting competition by the Confederation of African Football, as it was the case in like it did in 2019.

“The African Cup of Nations will be organised in this beautiful country in January 2022. That is clear. We have to be clear about that,” Véron Mosengo-Omba said during a press conference.

“Cameroon is a football country like no other. It is a great football country and Cameroon deserves to celebrate Africa at a very important level. But I am speaking on behalf of and under the control of the Secretary General to say and affirm, I repeat here: there is no alternative,” Cameroon Football Federation President Seidou Mbombo Njoya added.

The African Cup of Nations will begin on January 9 and conclude on February 6 with the final in capital city Yaounde.

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    • And what are you going to gain as an individual? Nonentity. The big fishes will as usual do away with the booty and you’ll remain here recycling yourself.

      • Cameroon will gain more exposure to tourism which will benefit the local man like me. many roads and hotels will be constructed which at the end of a day it will be used by a local man like me. all these ambazonians dont like to hear these and makes them angry because it disturbs their propaganda agenda. hahahaha. amba is a disgrace to anglohpones. go to the bush and continue your kidnapping. failed revolution.

  2. football tournament cannot develop a country..
    To come here and see AMBA is making propaganda about CAN is the most stupid comment i ever heard..To say Amba is kidnapping, also shows how shallow minded and naive some of us are…People have paid ransom to accounts in Bafia and yaounde…The military and some big guns in yaounde are even profiting from kidnapping more than Amba…Many Generals and ministers dont want to stop the war because they are making huge profit..
    Again Amba war was not started by southern cameroonians- The cameroon Govt decided for a military option…The first bullet was fired by the cameroon military not by Amba-Southern cameroonians went with leaves and plants to protest but were masacared.
    Do you know how many military killed so far?.Find out and get your schock.

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