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Dieudonne Chrispol

Bengaluru police arrest Cameroon national for circulating fake Indian currency notes

Daijiworld | Bengaluru police arrest Cameroon national for circulating fake Indian currency notes

Rs 33.70 lac fake currency notes, two canon color printers, 150 A4 size paper sheets, one sticker cutter, one scale, cello tape, one mobile and passport are seized by the police from the accused.

Dieudonne Chrispol arrived to India in the year 2017 by tourist visa. He did not renew the visa and began to stay in the country illegally.

A case was registered at Banasvadi police station.

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  1. Toujours les memes. Le visage de la feymania.
    Ich, et ils veulent enmener cà à Etoudi.
    Zero Bamiléké à Etoudi. Continuez avec votre feymania et autre…

    • Bikutsi,

      And you call yourself a Pan-African. Sad. Then you wonder why Cameroon will not have peace soon. I hope Cameroonians of goodwill burn that thing called Etoudi Palace after the neo-colonial lapdog dies. It is an evil place. You can dig it and move it Mvomeka if you want. No African worth their salt should live in that place that has perpetuated the kind of evil you defend.

      I really pity you.

      • Brothajoe
        Why are some of you afraid to call a spade a spade?
        If you have been follow the post élection drama in Cameroon, you will agree with me that some people should not be given the chance to rule Cameroon.
        In Europe and all over the world, the feymen are 99% Bamiléké.
        That’s the truth.
        Etoudi is for the people. There are more than 250 ethnicities in Cameroon. Every other groupe can be in charge, but not the Bamiléké.
        They have shown us what they can do if given the keys of the Country.
        They will destroy it.

        • Lol. You quote statistics as if a study has actually been done. I am not talking about the elections in Cameroon. I am talking about you stigmatizing a group of people based on conjecture.

          You’re right, there are 250 ethnic groups in Cameroon. Let’s assume the present occupant of Etoudi was competent. Does that mean everyone from his ethnic group is competent?

          But the reality is your president has presided over the destruction of a country that had potential. He is fighting wars in the North, East and West because of his incompetence and failure in leadership. Does that mean everyone from his ethnic group will fail as a leader?

          If you want to play the tribal card, please be honest with yourself and own it. You won’t be the first but don’t manufacture statistics from thin air.

        • Agreed.
          I approve your message.
          In fact they should be given independence even if they don’t ask for it.
          Will be very hard for Bantu people to cohabit with non Bantu

        • Mbappe,

          You are really a dull one. You are writing from a Western country and you claim it is ‘hard for Bantu people to cohabit with non Bantu.’ No be me i tok oh.

          First of all, who are the Bantu? Lol. You too dull. It’s no miracle why Cameroon is where it is.

        • @brothajoe or whatever.
          You can call me what you want but I stand by statements.
          Kamerun is an historical makeup imposed upon us by foreigners.
          I am sure it wasn’t for europeans, most of the actual Kamerun will not be as it is today.
          So if I say Bantu cannot not cohabit with non Bantu, you have to tell why the contrary is possible.

      • Kikikikiki, Brothajoe!

        All man dan loss sense for kontrey—Etoudi gangsters dem dong really deal witi we.

        “First of all, who are the Bantu?” Hahaahahahahaha…Abeg no worry da ma blada dem.

        CHINEKE dan already punish we enough so…

        • ZZ,

          We will remind them at every opportunity that they do not represent the Africa we want for our grandchildren.

          I don loss cong for wa generation. I no even know if we pikin dem go better with all this hate. But we no go stop.

        • Brothajoe,

          day wey pipo witi wa ideas go handle da wa contri, sep ah go dong meng by time, ah go wukup from die daso for wash their foot witi ma tears.

          All man dey for arda man yi contri di enjoy unity, then preach hate for yi own poh-poh contri.

          Ifi no be na witch, who know who govern we tomorrow?…

    • Encore un voleur bêti .Des gens nés pour voler . Le chef bandit Paul biya est à etoudi

    • Cela ne dépasse pas des milliards détournés pas vous bandes de ministres bulus qui ont fait nkondegui leur académie

  2. Camer believer (Colby)

    These are the kind of diasporans roaming around foreign countries like evil spirits cursing the government for not recognizing dual citizenship.

  3. This rather looks like a case of ignorance by this brother.Some of thèse printers are just so good that one mightbe tempted to try printing even cash for fancy ,however I think it is forbidden to make a copy of cash in whatever form ,atleast in Cameroon for certain.


    • Poor guy ?. He thought he could get away with it – trying to make dirty money and in another man’s land. He was lucky he was not in one of these Muslim countries or China then it would have been another story. The others who bought the fake currency should also be thrown into jail because they fuelled his greed . If he didn’t have a willing market he would not been encouraged to continue .

    • @Bah, what is your view on cassava. Planted two hectares for garri looking toawards Equato and Gabonese market

      • KITAN,,,,if the market is ready why not?but in economic terms,it makes sense to grow potatoes that takes three months to harvest with a yield of 20 tons per hectare if you have good organic seeds that can be reproduced on the spot.with cassava you need six to nine months to harvest which is three harvest of potatoes.if your objective is to accumulate heavy money to invest at an industrial level.then it is better to first concentrate on short season crops with high yields and ready markets.if you have an irrigation system then it will be perfect.

  5. We must learn from our mistakes. We must also learn from the mistakes of others. The childish skirting around the substance of the write-up and dwelling on peripheral issues does not enrich or endear anyone. And it is immaterial whether the culprit was of one tribe or another; no tribe is stainless in the area of criminality!!!!!!!!!

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