Cameroon army kills five armed separatists suspected of killing school children

Xinhua | Cameroonian soldiers killed five armed separatists suspected to have led an operation that murdered seven school children in the country’s restive English-speaking region of Southwest, according to a statement issued on Wednesday by army spokesman Atonfack Guemo.

The statement said, the military was conducting a raid on separatist positions in Balangui locality of the region when it came under fire and had killed what it labelled “terrorists.”

“At the end of this violent clash, five terrorists were neutralized and others wounded who took to their heels. The group led by the so-called General Above the Law, a recidivist murderer and rapist was responsible for several deadly attacks,” Guemo said and added that “General Above the Law” personally led the operation that killed the school children.

The seven children were killed in a classroom in October last year while they were studying in Kumba. Separatist leaders have since denied having taken part in the massacre that was widely condemned.

Cameroon’s army has since 2017 been fighting English-speaking militias seeking to form a breakaway state they call “Ambazonia.”

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    Simply put, deceit and deception will not end the war. Only a negotiated settlement with special emphasis on the root causes of the Anglophone Question will end the war.
    The criminals ruling the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC can continue to disseminate LIES and FALSEHOOD. The war will continue to intensify.
    However, Dictator Biya can NEVER EVER avoid the negotiatinng table.
    The so-called commission on bilingualism has failed because the Anglophone Question is not a linguistic problem.
    The so-called commision on disarmament has also failed. because the FAKE Amba boys who “dropped” weapons have started protesting because the GOC has not paid the money promised them.


      “L’ex avocat des détenus anglophones, Karim Khan, élu Procureur général à la Cour Pénale Internationale. En 2017, dans son édition du 2 mars, le quotidien La Nouvelle Expression, révélait que Karim Khan dénonçait un génocide camerounais en référence à la crise anglophone, et préparait une plainte contre le Cameroun à la CPI, avec le concours de Me Bernard Muna, de regretté mémoire.”

      ** MY TAKE **

      Tn e noose is tightening. Dictator Biya is already having sleepless nights.

  2. What justification does the military have to label those they have killed,
    as the murderers of the school children? There is no truth in their claims,
    since no one, got any confessions from any one of them.

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