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At least 160 inmates freed as gunmen storm Cameroon jail

YAOUNDé, Cameroon eNCA | – At least 160 inmates fled a prison in Cameroon’s troubled anglophone North-West region during a dramatic overnight jailbreak, officials said Sunday.

Around 50 armed men who were “shooting from everywhere… broke down the prison doors,” local official William Benoit Emvoutu Mbita told state radio CRTV.

They then used fuel to “set fire to all the buildings” of the prison in Ndop, added Mbita, the local administrator.

Inmates who return “voluntarily” will be transferred to a prison in Bamenda, the capital of North-West region, Mbita said, adding that a manhunt was on for the escapees.

Separatist unrest in Cameroon’s two minority English-speaking regions — North-West and South-West — has left scores dead and displaced over 180,000 people since late 2016.

Years of resentment at perceived discrimination at the hands of the Cameroon’s francophone majority have led to almost daily acts of violence and retribution.

Security in the two regions has deteriorated significantly since late last year.

Anglophones today account for about a fifth of the West African country’s population of 22 million.


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  1. Well done.
    The freed prisoners, should join the ranks and kill anyone trying to hunt them.


    “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)


    • its only terrorist people who can agree with that type of biased . The fact is the only obtion for them is to join the organization “terrorists” hahahahhahahahahahahah

      • Bamendaboy,
        Your pen name is an insult to my home town. You can’t spell simple “option” (obtion), yet you try so hard to pass like some one of rational thinking. Why is an occupier holding indigents in detention? Who is the criminal here? Knuckle head?

        • @Nsahlah

          laughing ” you try”before u re coming here judge me you need to check your own bastard. water nah water

  3. Everyday I learn something new about French-speaking Cameroonians – the curiously silent majority. Up till this moment I had the feeling that they lacked sympathy, empathy, altruism, human feeling
    All that changed when military men shot in cold blood two women and their young children. Francophones at home and even in far away France went on the streets and cried, demonstrated and poured out their grievances.

    What a sharp contrast to the apathy and sepulchral silence shown when Mami Appi was burnt in her home in Kwakwa, Sam Soya was slaughtered like a goat in Belo, Kom, 32 youths were gunned down in Menka, Pinyin, and lots of other extrajudiciary killings took place in Buea, Bamenda, Batibo, Widikum, Bali, Muyuka, etc etc.
    If this is a change of attitude, it is a most welcome one indeed

    • @ JD. Francophones in Toronto were supporting the anglophone lawyers when this protest against marginalization started. The reason they are silent today is because the protest was hijacked by the so-called Ambazonians who say they want to separate from them. How do you expect the francophones to support people who say they want to separate from them? It doesn’t make sense.

      • Address their reaction to the burning of human beings. That’s the essence of JD’s worry.

        The francophones didn’t chastize the victims of the north though the BIR called them terrorists.

      • Of course the choice to be and remain narrow-minded is an option I can do nothing about. If sympathy and empathy must be shown only to one’s bedfellow, what else can I do about that?

        • You can spin as you like it won’t change the fact. Francophones cannot support people who hate them even if they are being burnt or killed by the Biya regime. Un point un trait. Your cunning ways can only deceive your Ambazonia witch hunters.

      • Bobjazz you have loss all credibility if you ever had any.Shame on you and might your day’s ahead be dark

        • @ Cavani, I know the truth hurts you. Ambazonians are not used to the truth as you are being showered with lies by the con men who call themselves your Ambazonia leaders. What credibility are you talking about. You Ambazonians express hate of Francophones every day in this forum even though most of them have nothing to do with the Biya regime. You are fighting to separate from them and your terrorist organization kidnaps and beheads humans and you expect the francophones to sympathize with you. Minalmi.

    • It is clear big Johnny that they know who their fellow citizens are. This whole Republique Unie has been a farce all along, our fathers were the only ones blind to it. I guess all of that has changed now.
      Wata will continue to be Wata!

  4. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    More trouble ahead.

  5. @John Dinga

    u re a big fool and ” flip flop ”

    hahahahahahhahaha coward fighter the small war past u , now is the prison u re attacking a bush man will remain bush man kikikikikiki WATER NAH WATER .

    • Alert the fool @bamenda wannabe is commenting again without taking his medication take your medications fils de pute

  6. Une autre preuve de stupidité Ambazoniene. Maintenant la chasse à l’homme va commencer à Bamenda pour retrouver ces évadés et beaucoup d’innocents payeront encore les pots cassés.
    Le pire C’est cette diaspora nuisible qui applaudit un geste aussi mal calculé.
    Les vrais prisonniers sont pourtant à Kondengui et au SED. C’est là bas qu’il faut aller jouer les ” prison- break” à la Bamendahood.

    • @Bikutsi Go sit your bald ass in some corner and cry slut.There’s cholera in Yde, instead of ranting here why not go teach your fellow thieves and embezzlers to wash their hands with soap after using the toilet?

      • @ Kinson, Bikutsi has every right to say whatever she wants to say in this forum. This is a Cameroon forum and not an Ambazonia forum. Go to your Ambazonia forum. You are not wanted here.



    2. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)



      The truth of the matter is that Dictator Biya is the one fooling the citizens of LRC and the world.
      The situation in SC has deteriorated beyond repairs.
      LRC terrorist soldiers have suffered enormous disgrace and humiliation from the hands of the restoration forces and there isn’t anything that the regime can do to stabilize the situation.
      The regime should put in place an exit route so as to save its face and reduce shame as well as further humiliation. Dictator Biya’s war is not only FOOLISH but also UNWINNABLE.

      There will be ZERO elections in SC.

      Ex-convict Atangana plans to ferry “voters” from LRC to vote in SC in order to deceive the international committee. These fake voters will pay the ultimate price because of Amba boys will give them a befitting welcome gift

  8. @BIKUTSI: dont forget that cameroon in genaral is a lawless state..We should always stop to run fast and play the blame game..The black man is very quick and fast at pointing fingers..Do you know why we are , where we are today?..You want to claim you didnt see it coming?..
    All what the Southern cameroonians wanted was:”-that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”..
    DO i need to tell you the answer of the sick, old ugly despot and his gang?..
    You cannot hold 4 million southern cameroonians as slave for over 50 years and today start calling them all sort of names when they revolt against the system..Its 2 years since the crisis and no plan of action for peace so far.

  9. people:- when you are in such a forum to discuss problems in Cameroon, you have to be clear that you will meet all sort of people..
    You will meet comments from people:
    Who dont know what is happening…(either they have been manipulated , brain washed or have a very low education of the history of cameroon)..
    People who will never know what is happening:- those type born in the Biya system, remain foolish and dont want to think..
    people who make things happen:- those using their brains, bringing in concrete contributions, are worried about their country and hope to see a positive change..

    @BAMENDABOY: you are a disgusting person..Seems like you dont have a brain..You cant live in a civilized community. You deserved to be flushed in a pit latrine .you level of retardness is a concern.

    • @ biko. Why are you here. Go to your Ambazonia forum. This forum is for Cameroonians not for Ambazonians. You are trespassing.

  10. @biko ,cavani

    leave us alone please go to your ambasonia forum “bastard ” water nah water

    small war pass you hahahahhahahahahahhahahahah

  11. People who are in the bushes, don`t have cholera, only those in the capital city
    wherein their old grand grand president has been living most of his life.
    What a shocking tori.

  12. just the beginning, they must set more jails where innocent people are living in squalor, sonara must be set ablaze where the local communities have benefited zero from their petrol in the 58 years of exploitation, deprivation,discrimination and injustice.

  13. I guess this close the dumbe debate started by Dinga our resident moronic bastardo on why the ambashitnian terrorists are transferred to other jurisdictions. Has the military been heavily armed and showed resistance to this gruesome attack by killing score of attackers the sameness fools jubilatimg now that criminals have been liberated and a prison burned down to the ground would be crying and screaming genocide, etc .

    • Hehehe Pinguiss,
      So you actually have sense? Good points even though I would call this : ” de la recuperation politique”
      Bottom line is we are not from the same country as you larepublicans. We also have refused to be slaves on the land of our fathers.
      Wata NA wata

      • Slavery is a mental illness. Even if you were given a whole continent you would still feel like a slave . You guys need to cure your inferiority complex stop seeking validation from francophone, walk with a purpose and be yourself . Only then you will feel less of a slave …

        As for the first point I’m not recuperating anything it’s been done all over the world high level prisoners or prisoners are risk are most of the time moved to another juridiction especially when they have fanatics who can throw themselves at cops and gendarmes to cry blue murder when the cops defend themselves. I call it suicide by cops . Since we are human and already know your tricks it’s best to avoid situations such as the one described in the article

        • “Slavery is a mental illness. Even if you were given a whole continent you would still feel like a slave . You guys need to cure your inferiority complex”

          This is exactly the truth and what is promoting this Ambazonia foolishness.

      • Very nice, my friend.
        Since we have an inferiority complex what type of by force “love” is this now?
        Why can’t your people relax, organise the referendum so that inferior as we are we choose to remain your de facto slaves or emancipate our minds as you suggest? Surely for superior beings like yourselves it should be easy?
        Hahahaha you people must learn how to work farm. You will soon need it otherwise NA cigar and bread wuna go Di chop for Larepublique oh!
        In any case we have left, we have said it, we will not be slaves on the land of our father, call it what you will but we have sworn to not be ruled by dunces like yourselves in Larepublique. If you compel us to fight we shall defend ourselves.
        UN point c’est tout.

        • Epée Dipanda
          Faut arreter d’etre complexé.
          C’est des gens comme toi qui transmettent leur complex d’infériorité à leur progéniture.
          Tu te mets toi meme dans la peau d’esclave et crie au scandal. Personne ne t’impose ce status.
          Nous sommes tous ‘esclaves dans cette plantation Francaise qu’on a nommé Cameroun sous protectoria de son gouverneur Biya. Tant que nous ne nous mettons pas ensemble pour chassez Biya et travaillons dur ensemble pour notre vraie liberté, nous allons continuer à pèrir comme des idiots.
          L Ambazonie est une fiction lègale et demeurera telle.
          Pendant que vous perdez votre temps à sponsorirer les malfrats et les enrichir, les vrais ‘Anglophones ‘ sont sur le terrain et construisent leur avenir et celui de leurs enfants.
          Reprend ta vie en main. Tu es perdu.

        • Rights of processing rights for indienous land use, due impartial accsess to permits ,water use ,,fair market price for goods, education ,internet ,emergency health care ,law and goverment due help when needed ,if there are discrpencies a dont get made get even attitude ,as in announcing what you should have a right to ,is a duty of a citizen .Even if people have a referendum if the above rights are in place or percived to be in place a citizen will not vote to get something new ,people understand if facts against them or not .There have been few facts mentioned like that apart from the ones expressed right at the beginning when the lawyers where sprayed with water hoses .So lets disscuss the problems and resolve them ,referendum or not.

  14. Correction “dont get mad get even ” attitude