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Cameroon goal drought down to details and precision, says Seedorf

ISMAILIA, Egypt (Reuters) – Cameroon coach Clarence Seedorf is confident his team will find their scoring touch after the defending champions were held to 0-0 draws in their last two matches at the Africa Cup of Nations.

The Dutchman, whose side must face Nigeria in the round of 16 after finishing second in Group F, said that it was just a question of details and precision, adding that in football there were simply times when the goals dried up.

“Scoring goals in football … there are sometimes teams that don’t score for weeks, strikers who don’t score for months, we are very confident that our strikers will score goals, our players will score goals,” he told reporters after the 0-0 draw with Benin.

That result in Tuesday night’s match followed a 0-0 draw with Ghana and a 2-0 win against Guinea Bissau in their opening game.

“We scored two in the first match, we had a lot of chances in the second match as well, that comes and goes,” he said.

“We have to improve a few details, especially in the last part of the field, to be a bit smarter, create more chances.”

Seedorf, in his first coaching role with a national team, pointed out that the Indomitable Lions had yet to concede a goal in the tournament.

“We have not received one goal, and against Benin not even a shot on goal, so we have many positive things,” he said.

“I think it’s important to maintain the zero because it means that also our opponents have difficulties to create chances.

“It’s about some details, some precision … We need to accept sometimes that the opponents did a god job in defending.

“We pushed the whole match … we brought on offensive players. You can try but you cannot do crazy stuff, because also we need to respect Benin.”

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  1. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    Your team will taste their only defeat come Saturday. End of the road to the toothless lions.

    So sad the both teams are meeting at this stage, the final would have been better to start paying back the sins of 1984, 1988 and 2000.

    Victory is ours by God grace #SOARHIGHEAGLES

    • Brown sugar,
      Ghanaian also had fasted and worshiped to beat Cameroon, and they failed, GOD is not for Nigeria only, u should have won world cup by now if that was the case, but even quarter-finals of world cup, u haven’t reached

      • just thinking that

        Cameroon has appeared at the World Cup more times than any other African Country, How many times had it survived the group stage, Always referring to the flash in the pan (one-off) performance of 1990

  2. Cameroon Indomitable lions spend more time celebrating before the game than they did on the field. People don’t celebrate before winning. You celebrate after a victory , watch out on wasting your energy on unnecessary jubilation.

  3. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    @ Lagos,

    Hahahaha okay agreed, we haven’t reached the quarter final before, which is the best stage any African team have attain.

    So, what is your point exactly Sir. Why are you heart pained when I call on God for the Naija victory come Saturday.

    Point of correction, if Ghana prayed and fasted to beat Cameroon and they couldn’t doaesnt mean the status quo will remain the same. Naija is not Ghana mind you, Cameroon is not near to us, they are a familiar foes when if comes to African soccer.

    Am not just ranting here, I know for sure we will carry the day come Saturday.

    We will continue from where we stop during the world cup qualifying, take note Mr. Lagos.

    • You tok like your Hotel Manger for 2000 say “it will not happun again”. Well as de Cameroon Captain be tok I be sorry for tell you say “e go happun again !”. Dat tip people like jay jay and Kanu no dey again.
      We don send “panel beater” for straighten we attacker dem foot. Adepoju AKA Landlord don already warn wunna.
      Wusai my Professor Grand Johnny dey mek e come approve my punctuation for pidgin. I do go !!!!

  4. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    Cameroon is not new to us ( correction )

    • Have respect for Cameroon, it is this same mentality that u lost to underdogs because u felt they had never qualified for AFCON lol

      • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

        @ Lagos

        Abegi Forget respect my guy, in football you don’t respect your opponent Sir. You play to win and win with every available means Mr. Lagos.

        If Madagascar had respect for us, as you want me to concur to your respect theory, the wouldn’t have score or beat us , they would have prefer to draw than embarrassing Naija.

        In football expect upset that’s the beauty of the game, no body saw it coming when Croatia humble Almighty Argentina at the world cup in Russia.

        In football bragging right is allowed, it is part of the fun in the beautiful game of soccer Mr. Lagos.

        Cameroon has beaten Naija when it matters most in crucial match and tournament, AFCON in 1984, 1988, and 2000 comes to mind. But, that doesn’t mean we can not raise our head up high when Cameroon is mention. Na wa o

        • @ Brown sugar mama. Cameroon e nation’s cup di always start na for second round.That goals them wei Cameroon never score so na Naija go swallow them. They di play football na for ground no be for mop. You go swallow your words them on Saturday. Man no run.


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    Les six personnes – cinq hommes et une femme – ayant participé à l’agresssion ont été arrêtées le 2 juillet et placées en détention provisoire, a précisé le ministère public genevois (procureur) dans un communiqué. »

    * MY TAKE *

    Dictator Biya is disgracing his own country beyond repairs.
    Persons who blindly support this evil Dictator are jointly and severally also responsible for dragging the image of LRC to the mud.


    • As if the humiliation of Dictator Biya was not enough, the six GESTAPOs of Dictator Biya have today, the 02.07.2019, been slammed four months suspended sentence imprisonment by the Swiss judge Olivier Jornot and ordered to leave Switzerland.

  6. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    @ Tendemo.

    Hahahaha, I don laff belefu here bro.

    Buh, u sabi seh 2000 na long time ago na.

    Na 2019 wi deh na, and evin lass year foh 2018, wi flog Cameroon 4 nil foh Uyo and draw dem foh unu yard 1-1 all.

    Unu coach, Seedorf sef dey fear seh, em players dem dey shy foh goal mouth.

    I see am seh, e no go happun aghen bro, na wi turn to beat Cameroon foh soccer, kikikikikiki.

    Wi don listen foh deh warning wey Adepujo warn wi players, wi sabi seh, Cameroon dem go use bodi and muscle play to bully wi boys. Ol wi ask na injury free match. After dey match wi go sidon foh wan corner shaak beer to celebrate wi victory. I go invite u Tendemo.

    • Okay Bro I de wait the invitation, we promise for offer wunna a fair play (No Otomokpo) game. I know say wunna be steap Surelele inside otomokpo for 2 days like clothes, but e still happun. Boh we go see after match who get for give who mimbo.

  7. Nigerian people with mouth the can win world cup let just wait Saturday i hope you will come back to comment

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    • Cool comment for our reigning champions ,should be in national newspapers .Thanks Korak

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  10. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    @ Tendemo,

    I hope seh Cameroon mimbo strong die ba, bicos man go like to shaak am wen Naija win on Saturday bro kikikikikiki

    Foh 2000 AFCON final foh Surulere, wi no use Otomokpo bro, if to sey wi use Yoruba + Igbo + Hausa Otomokpo, na wi foh win.

    Dis time e no go happun bro, na wi time to turn table up side down.

    Abeg, keep dey mimbo foh fridge mek e chill till Saturday.

    • Hahahaha, BS!

      Mboma witi Etamé dem bin wan finish witi wuna for Surulere, once and for all.

      Shebi na Gulder you di drink? Meik you ku-ku prepia ya mouth well-well.

      See you on Saturday after match…

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