Black people in France feel racism all around [+video]

The impact of the murder of George Floyd continues to shine a light on everyday discrimination felt amongst black and ethnic communities. For members of black communities in France the events of the past few weeks have felt particularly personal. Adam Reed reports.


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  1. With the others or many communities in those countries, why always black people?
    I guess, we tell them to behave and also, have a good culture. They, are not
    representing the black race today and tomorrow with a good picture.

  2. France is not part of africa. So expecting to be treated with respect in France for africans is a mistake.there is nothing like African French, they are objects captuted and assimilated in the French impire. The objective is to erace them culturally through time. When an African name his or he child jean pierre, Marie, blanche, they are participating in thier own erasure. Each civilization defend and advance its cause by maintaining names, language and spirituality that makes it unique. This is what forms the foundation of group economic cooperation.our minds must be oriented towards improving our economy in Africa. This is how we shall impose in the current competition between races.

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