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Camair Co’s clients can now buy flight tickets via mobile money

Business in Cameroon | Clients of state-owned carrier Camair Co can now buy their flight tickets using Orange and MTN Cameroon’s mobile money services, an official release published by the carrier informs.

Clients can thus buy their tickets every day, on weekends, and national holidays included, using their cellphones. Camair Co thus joins some of the VIP bus service providers that have been using such payment tool for years.

Since its launch in 2006, mobile money services have experienced heightened growth. To date, the two main mobile operators in the country have a subscriber base estimated at 9.5 million clients, 5 million for MTN Cameroon, using mobile money services.

The growth of mobile money service is to such an extent that financial intermediation officially represents 33% of an operator such as Orange’s impact on Cameroon’s economy. This growth should continue with the future implementation of payment services’ interoperability within CEMAC.

Orange and MTN Cameroon recently developed a platform, Mowali, that will handle transactions between their subscribers.

New mobile money operators have also been announced in Cameroon. For instance, Nextell, third operator in Cameroon, will launch Nextell Possa. In addition, Société Générale Cameroon recently launched its YUP offer for the country.

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